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  1. Gees it's like watching a news clip from the 1970's, crazy how things look really different now but you wouldn't notice without a direct comparison
  2. Irony that Bill Clinton was the last President to Balance the budget and Obama was able to cut the deficit after it went up to help the recovery of the recession but somehow the GOP is fiscally conservative. Just like how the GOP is supposed to be tough on terror but it was Obama that made the effort to get Bin Laden. Conservatives are complete hypocrites and their shpeal of fiscal conservatism is a literal con job of all talk and opposite action. GOP Presidents raise the deficit more, funnel money to the 1% and still try and claim fiscal responsibility but ONLY when a Dem is President
  3. We still look to be a similar team to last year, bumbling offense, stupid penalties at the worst time, bad ST's, defense that takes bad angles at time and allows big plays. Until this gets fixed we will probably peak out at a playoff birth and 1st or 2nd round exit if we are lucky. If we get hit by an injury bug we could be in 2015 territory I hated last years team, they were so frustrating to watch, if we are similar this year then I'm not going to bother.
  4. Ryan is already pretty much top 15 in QB stats all time in NFL history. He still has 3-6 good years left as well. When Ryan retires he could be top 5 in every single QB stat in NFL history. People just don't realize how good Ryan is.
  5. The funny thing about all those "emails" is the actual content of the leaks were ho hum and didn't really cause any damage just the concept of "Email Leak" is being spread by the right as some huge all encompassing damaging thing when the reality revealed pretty much nothing.
  6. It's about getting rid of brown people and trying to stop the demographics shift cause old white guys are scared panzies when they will no longer be a majority. And if they could figure out a way to include African Americans in their war on brown people and deport them they would.
  7. We have pretty much confirmed over the last two years that the GOP and Conservatives never actually stood for anything, Morals, Deficits, Debt management were just used to string along a base of voters. They threw all of that away now and still those brain washed voters will come along for the ride.
  8. And conservatives always claim liberals freak out with fake outrage, again bunch of hypocrites
  9. I hope we have a repeat of what happened with Kyle, Kyle pretty much sucked his first year here and then blew the lights off the second year. We saw the same bumbling penalty crap in Kyle's first year. If Sark does not do good this year though it is time to switch while our offensive core is still in prime years.
  10. It's not that hard to type this out, N******, or I could have typed N-Word etc
  11. No I manually typed N and then the correct number of ****** after manually.
  12. Troops are another product to the GOP. they are just un aborted babies who grew up so they could send them to die in their oil wars.
  13. Seriously can anyone ever be classified as a racist anymore? In this very thread we have people arguing over numbers of Canadians VS Mexicans immigrants so the Right can try and downplay raw numbers to continue demonizing brown people. I'll say this again, we know racism exists, we know we have racists in this world. However EVERY single example of racism that is ever brought to light is defended/deflected and obscured and non racists often allow this to happen by entertaining these petty arguments. No more arguing about it, if you support a racist you are a racist. And Trump is clearly a racist
  14. Won't matter and he'll probably gain support from his base if he called people N******, He is a racist and so our his supporters so they'd view this as a positive thing.
  15. I think it's more likely to be a troll job trying to see how gullible conservatives are.
  16. They are still doing it, nit picking over charts and numbers why they are only concerned about brown immigration VS white immigration. Thier leader flat out said Africa was a SH*THOLE and he wanted more immigrants from Norway. I mean at what point does all this pretending just get dropped? Actual direct words that reflect actual racism from the leaders of the GOP that these people support just lead to people fighting over charts and numbers instead of pointing out the direct racism being spewed by the people they support. It's a stupid game we play where conservatives get to be as racist as possible and then we all nit pick over crap to pretend they are not so conservatives can feel better about directly supporting people that are 100% pure racists.
  17. Racism against brown people. It really is silly all this tap dancing we do to avoid the obvious answers staring us in the face. We know racism exists in society today, we know their are racists people in the world. Yet EVERY instance of racism that is actually presented is denied and we play this game where we pretend for some reason it's not racism. Trump is a racist, he would not rent his properites to blacks and then settled with the DOJ, he wanted black kids that were cleared of crimes by DNA evidence to be executed even AFTER they were cleared, He help push the Obama birther angle, He disparages minority Gold Star families, Said Mexico was sending their rapists and criminals, Calls AFRICA a ****H*LE for christ's sake. Said Neo Nazi's were very fine people. And not coincidentally is supported by the KKK, David Duke and other Neo Nazi's. Can we just drop this crap and call it like it is since that is what Trump supporters like to do so much EXCEPT when Trump himself is the subject of the "telling it like it is" Wish we could just drop the pretending crap, the GOP certainly has stopped a lot of the Dog Whistles they used previously and are openly racist now, let's stop pretending please.
  18. No bickering going on, supporting Trump = racist This is pretty cut and dry.
  19. I'll say it, those that openly support racists are racists themselves and to much of a coward to actually be honest with their feelings about it. Non racists would never condone or support a Political candidate that was as openly racist as Trump. Trump has shown without a shadow of a doubt he is racist, those that still support him are also racist. You cannot separate his words and actions against minorities the last 2 years and come up with some coherent policy to support that makes his racism something a non racist could tolerate. Every thing about Trump from his words to the policies he pushes stems from his blatant racism and sexism.
  20. Does she still support Trump? If she does then she is a racist, this is a pretty simple thing to determine. Supporting a racist makes you a racist.
  21. You are also a racist
  22. Trump's wife and Mother were/are immigrants. It is more than obvious conservatives have no self awareness and their rules only apply to others and not themselves.
  23. Yep if you are still a trump supporter now after all that's been done you are unquestionably a racist, no reason to even debate it anymore. So yes Marla is a racist along with Gazoo, WFW and anyone else that still supports Trump. Own it or change but Trump supporters right now are racists.
  24. Did you even read the topic of this thread? It's about who get blame for the loss not how important or non important the loss was.