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  1. i've seen some posts like this game will be a cake walk against the 49ers. it won't be. one does not simply get to the nfc championship game 2 years in a row without being a good team. obviously they are good if even john madden is picking them to win this game. we need to stop their run game. we'll see I hope we win but it will be close.
  2. The media is hyping the 49ers because Kaepernick had such a big game against Green Bay. As much hype as Kaepernick is getting this week I think the real key to this game will be stopping their run game, (obviously he's a part of that) but if we can also contain Gore our odds of winning go up significantly. If they sustain long drives like they did against the packers and keep our offense off the field it's going to be a very rough game.
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