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  1. I know he still needs to STFU
  2. Rodgers is such a self centered arrogant prick, he really needs to stfu and mind his own dawn business
  3. Without protest this country wouldn't even exist. Trump is a babbling moron for even suggesting people wanting to make this country better for everyone should leave.
  4. You'd think the cops that kill or abuse others where thier is actual video evidence would actually get the proper punishment. They don't and that is part of the outrage.
  5. So are traditionally republican voters going to flip because of horrible acts like this and all the other crap the GOP has been spewing the last year? I suspect not, They will shurg and think of all the times Trump "owned" libs and vote for anything with an R next to them
  6. Right when NK is making public waves about de nuking and peace talks etc. Trump is so stupid he just got totally played by NK.
  7. Conservatives are pretty much pure evil at this point
  8. Bottom line nothing matters anymore and bad things will always happen at a faster pace. Corruption will go unabated until we as a society are pretty much enslaved to the 1%
  9. Because rednecks and their bang bang hobby are more important than children's lives. This is the choice we made as a country
  10. Since he already had some fake coins printed up and sold them seems he doesn't even need to do it. The victory laps before if good enough as his base will think he brought peace to the world even if it never happens
  11. Disappointing then
  12. Jesus will forgive Trump for cheating, paying off porn stars and abortion but Jesus is super pissed at Obama for Tan suits and Mustard on Hot Dogs!!!
  13. Thing is we can't make a dent in anything if you don't do anything. Every shooting people say well this particular rule or that particular rule would not have prevented it. It will take many rules/laws to be changed to impact these incidents and it will also take some time. Had we started when Sandy Hook happened or even way back in Columbine we may very well now be on the road to helping slow down the number of these incidents. Instead we do nothing and watch the death toll rise
  14. A huge part of the problem is the fact even with video evidence of abuse, cops often walk away with no punishment. The good cops should be pissed at this cause it tarnishes the hard work they do and obviously POC should be out raged that they people hired to protect society are targeting them for abuse and down right murdering them. Cops need to also stand up and call out their own when other cops are in the wrong.
  15. Even if some don't think he is starting material he is certainly better than most teams 2nd and 3rd stringers that haven't played in years and literally are paid to hold a clip board. Thier is no logical reason why he is not on a team as a backup
  16. I'm glad he voiced his opposition to this absurd rule where the NFL is basically cowering to the most corrupt President of our life time.
  17. Corporate welfare is a much worse problem and costs society alot more than the "welfare queen" always used as a prop of decent to take benefits away from working class people. Sad to see so many people fight for the rights of corporations to continue to fleece us.
  18. Pretty lame way to weasel out of this. They are a private company and all and can do what they want but the route they took was pretty lame. Opens the doors to just push NFL players to find other more visible means to protest what they consider is unfair and racist treatment in society. Wonder how the NFL will try and silence them then?
  19. I do hate that injuries determine winners often more than talent/coaching/execution. In general it's one of my biggest issue with the NFL inuries/CTE's etc.
  20. Nope, the Falcons are an Atlanta team and as such will be good enough to get our hopes up just to let us down at the worst possible time in the worst possible way. If you are an Atl sports fan you should already know this.
  21. So does that mean Melania gets deported?
  22. A small fire that breaks out in a school with a single entrance/exit would be a complete disaster, bunch of total dumbasses to even suggest such a thing.
  23. Is their any Trump supporter that can properly articulate in a reasonable intelligent way why everything he has done so far and said as President is ok and should be supported? I have yet to see one.
  24. The value of a gun hobby that has helped pushed 300 million guns in this country so pretty much anyone of any age and any mental capability can get one has been chosen as more important than these school age children. Pretty ridiculous. Bang Bang Hobby > Children's lives