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  1. Any rookie is a clear downgrade or that rookie sits for most of their rookie contract. It does not make sense right now to draft Ryan's replacement using a 1st rd pick when we have so many issues on our defense and running game.
  2. It's not time to draft Ryan's replacement, Passing yards 1 Patrick Mahomes (KC) 4462 2 Deshaun Watson (HOU) 4134 3 Matt Ryan (ATL) 4016 4 Josh Allen (BUF) 4000
  3. Yea that is where I'm at as well. We need an offensive minded coach so we do not have to swap our schemes again while Ryan is here. Focus on fixing the OL and build a good stout DL and get a decent running game and we will quickly be a contender again.
  4. It's not time to draft Ryan's replacement, anyone we get would either be an on field downgrade or sit behind Ryan for the majority of his rookie contract. 3 years from now would be the more appropriate time for now to draft a replacement for Ryan.
  5. It's good all options will be open to the new GM but at this stage of both their careers it would be silly to move on from Ryan and JJ. Ryan is year in and year out a top 5 QB and still is even in an off year like this. Any rookie will be a downgrade from Ryan and that rookie has no guarantee to ever be as good as Ryan.
  6. We need to get Ollison some reps, obvious Gurley is gone next year anyway.
  7. Our defense just gave up 31 points in one half of a game. They have not improved that much at all.
  8. Yep, TD's inability to build a decent OL no matter how many picks he uses and us singing old scrubs at RB or using middling picks on a RB has really hurt our team and Ryan ability. Like every team we need a decent run game and a decent OL and year after year TD failed to give him that. I'm so glad TD got fired.
  9. We do need a big class of new cheap talent coming in and the only way to do that is to stock up on draft picks. I hope the new GM can actually build the trenches this time.
  10. Yep, he is to slow to be an every down back and he makes dumb decisions. We need to draft an all around speed back in the first 3 rounds and then actually get Ollison to play for short yardage situations.
  11. Falcons = Choke The entire world knows that and it happens pretty much every time we get an early lead, Seriously I'd like to ship this horrible Franchise to St Louis and start over with an Expansion team. Let another city deal with these chokers.
  12. Bad defense in the 2nd half and no run game cost us again.
  13. Biggest choke team in sports history, when they get a big lead early in the game it's pretty much 100% that they choke it away
  14. Ryan didn't give up 31 points this half that is for sure,
  15. The Falcons could have a 35 point lead at half and still blow it, I really wish they would just send this franchise to St Loius and let us start over with an expansion team.
  16. When the Falcons give up a big lead in the 4qtr a tie game is like the Falcons being down by 35 points. The Falcons already lost it's just a matter of the clock ticking away.
  17. We should have kept Allen he was a much better punter than this kid
  18. So the kicker gets hit and no flag but our guy crushed the KR and gets a flag
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