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  1. For a team as deep as we think we are we sure do get beat up by others teams 2nd and 3rd stringers. We is our depth players always out classed in pre season by other teams depth players?
  2. We should consider Freeman a luxury that may have to retire at any point. One more major concussion and he is done. We should not rely on him to be our workhorse back and we should lock up Coleman long term. Freeman is literally one play away from retirement.
  3. Hope we look better, last week we looked and played pretty much exactly like last years frustrating team
  4. They will probably just string them along saying vote for us or things could go back to the way it was when women weren't dying in back alleys due to black market abortions that they will try and ignore.
  5. Yea all these rich old people are just trying to squeeze society a little more before they die. They are pretty much sociopaths. Future generations of Rich people will need a healthy consumer base to fund them but the current crop of Rich narcissists don't care and want to topple society and suck everything out of it before they kick over.
  6. It's a conservative ploy, they don't actually care about babies lives. They systematically try and make it more difficult for poor and middle class to live and making it so more families have unwanted or un planned children puts more of a burden on those families. Then conservatives swoop in with their military scam trying to get these poor families to give them their children to send to die for their oil wars. Conservatives only want to stop abortion, sex education and easy access to birth control so they have more disadvantaged youth to prop up their military complex with bodies.
  7. Yep, conservatives think they are maverick clint eastwood lone wolves and the "man" is keeping them from their ideal wilderness retreat where they can be manly men. Reality is if you left them in the woods for a day they'd probably die. They also think if others are successful it makes their own success look worse. Society benefits us all and it works best when all of society is doing well and not suffering.
  8. That's going off of pre Trump norms and idealism. An N-Word tape would be brushed off as some form of locker room talk, Black people that said the word would be made an example of, they might even try and spin it as Trump being intune with youth culture. Also their is the point that his base is actually racist and might even be happy he used the term and some of his base poll numbers would go up. In a post Trump world even recorded murder by Trump would be spun, brushed off and at least for some time nothing would change.
  9. Gees it's like watching a news clip from the 1970's, crazy how things look really different now but you wouldn't notice without a direct comparison
  10. Irony that Bill Clinton was the last President to Balance the budget and Obama was able to cut the deficit after it went up to help the recovery of the recession but somehow the GOP is fiscally conservative. Just like how the GOP is supposed to be tough on terror but it was Obama that made the effort to get Bin Laden. Conservatives are complete hypocrites and their shpeal of fiscal conservatism is a literal con job of all talk and opposite action. GOP Presidents raise the deficit more, funnel money to the 1% and still try and claim fiscal responsibility but ONLY when a Dem is President
  11. We still look to be a similar team to last year, bumbling offense, stupid penalties at the worst time, bad ST's, defense that takes bad angles at time and allows big plays. Until this gets fixed we will probably peak out at a playoff birth and 1st or 2nd round exit if we are lucky. If we get hit by an injury bug we could be in 2015 territory I hated last years team, they were so frustrating to watch, if we are similar this year then I'm not going to bother.
  12. Ryan is already pretty much top 15 in QB stats all time in NFL history. He still has 3-6 good years left as well. When Ryan retires he could be top 5 in every single QB stat in NFL history. People just don't realize how good Ryan is.
  13. The funny thing about all those "emails" is the actual content of the leaks were ho hum and didn't really cause any damage just the concept of "Email Leak" is being spread by the right as some huge all encompassing damaging thing when the reality revealed pretty much nothing.
  14. It's about getting rid of brown people and trying to stop the demographics shift cause old white guys are scared panzies when they will no longer be a majority. And if they could figure out a way to include African Americans in their war on brown people and deport them they would.