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  1. Everyone that even has a passing acquaintance with Trump seems to be a criminal, not very surprising
  2. Dems have to be perfect the GOP just has to maintain a pulse. The GOP is not held to ANY standards of accountability, when their is even a hint they might the Conservative base and conservative media empire freaks out and blames Dems for everything and the issue goes to the background. The GOP does whatever it wants without accountability or even a hint they understand the concept of hypocrisy.
  3. That was thew plan all along by Conservatives, break unions so workers are easier to control so the corporations can do as they please. Same reason why conservatives are trying to defund education and always attack "liberal" colleges as some boogeyman and why they want to control what women do with their bodies as more children born under harsh financial conditions make a populace that they can more easily control and why they don't want health care across the board cause unhealthy people get more desperate. Conservatives want a Poor, un educated and un healthy population so they can control and extract what they need out of them easier. We are products to them Conservatives entire philosophy is not actually being Conservative it is about chipping away at the protections and education system for normal americans so the wealthy can more easily control them.
  4. He is probably aware if we miss the playoffs this year he is gone. I'm fine with that line of thinking. JJ and Ryan career's are ticking and we need to get a SB before either one of them retires. Probably won't happen though
  5. In our current timeline neither of those things will happen and people that could hold them accountable will just shrug and move on.
  6. The "Both Sides" crowd is in full force completely ignoring the huge difference apparent in the parties today. The parties couldn't be more different than right now and we still have yokels here parroting "Both Sides" Pretty ridiculous.
  7. What ever happens they should just ignore the non binding results. It is akin to voting to burn down the country and the entire region. Regardless of voting results the outcome is bad. They shouldn't even hold another vote sicne the first vote was a non binding opinion poll more or less. Just say no one could find a reasonable solution that was non destructive and move on.
  8. After P grabber, Roy Moore and "Both Sides" and yanking children from their parents, conservatives have no ground to critique others on anything moral.
  9. Um if you dont see the difference in the parties now then I don't know what to tell you. Call me when dems nominate a Trump like figure on the left that insights race riots and openly mocks the accountability of law and advocates violence against the media. Trumps actions and words and the way the entire GOP covers for him has shown more than ever that both sides are not the same. Dems aren't in the pocket of the NRA, Russia, Big Oil, Big Coal, they also aren't passing huge tax bill's that only benefit the 1%, Dems are also building a platform centering on Health Care and ways to Combat Climate change. But yea just keep up with the both sides talk.
  10. Well I'm not going to blame the media. They are reporting on all of Trumps issues. The problem is nothing happens. That issue has more to do with the GOP not enforcing any form of law or accountability toward their own. It's not the media's fault one side of the Government is allowing a criminal to commit crimes in broad daylight
  11. No crow cause he's done, one helmet hit on the head and he will be back in concussion protocol
  12. You dont heal from concussion issues as a RB, even if his knee and groin are healed one bad helmet hit and he is done
  13. Yep, Injury prone, horrible in pass protection and decided to have a baby hissy fit about his contract in the off week right before our Super Bowl. I hope we cut him June 1st
  14. Ito is not injury prone, has not shown to be a problem in pass blocking and has not caused a contract distraction in our off week before a Super bowl. Ito is already ahead of Freeman for the here and now.
  15. Yep, Trump is going to walk away with the election if the left keeps eating their own.