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  1. Peter Parker is the real Spider Man in my eyes, Miles is just another deformed clone made by the Jackal.
  2. Looks like Post Secret Wars Spiderman is going to be Miles Morales.... ugh before any "you're racist" comments, nothing against his color, I just prefer Peter Parker...
  3. Yeah this is true, good line also that got me to laugh
  4. she can do squats...
  5. oh yes, i just knew then and there they were fake, but I don't give a ish oh yes that nice wet camel toe was so hypnotic... and she is just barely covering it up. i'd love to know what the backside looks like.
  6. Umm, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that beautiful woman's face.. no need for anything to distract from it. You are delusional.
  7. will be worth the wait. fake or real I don't care.
  8. I want this for Christmas.
  9. You are having a hard time refraining aren't you? lol this is going to be a long offseason if this is starting before the superbowl is even over with. wait until Quinn is announced head coach you will start seeing championship everywhere lol.
  10. I see now that I would be lol. the third person wfw talks in is kinda... annoying, it does get old after a while. That would be assault and battery jb.
  11. so much hostility between wfw and jb... I bet these two in real life would become the best of friends if they ever met.
  12. I hope he will be with a different persona so that the offseason isn't so boring and we have something to do. he should wait at least 2 months when all this dies down then come and try again, next time let's see how fast we can catch him.
  13. he is gone now, not banned but he left when he was made public.
  14. Should be pinned, and renamed Dave415 is a *****
  15. yup, that is the infamous reese. not sure about the payment thing but this was fun the only way he can look into the ip thing is with a spoofer.
  16. i was just about to say this. I wonder when he will come back.
  17. you mean that you didn't pay him right? confirmed it is you.
  18. get out of here reese if you wont pay DD hahaha.
  19. isn't that reese?
  20. investigate dave and if you can clear his name do it so we can ignore him and talk about important stuff. Like Matty Ice's superbowl win coming up.
  21. awww, you gave reese bait, was hoping everyone would stop and see if he made another post to get some attention.
  22. stop trippin reese
  23. The same can go for him when (by Dagos count) he threatened to murder people's family. that then gets everyone involved.