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  1. The way the team is this year MORE jokes and humor should be allowed
  2. ST's have sucked every since Joe D left. Armstrong does need to be fired ASAP and we need to figure out a good permanent solution for KR/PR instead of rotating options for guys that are to slow every few months. Also we need ot move on from Bosher, his kicks are not as good and the time he takes allows for blocks which may have cost us 2 games already this year.
  3. At least now our pass blocking won't take a huge hit every time Freeman is in the game
  4. It's Freeman that can't pass protect, Teco and Ito are fine
  5. Over 300LBS, according to some here our playbook erupts into flames when we have to many players over 300LBs on the team
  6. So is a wasted space on the roster,
  7. Freeman is done and he should retire for his own benefit. He is not going to be healthy later in life after football if he keeps playing.
  8. "We spend all our time arguing who's the better back when out problem is the blocking" Umm what does us arguing about the RB's have to do with what the team does about blocking? The OL is starting to suck that is for sure but us arguing about the RB's have ZERO impact on the team performance. We can argue about whatever we want
  9. Postseason? Wow are you nuts?
  10. Wow do some of you even watch our games?
  11. Good, we are better when he is not playing. He is a shell of his former self and a huge liability in pass blocking he needs to probably retire due to the concussions he has had as well. He is not healthy and needs to get healthy even if it's just for his own benefit outside the NFL I HOPE we cut him June 1st and sign/draft a bigger RB in the off season Coleman, Ito and a bigger RB would be a great rotation. It would suck if we let Coleman walk and were stuck with Freeman always getting injured.
  12. It is so silly to think we run a scheme so devoid of adaptability that it all falls apart if we have a Larger RB, Larger FB, And a couple of larger players on the DL and OL as rotational options. I'm not saying EVERY player has to be big but a few larger players in situational places can certainly be done with our current scheme. Some of you act like the playbook will catch on fire if we have anyone on our DL or OL over 320 lbs, that is absurd and you all know it. Meanwhile both our OL and DL keep getting run over and pushed around by larger stronger lines on just about ever other team.
  13. Like I said I don't want to hear crap about the **** scheme. Any scheme that HAS to have players that are only light and finesse types and can't win the LOS battle on BOTH ends and can't accommodate some stronger larger guys is a losing scheme and a scheme that is to rigid to work. We can keep the general points of our scheme while still having a few bigger stronger players to help with blocking on the OL and collapsing the pocket on the DL Every NFL scheme can accommodate a few larger stronger guys in certain situations, don't give me the scheme won't handle it crap.
  14. The entire team is lacking in size and power. We keep trying this fast finesse crap in EVERY position on our team and that simply does not work. We can still be a fast team but we need every group to have one or two larger powerful guys FB -We need a 250 LB + blocking monster RB - We need a 220LB + battering ram for short yardage situations DT - We need two 320LB + guys to rotate in the middle to collapse the pocket and eat up space for our DE's DE -We could use at least one tweener a 280lb DE with decent speed but with a lot of power OL- We need to revamp our OL with more size and strength, out scheme should be able to be adjusted to allow this. Our entire team is way to small and weak to hold up during a season. We need bigger stronger guys at key positions to counteract this cause we ALWAYS get pushed around on both LOS. If your scheme can't accommodate larger stronger players your scheme sucks and is to rigid. I don't want to hear crap about our scheme
  15. Well without Ridley, Bryant or Sanu they will probably beat us, Freeman being out actually helps us but it seems now it's the offenses turn to feel some injuries. This is not our year.