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  1. Yea if a Dem can win Alabama then 2018 should be interesting, house and Senate flip are doable
  2. Well this is surprising hope the numbers hold up
  3. Jones down by 51k with 60% reporting this thing is over, congrats Alabama you just proved every stereotype about your state correct
  4. The best model to go buy is the more deplorable a GOP candidate is the more likely they will win. GOP voters are simply horrible people and vote accordingly
  5. Not going to happen, Jones is down by 42k with 43% reporting they could call it over pretty soon.
  6. Looks like it's over, the GOP has ZERO ability to ever be critical of a Dem candidate ever. In the long run Moore winning is going to be pretty bad for the GOP. Literally elected a child molester to the senate.
  7. We aren`t very good and dont deserve to be in the playoffs.
  8. Waffle House 3.0
  9. People only lived to be around 30-40 years old 1300 years ago and many women died in childbirth so younger mothers were preferred cause they had a better chance to survive, some of reasons it was more socially accepted at the time.
  10. I have yet to see anything from this team that leads me to think we will make a deep playoff run and honestly I don't even think we will make the playoffs. The eye test watching our games show a bumbling team that has way to many penalties, turnovers and makes huge mistakes at the worst time. also our special teams are pretty bad. We don't excel at anything and always shoot ourselves in the foot. I do not like this years team at all.
  11. Season is over, no way we are going to run the table and unless we win the division we aren't going to the playoffs. Hope the offense gets sorted out next year. We will be 7-6 on Friday
  12. We are a mess. On paper nothing is out of sorts, on the field we bumble our way to frustrating and nearly unwatchable games
  13. Well the games look just as bad, we are an ugly team to watch and aren't very good at any aspect of the game. The team is frustrating to say the least
  14. I'd also like to point out that from day one I posted here that Franken should step down. Some people can be consistent on these issues it's really not that hard regardless of party but I'm just a dirty liberal.
  15. To do what? get embarrassed in the first round? We are a really horrible team how we got 8 wins is beyond me.
  16. Yes, I literally HATE this years team, such a bumbling piece of crap team, I'd rather miss the playoffs then get the WC and get killed in the first round.
  17. We are really bad I probably hate this years team more than any other falcons team. Bumbling fools. At least after this lose wont have to hear about the playoffs
  18. This team really sucks anyone thinking we are contenders is delusional
  19. Dems hold their own accountable, The GOP makes excuses and give money to Pedophiles.
  20. It's not like you can only attempt to impeach a President once.
  21. Yep he should have already stepped down.
  22. Cause humor requires intelligence.
  23. Good progress, i'm going to be voting in every election I can here. Glad I voted in 2016 cause at least I can say this current mess wasnt my fault.
  24. Wonder if Travolta is the next star to get reckt due to harassment allegations.? The Scientology angles will be an interesting twist.