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  1. Moore is annoying but honestly what have the Falcons done to deserve any praise or credit as a franchise? Our Franchise is only known for blowing spotlight games in the worst possible way and disappointing fans. Yea you can make a career out of being a negative sports writers covering GA sports teams cause they all suck and all disappoint nearly every year. Here's a thing for people that want our team to be respected, they need to start winning actual big games and championships.
  2. For this coaching Regime 28-3 was the time to panic, now we are just suffering until Blank ends this madness. Maybe we can make one of those awesome late season runs after going 1-7?
  3. We should have stuck with Gurley he was playing well.
  4. Do we want this type of thing going on every Sunday all over the country for the next 4 months? A literal super spreader event. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/09/13/covid-news-cases-surge-dakotas-schools-back-off-classroom-learning/5781496002/ A month after the controversial Sturgis Motorcycle Rally drew hundreds of thousands of bikers to South Dakota, COVID-19 infections are growing faster in North Dakota and South Dakota than anywhere in the nation.
  5. If you think having 10k + people gathering in any enclosed area during a global pandemic where we are having record number of global cases every day is a good idea then you are part of the problem. No matter how you social distance in an enclosed building like a non open air football stadium you are sharing the same air and ventilation system. I'd figure after almost 200k dead in this country the cries of this being a hoax would have been shut by now.
  6. We don't sign players that improve the team, we never do
  7. Yea it was a mistake to hire a defensive minded coach. Ryan has no consistency cause we are always changing OCs either cause they suck or they are good and get poached. We need an OC as HC so our offense stays consistent and we can go after the best young DCs when they become available. Either TD or Blank really f'd up by always having a Defensive minded coach with Ryan.
  8. Gurley looked pretty good, to bad we benched him and did not use him after the 2nd qtr
  9. Yep, after 50+ years of futility and the 28-3 debacle this franchise should be thankful anyone gives a **** about it. They certainly have NOT earned the time and emotion most fans put into this team.
  10. Yep, also been a fan since the late 70's and after 28-3 I gave up, we will never win a SB and this team is just a bumbling mess of disappointment. I will never be emotionally invested in this crap franchise.
  11. You'd have to be a FAKE fan to think this current regime is going to produce a winner, we look the same year after year and always fail. Also after 50 + years of futility only real fans understand how futile it is to root for this crap.
  12. No way a coach comes back from 28-3, we wasted Ryan and JJs prime years on a broken coach and an inept GM.
  13. The team sucks and is complete Trash, we probably won't be consistently good for 3-4 more years. Next year the roster gets purged due to cap issues and we get us a new coach and GM.
  14. We are yet again a 7-9 team, great part is we have to blow up our roster next year due to cap issues. The only good part is Quinn and TD will be gone
  15. Awesome it's fair catch fest having us always start at the 10 yard line
  16. Will we EVER sign a guy that makes an instant difference like Adams?
  17. Trash decisions end up giving them the ball back. They will score a TD here then score a TD when they get it in the 2nd half
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