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  1. We are in week 10 and already obsessing over tie breakers for WC, yea this is not a good look.
  2. Look my predications are alot more realistic than freaking 12-4, come on have you watched the team this year?
  3. 7-9 I've actually watched the team this year, we are not very good. @SEA - 14-28 L vs TB - 27-31 W vs MIN - 36-17 L vs NO - 42-24 L @ TB - 25-24 W @ NO - 14-38 L vs CAR - 21-34 L
  4. Man it's like you guys have not even watched us this year, 12-4? WTF kind of crack are you smoking? I do not believe their is much chance we finish above 9-7 given the way we are playing and our current remaining schedule. 7-9 is my likely guess.
  5. If we don't screw up and we score more points than our opponent we are 9-0 right now, duh WE consistently do things that cause us to lose because we are not good. it is that simple
  6. Would of, could of, should of, all excuses, we've been bungling stuff all year that is what this team is now, bungling opportunities. We are not a good team by any stretch of the imagination. just watch the games
  7. We haven't been at our best since last year, that team hasn't really shown up at all this year so it's not much help
  8. Not only are we not making noise in the playoffs their is not much chance we make the playoffs anyway. Division is stacked with 2 and 3 loss teams playing much better than us.
  9. I have a different opinion of sexual harrasers/predators VS other crimes/criminals. My wife was harassed very dramatically when she was a child and I live every day with the effects it has had on her and how it has permanently changed her life and literally killed a part of her. Like I said don't care the argument or rationalization I'm not changing my mind on this one.
  10. Well I'm certainly not letting the victims determine the punishment, that is for the law to decide. I'm simply talking about my own personal opinion of those accused of sexual harassment where it is obvious the accusations could have occured. In Al's case yea this could have happened so **** him.
  11. Sexual harassment to me is a different type of crime then Stealing an object No, the analogy doesn't work for me as one is object based and cover by insurance VS a deadly crime against a human. Different Being sexually harassed is much more of a grey area, depends on the level of harassment, the amount of times it was done, who did it, what mental state the victims was in, their past history of potential abuse. These are judgments I'm not going to pretend to make as someone who was not the victim. Don't care either way I'm going to judge accused sexual harrassers the way I want to. None of you are going to change my mind, I will condemn every harrasser if they are accused of something that is in the realm of being possible.
  12. You judge them how you want I'll judge them how I want. I'm not imposing law on them and will certainly change my mind if the accusations are proven 100% false.
  13. We aren't talking about any of that we are talking about the level of harassment against a person not a crime of a stolen object covered by insurance VS the death of a human, that is a ridiculous analogy Forced kissing VS Pedophiles VS making someone watch you jerk off etc. etc. I'm not going to tell the person who went through the first trauma to buck up the person of the second trauma is dealing with it much better and the victim of the 3rd trauma should have just shut up about it. That is victim judging and I'm not going to do it. You are free to handle how you judge people who are accused of different types of crimes and I'll judge them how I see fit. Let the law deal with them all but I do not care what level of harassment you are accused of you all suck to me and will not get my support until proven otherwise.
  14. I don't agree, when people are harassed the victims can react and have differing results of pain and anguish per each incidence of harassment. They get to decide how severe they felt the harassment was and how much it traumatized them. As the person who was not harassed I don't get to make that choice nor will I try and assign some type of severity of judgment based on that. As a 3rd party to it all I'll just condemn the person accused in equal amounts until proven otherwise or further clarification from the victim. All harrasers suck and should be condemned in my opinion and "I" will condemn them and I'll let the law figure out the societal punishment they face.
  15. Yep we are now hairs splitting and trying to draw levels of outrage that should be assigned to certain types of harassment. That is completely BS. It all needs to be condemned. Let the court system draw out the punishment but as far as I'm concerned they all get my distain for taking advantage of others.