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  1. They just need to stop forcing the players to make these kind of decisions and do the right thing and cancel the season.
  2. It is truly a shame society has to be structured when we have a global pandemic we have to make the choice to work and many having to put our kids and ourselves in danger instead of having the needed safety nets in place to ride out a global pandemic like this.
  3. There is not going to be any pro sports this fall in the USA, I hope more of these athletes don't have to catch covid for the leagues to realize the obvious
  4. Freddie Freeman just tested positive and is having bad symptoms doubt he thinks it's a hoax. Guess the 130k plus dead are just crisis actors now?
  5. Look at what is happening in MLB right now how many Braves are going to test positive this week? This is going to happen in The NFL. Gonna be silly if you think we are having a season.
  6. Any ideas of playing MLB, NBA or NFL this year are pretty silly. As soon as any group of players in any sport start working together in person it's going to start spreading through the players. Just hope the players that get covid recover and dont have any life long ailments from it.
  7. We are going to have our kid school from home for at least the 1st qtr, our school district is offering home schooling as an option and you need to commit to it 9 weeks at a time. Luckily we have the choice as I work from home now and my wife is a stay at home mom. People without this choice are going to be forced to put their kids in school and the spread is going to sky rocket. We have not even hit peak now and kids are out of school. Our country blew it, we had a chance to get this under control before schools started and we completely blew it.
  8. The facts are cases across the country are INCREASING at a dramatic rate now not decreasing like they are in most other countries, we have not even hit a plateau we are not close to a vaccine. The idea that in a mere 4-8 weeks the country will be ready for MLB, NFL and NBA to start up operations again is laughable. If anything we are likely to need another full lockdown soon
  9. Fans are not going to be in the stands this fall/season for any sports leagues in the USA, that chance blew bye with the last surges that have more than outdone the numbers when we had our first lockdown in March. We blew it cause people are to impatient and to ignorant to do that right thing. Players in MLB and the NBA are already opting out of this season and players in larger numbers are testing positive which means they aren't playing this year and may have life long ailments from it. So lets look at how this season may work out if they choose to go forward, No fans in the stadiums, a large percentage of players opting out not wanting to risk their lives, another percentage of players actually testing positive for Covid and going through the process of recovery. It's all going to fall apart before it gets off the ground for this season.
  10. We are not having a season with fans in the stands that is for sure, we had a chance to squash this with the first lock down but failed cause fragile babies needed to get haircuts and manicures and national leadership blew it over as no big deal and pressured everyone to open to soon. In many states now we are seeing record numbers, no way this gets cleared up by Sept-Oct to the point where they play games. Also a number of players are starting to test positive, those players won't be playing this year. Any chance we had at some type of normal Fall season for sports and activities flew out the windows when so many states said screw it and opened up everything WAY to soon.
  11. Its not going to happen. Things are getting worse each week. No way 70k fans will be in any stadiums this year. Players are already testing positive. The US screwed up opening to early and now the rest of this year is shot.
  12. Nope, 7-9 at best. I see the same issues we have year in and year out, a DL line that is undersized and has questions, a secondary that is way to young and also has some banged up players we are going to rely on, an OL with question marks, a running game that relies on an often injured player. The only non questions are Matt and JJ. Our schedule is brutal and the division is going to be tougher. We did not do enough to improve our roster in the off season, way to many lateral moves and not enough definite improvements. We are going 7-9 and then the entire front office will be cleaned out in the off season.
  13. I don't think they are any better, the same under sized crap they have been trying for over a decade. Fowler is a one hit wonder and even that year was not lights out. would be nice is Latu panned out due to his size but this team will just cut him and watch him be a space eater for another team.
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