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  1. I'm really hoping we get Coleman, J Collins, or McKinney
  2. You totally want him haha. I'd be down tbh though. I agree, I think his talent makes him a scheme fit no mater what **** near
  3. I just don't understand why anyone wants to move up for Landon Collins. We need a deep safety, a ballhawk. That is not Landon Collins. We already have Mo who is the same player. I think if we move up for anyone it's Rowe. I mean **** there's Gregory, Strong, Perryman, Coleman, M.Williams, D.Smith, McKinney, Harold, Diggy, Fisher, Goldman, Clemmings, DGB. etc. I'm happy no matter what with who we get at 42.
  4. love the helmets, hate the unis. I agree with switching back full time to the alternates. But then what becomes the alternate?? o_0
  5. Yea I saw that....hopefully they don't do it lol
  6. I thought about it really hard. I've been on the Williams bandwagon for a minute, but with our stop-gap TE signings, I'd rather fortify the D this year, and go all O for the first couple rounds next year. (WR/TE)
  7. I like Shaw as a player don't get me wrong. But the whole story with him and the lying about it really turned me off. One of my biggest things with Gregory is that he blantantly lied at the combine when he failed his drug test. He said that he failed it bc of remnants left in his system from when he smoked in DECEMBER. Weed wont last longer than 30 days in an average dailey smokers system after they quit. Add on top of that, that he's sweating his *** off each and every day getting ready for the combine and you have a blantant lie. He just smoked easily within a week or 2 of the combine, which I dont care about, just the lies. Ray owned up. Hence my Ray over Gregory pick at 19 lol I had originally mocked Shaw but I just couldn't keep him.
  8. Yea I know that Rowe has been mocked in the first a couple times. Possible to take Byron Jones in the first at 19 and grab pass rushers later
  9. Then whom? We NEED a pass rusher that'll last. Gregory won't physically or emotionally imo. If he hadn't have been pulled over we'd never know. I'm 100% positive others have smoked in the last few weeks. He owned up for it and Quinn, be it smokescreen or not, said he's still on the board. I'm okay with taking the chance on Ray especially when receiving the other picks
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