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  1. Not nice to make false accusations about other people. One day you will cross someone who won't take your bull.
  2. I do not think you have any evidence to back it up. Well let's see here, what happens in 24 hrs? are you going to press charges against tree for something that no one knows exists but you say it does? Besides it is a public forum... not sure how much weight you have with this.
  3. i just want to see the actual thread in question, that is it.
  4. we've asked several times for links to the copied post and you havent provided anything.
  5. Peter Parker is the real Spider Man in my eyes, Miles is just another deformed clone made by the Jackal.
  6. Looks like Post Secret Wars Spiderman is going to be Miles Morales.... ugh before any "you're racist" comments, nothing against his color, I just prefer Peter Parker...
  7. I would say the best racehorse of all time. But that is just my opinion.
  8. Yes!! when I heard of such I was only thinking to myself "I cannot look at another soldier that comes out of boot camp the same" my cousin went to Ft. Benning and he didn't mention anything about them. Maybe the military knew it was stupid and stopped. I can only hope!
  9. hope there are no riots and looting on these boards if justice isn't met.
  10. I can honestly see this happening, I believe part of it is happening already. The army had rules set in place a long time ago and now because of how horrible the world is changing we are now seeing the army having to change its standard. I mean before I got out I heard about some boot camps would have to give the new recruits stress cards that they can use to not be yelled at..... STRESS CARDS!!! WTF!!!!!!!!! what would happen if you are being shot at? want to give the enemy a stress card to be exempt from being shot at??? the world is getting dumber as it ages. I agree 150% with this. You have athletes who get paid millions to play a sport, granted football players have a short timespan in the sport but can end up making millioins just for playing a sport better than what others can. And you have first responders and the military being grossly underpaid for their service in putting their lives on the line day in and out and you hear about how congress and obama want to make the military take a pay cut! WTF!!!!! Yes the actions of a few to do convey the actions of the rest, this is the whole term behind racism, actions from a few do not mean the rest feel this way. Unfortunately with both situations you have the media using this news as a ploy to get more ratings and attract more viewers all the while dividing the nation by stirring the pot. Not all white cops are bad, not all black men are thugs. In my personal opinion the minority is the black thugs/bad cops and the white thugs/bad cops, I say this because there aren't many of them. There are more good people in the world than there are bad. But for some reason the media wants to portray everything in the negative to allow higher ratings and more money in their pockets.
  11. From what I remember it wasn't the people that lived there doing it. It was the out of towners. But this may not be the case in this situation, I always thought Baltimore was a dangerous place so who knows.
  12. Cops are becoming targets lately. I do not blame them for being to worried about what could happen. These people hate the cops and complain all the time about over policing, and now they do not have it and want "some" of it back. cops are too worried right now about what can happen. And in all honesty not trying to stir the race pot but it seems as though white police officers are the ones who are more worried about anything. They do not want to make a mistake and be part of a witch hunt that causes them to have to disappear from their hometown all together. I have a feeling this will continue throughout the country until our law enforcement is to afraid to perform a routine traffic stop. And apparently the news outlets are getting in on this? and people wonder why America is going down the drain. They probably cannot fire the mayor as she will claim racism and here comes Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to the rescue.
  13. you forgot to cite your reference http://word-crafter.net/CompII/InformedOpinion.html -50 pts
  14. I'm a superstitious silly nilly. remember it is only weird if it doesn't work.
  15. Dallas has one **** of an OLine, can you imagine Ryan with that OLine? maybe then steven jackson would not have sucked the last 2 seasons. it seems that he has been on a losing team every season... granted the rams in his rookie year 2004 and 2006 were the only years the rams didn't have a losing season and they finished 8-8. maybe he was a bad luck charm???
  16. those are some of the things I get on people about in person. My wife hates it when I do it to her. She will text me something and I will respond with the correct word... needless to say she dislikes me on certain days.
  17. Everyone makes mistakes man, but the only thing that really gets me is misuse of words. I am talking about your use of then and than. It just hits me and I want to correct it so bad but I generally just try and ignore it.
  18. actually words typed are just as dangerous as words said. even adults can be hurt from words that a complete stranger types to them. I have have someone take legal action against a guy(or kid) who threatened to r*pe his daughters. So yes words can hurt and they do hold consequences to them. this is not a dig at you reece, just informing you words typed are just as volatile as words said and physical action. You have no idea the mental stability of the person on the other side of that monitor, and since your info was posted(which is wrong) you should be a little more cautious with how you act to others. There are some violent psychopaths out there and I highly doubt you are one; just be careful of what you say to others because some do take that stuff serious.
  19. This thread has gotten very violent really quick...
  20. Panther fans more butthurt about their QB than the Falcon fans a few years back... say one negative thing about them and here come the insults. The first page was quite good and it was the only one I read, I can only imagine that after that reece starting attacking everyone again.
  21. according to who? do you need self reassurance from a faulty television program where the players are voted on by the "players"? if you seriously think your rookie wr is better than ryan go for it man. But im surprised you need a television program to tell you that.
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