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  1. Armstrong needs to be fired. We've had horrible starting field position for a long time due to our terrible PR/KR game and one of our discarded PR/KR Andre Roberts is currently one of the league's best at it.
  2. Yep we saw in pre season how our depth was getting trounced by other teams depth yet our coaches sat on their hands. They also sat ont heir hands after our injuries and watched our team fall apart without doing much of anything. We see time and time again even within single games how our coaches are simply incapable of adjusting. Those wanting to blame injuries on our issues are simply going to allow the coaching staff and front office to get a pass and come around next year with the same issues. ALL teams deal with injury problems, coaches and the front office have to be able to adjust during the year for those problems.
  3. It will be a nice exclamation point to our franchises horrible existence
  4. If the Saints win it all here I hope we ship the Falcons to St Louis and start over with an expansion team.
  5. Instead Quinn will send 2 every once in awhile and then play a soft zone so Cam can get his QB runs.
  6. Yea that game was the Falcons last attempt this season of giving fans false hope just to crush them. That's all this team seems to do. They will be good enough to give fans some sense of hope and the only reason they do that is to enjoy smashing that hope in a million pieces.
  7. So stupid, it will be easier and less costly to fix the Oline than find this magical Mobile QB that is better all around than Ryan.
  8. Yep, and if they do I'll never watch another NFL game again. 28-3 was nearly the final straw but Saints winning a SB in our house? Yea that's to much I'll just walk away as a fan f that crap.
  9. Besides the knee issue he is a ticking time bomb with the concussion problem. Combine them both and Freeman is one hit away from retirement. We don't want to bank our running game on that.
  10. Besides the typo I always think this type of sentiment is stupid. The United States doesn't have an official language, most of these idiots don't even realize that.
  11. These new coaches had a week or less to get their team ready and all the chaos involved in a change of administration and our current coaching staff couldn't figure out a way to take advantage of it. Our coaches are WAY WAY to static completely unable to coach on the fly and adjust as needed. Our coaches are stuck to playbooks they acquired from other administrations and are unable to think for themselves.
  12. Freeman can't even stay on the field, waste of money and roster spot. We'd be better off bulking up our OL and getting a real FB and going with Ito and Teco
  13. Cut Freeman keep Ito and Teco
  14. It would be silly to try and impeach him now. We have an incomplete picture of his crimes. We certainly have crimes even up to and including Treason, we also have enough to impeach now in any normal situation but with Muellers report being as concise as it will be it's better to let that be the nail that shuts the coffin on his presidency. If he isn't removed after Muellers report then this country is screwed anyway. It's come to far to try it now before Mueller s findings.
  15. What if we had the 4th or 5th pick and traded down to 10-15 and picked up a few more picks though? What if we had a top 5 pick in each round and dealt that pick to move back a few spots to pick up additional picks? You have that kind of option when you have a top 5 pick. 7-9 gets us nothing