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  1. Peter Parker is the real Spider Man in my eyes, Miles is just another deformed clone made by the Jackal.
  2. Looks like Post Secret Wars Spiderman is going to be Miles Morales.... ugh before any "you're racist" comments, nothing against his color, I just prefer Peter Parker...
  3. I'm a Falcons fan!

  4. DC made it... superman wins. does marvel ever do stuff like this?
  5. I dont know but the footage was absolutely awesome!
  6. haha just let yourself go flip I saw the test footage for deadpool and it looks pretty awesome to say the least.
  7. well no one has much luck penetrating hulks skin, but I can imagine the gamma rays help strengthen everything else inside of him also not many, but: both hulk movies daredevil the punisher 2 (i think the first was relatively pretty good) x-men last stand x-men first class spiderman 3 to me both ghost riders
  8. you are right, but he did rip his lower half and ate his legs. then spit them out I think. but there is something to think about. Alien metal vs alien metal would adamantium slice through superman because as you can tell it is alien. this is never brought up in DC because they think supermans body is indestructible, and I do not think this is possible, i believe alien metal or another alien being can annihilate sups because of that situation.
  9. he did rip wolverine in half and ate his legs or something like that, so maybe he could rip the man of steel in half.
  10. lol if the hulk beats standard superman be on the lookout for hulk cannot beat superman prime.but really mf if hulk does defeat superman it will be on who is writing the story. I personally think he can defeat him 2 out of 5 battles (because hulk is just rage and doesn't use his intellect to fight)
  11. well if you can continue with Nolan producing the movies you will be ok. The only way DC can really fight against marvel now is with Justice League. I'm honestly not so sure this new Batman v Superman movie will be able to take the cake away from marvel at this point. isn't Batman v Superman coming out around the same time as Star Wars VII?
  12. make sure you get a batman doll with his lover robin. i mean seriously a billionaire who has a male butler(just one mind you in that big a$$ mansion) and a boy sidekick who goes with him everywhere.... do you not see the oddness in this? at least tony stark(iron man) has a computer entity as his butler(and in some instances give credit just the one butler that we see also same name) Jarvis. not to mention all the ladies he seems to seduce on a weekly basis. batman wishes he was like iron man. and sups couldn't even polish thors hammer.
  13. yes I am aware this is fiction. but it is fun to talk about right? my life does not revolve around it i promise.
  14. Spiderman would destroy the DC universe!
  15. I need to keep a better eye on this thread haha. My only question for DC fans is why does everyone who is a DC fan believe Superman is the greatest everything? for instance the hulk vs superman fights, I will give credit as I believe sups can win. what everyone states that if some do not believe sups can win they go into the superman prime argument.... I believe this new superman decided to sunbath for 15000 years while everyone on earth dies while he sits there and watches... he basically becomes invincible and goes to search for the last green lantern ring.... why is it that DC comics makes a hero like this? someone who cannot be destroyed in the dc world and is just overly too powerful because at this point he is a selfish jerkoff who watched earth destroy itself so he could become all powerful... lame. as you can tell i'm not a DC fan at all. and lets use this fight as a for instance that everyone claims sups will easily win. Goku vs Superman goku is not human, he is an alien so does this mean that he cannot go toe to toe with sups on any given time? I do not believe so, two aliens fighting(who both can seem pretty indestructible if you think about it). all the superman fanboys clamor over the fact that no one can beat superman prime it is just impossible, but why is it? goku is an alien from an alternate universe who has the abilities in his fingertips to destroy galaxies. all the dbz fanboys will just go on and on about goku being the best because of his abilities and raw power. I am asking you guys, without any death battle info but your own info on why you think sups or goku would win this. I personally believe goku would come out on top. but then again I am not at all a fan of DC comics. the only marvel characters I believe could easily kills sups is Franklin Richards.
  16. I do want to see spiderman mixed into the avengers just one time. not to thrilled about andrew garfield as spiderman, but i do like the dane dehaan as harry osborn. i think the kid has potential when playing a psychopath. just a huge spidey fan is all. apparently Chadwick Boseman is the new black panther.
  17. I am curious who will play the Black Panther.... Michael Jai White??? that would be awesome! I do wish Disney would produce the next Spiderman, it seems as though sony cannot get anything right. I mean I am all for changing parts of the story to make it more new age. but why harry osborn as the green goblin? i am pretty sure they are going to go the route of the ultimate spiderman cartoon and make venom an experiment by oscorp instead of an extraterrestrial symbiote like the comics have him. though i will say this marvel fans do not like what some of done with the movies. where dc fanboys seem to think that the batman trilogy was the best ever... me personally i think it was mediocre, with good action scenes.
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