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  1. Id also put in required training classes and some type of gun safe requirement.
  2. GOP: Its a mental health problem Public: Are you going to do anything to allow easier access to mental health treatment? GOP: No
  3. Why is the GOP parroting this mental health issue to the gun problem and then not doing anything to improve easy access to healthcare? Ok a portion of this problem is obviously mental health but much like the gun control side the GOP is doing their best to screw that up for people too. The GOP dont want gun control or easier access to mental health treatment so how can they try and take the higher ground blaming mental health? We need better access and identification of mental health issues AND better gun control so crazy people cant easily get their hands on guns. Signing bills like Trump did allowing crazy people to legally buy guns is certainly a backwards step in this process.
  4. Do people not understand the concept of an amendment? The 2nd amendment is outdated, the founding fathers gave us a mechanism to adjust things based on future societal developments. At this point change the **** thing, it's outdated and is killing thousands.
  5. This is the funny part that the GOP is solely responsible for Can't have common sense gun laws cause NRA money and dumbass rednecks that vote for them Can't have improved health care to deal with people that might be crazy enough to shoot up a bunch of people cause HC corps pay off the GOP to stifle and block any form of universal HC. This is What I'm taking about when I say the GOP paints reality in a corner and do it by design. Whether it's a gun control problem or a mental health problem the GOP set things up so neither issue can be addressed. This issue is most likely a combination of both and a few other issues involving glamorizing gun culture but we can"t do anything about any of these multi faceted issues the way things are set up now.
  6. Rednecks prefer their bang bang toys over childs lives. Plain and simple
  7. GOP always paints reality in a corner and they do it by design No Abortion ---> No sex Ed -----> No Easy access to birth control ---> No Welfare programs = Many unwanted pregnancies, families broke, maybe johnnie should just join the Army No Cheap Health Care system ---> No gun control ----> No studies on gun violence and prevention = Crazy people have easy access to guns and kill people Same crap applies to them always cutting Education budgets. The GOP want an uneducated poor populace killing each other so they can more easily control us and get more people into their military complex so they can die in their Oil wars if they don;t kill themselves here.
  8. Game is awesome played a few hours last night, old school RPG with modern graphics
  9. Don't forget tariffs on Solor so Green energy slows down not able to take the place of gas quicker. The GOP likes to paint reality in a corner
  10. Simply to many guns are in the hands of the public, all guns are legit manufactured, people aren't cooking them up in their basements like drugs. When you have this many guns deranged people are going to be able to get ahold of them in one way shape or form easily and are able to kill lots of people.
  11. Still fair considering all the crap Trump is spouting about immigrants and trying to change laws. He may be harboring and helping violate the same laws he is forcing and changing onto others. Trump has pretty much attacked or offended publicly nearly every type of person on earth, Trump is also actively changing laws which correpsond to his views and attacks on others. Everything is fair as far as being critical of Trump and or anyone that openly associates with him on purpose. Trimps wife probably has an illegitimate past as far as citizenship and given Trump words and actions on the subject it certainly is fair game. And if it's not who freaking cares? Trump and his supporters don't give a **** about "fair game" F*** them
  12. Considering Trump berated Obama for how many years about his birth status it is fair. Trump PROJECTS every little thing he is guilty of on other people so it is a fair bet she is or was illegal at one point in time.
  13. This is something that would sink any other President and for Trump it barely makes the news.
  14. Well we've pretty much become batteries like in the Matrix, we work for the 1% and have enough distractions thrown at us to not notice.