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  1. Due to poll tax laws it should always cost $0 to vote at all times. This kind of stuff being pulled is illegal
  2. This so called "red wave" produced better results for Dems then the 2010 elections where Obama himself said it was a disaster for Dems. But of course the GOP is blind and lies so they are trying to play it off like nothing
  3. Good its time to tank and see where our depth really is and what units we need to replace in the draft and FA
  4. 34-21 Cowboys Ryan and Bryant are the leaders omn this team most of the rest of the team is going to pack it in after the Browns loss
  5. Gotta keep Tavecchio, cut one of the Special Teams scrubs that barely play but until Bryan retires we need to keep Tavecchio around. Remember when Elam collapsed in ability and we spent years going through kickers before we got Bryant? We don;t need the same issue. Let Bryan decide when he retire but for the time being you gotta keep 2 kickers cause if Tavecchio walks we are going to be left scrambling again for a proven kicker.
  6. Just because I understand this season is over doesn't mean I'm a Saints fan. Holy crap some of you are homer nuts
  7. Not 11-5 and not in the playoffs, doesn't take Nostradamas to see that one
  8. To little to late, the Browns loss closed the door on the playoffs. We aren't running the table to back into them and even 10-6 might not do it.
  9. The only good thing about the season being over is if our coaches weren't stupid they could play our depth to see how they handled real live regular season games. We might get a surprise starter or depth. Also the experience will make them better. We know Alford is injured and Tru and Vic just flat out sucks. Bench them play our depth and see how they shake out.
  10. Is a 6/10 popular vote advantage enough to over come the Electoral college?
  11. Yep, if our coaches can't adjust the schemes to accommodate more size and power on both lines then they need to be replaced. How long does this franchise have to keep trying the light finesse route on the lines before they realize maybe it's not a good long term solution?
  12. Yep been saying this for a long time. This also applies to the DL. Both our OL and DL for over a decade has been light, finesse based and both our DL and OL has been a problem for that decade, maybe even a bit longer. On both lines we need at least a mix of larger stronger guys to use in rotation or situational scenarios. Our coaches need to freaking learn how to adjust the scheme's. Our scheme should not fall apart and burst into flames if we have a larger stronger guys on the DL and OL. Tired of our lines getting pushed around, tired of Ryan still getting lots of sacks tired of our DL not getting sacks. Our OL gives up to many sacks and our DL does not cause enough sacks. This crap is getting OLD!!!!
  13. I think they both mask the issues we have all over the defense. We may not be having the conversation if they both stayed healthy but we were never going to have a good consistent defense until we address the issues outside of Deion and Neal. We gotta have better depth and better scheme's so the entire defense doesn't fall apart with 2 starters out.
  14. Between this and the injuries to our Safeties we may need to replace or at least get more depth at EVERY position in our secondary. Then we need more weight on the DL. It is sad and ridiculous Quinn's defense looks like it needs another rebuild effort 4 years into his coaching reign. He was supposed to come here to fix our defense yet here we are with our worst and most in consistent defense in a decade.
  15. We are just a bad team, sometimes our offense plays well enough to over come our horrible defense, sometimes they don't. It is pretty lame we are now in quinn's 4th season and the defense he was supposed to build looks like it needs another complete reboot. As we have seen ANY team can beat us, you don;t need 5 reason to explain it.
  16. Don't care, rather him sit this season is over
  17. Umm the team is going to miss the playoffs regardless if you "quit" or not. What is this talk of "quitting" or "Jump ship" from the fans? You are not playing for them you have no impact on the outcomes of games. This whole Quitting or jump ship from a fans perspective makes ZERO sense. Yepp your going to keep rooting for a team destined to fail this year wopp dee freakin doo where is your metal?
  18. Vic is already benched, he may wander on the field but as the stat sheet show he doesn't play in our games
  19. Its the Falcons. This loss is going to cause them to fold like lawn chairs and give up. What do Falcons do? They fold like lawn chairs.
  20. Tak has more sacks than Vic has tackles. I'm so done with Vic he is so useless.
  21. No, this team needs to prove to it's fans it is capable of over coming adversity instead of also folding like lawn chairs. They owe us as fans we don't owe them
  22. The season is over, me pointing that out has zero bearing on the teams performance. You gotta be nuts to look at this team as it is and think we run the table. Be a nut fan with no ability to ***** the current state of the team isn't helping anything either
  23. Just in time for our season to already be over and it not to matter anymore, woo hoo
  24. BS it's not the fans fault the teams in this City have been inept for 50 + years. We got nothing to do with either bad ownership or bad Front office decisions that cause this constant failure of our sports teams