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  1. Corporate welfare is a much worse problem and costs society alot more than the "welfare queen" always used as a prop of decent to take benefits away from working class people. Sad to see so many people fight for the rights of corporations to continue to fleece us.
  2. Pretty lame way to weasel out of this. They are a private company and all and can do what they want but the route they took was pretty lame. Opens the doors to just push NFL players to find other more visible means to protest what they consider is unfair and racist treatment in society. Wonder how the NFL will try and silence them then?
  3. Because "reasons"
  4. I do hate that injuries determine winners often more than talent/coaching/execution. In general it's one of my biggest issue with the NFL inuries/CTE's etc.
  5. Nope, the Falcons are an Atlanta team and as such will be good enough to get our hopes up just to let us down at the worst possible time in the worst possible way. If you are an Atl sports fan you should already know this.
  6. So does that mean Melania gets deported?
  7. A small fire that breaks out in a school with a single entrance/exit would be a complete disaster, bunch of total dumbasses to even suggest such a thing.
  8. Is their any Trump supporter that can properly articulate in a reasonable intelligent way why everything he has done so far and said as President is ok and should be supported? I have yet to see one.
  9. The value of a gun hobby that has helped pushed 300 million guns in this country so pretty much anyone of any age and any mental capability can get one has been chosen as more important than these school age children. Pretty ridiculous. Bang Bang Hobby > Children's lives
  10. When we are all dead
  11. What an idiot, that would create a HUGE fire hazard having only one exit/entrance. Lets make excuses for everything except the military grade guns we give out in every box of cereal.
  12. Also trickle down has NEVER worked no matter how many times the GOP tries it, or actually trickle down does work it's just the GOP lies about it saying it will help the poor when in reality it is only designed to help the rich.
  13. Yep they want to die so they don't care, so how about lets make it more difficult for them to kill lots of people quickly before they commit suicide or suicide by cop? Even with armed guards you are not going to get an instant response, so why do we make it so easy to get military grade weapons? You can still take out dozens of people in a few short minutes with these weapons, why do we hand them out like candy in this country?
  14. Maybe if these shooters didn't have such easy access to military grade weapons armed guards and police wouldn't be so out gunned allthe time?
  15. It is part of the GOP plan to stifle the general population and make soldiers for them. *Make abortion illegal *Remove Sex ed from schools *Remove any Org giving easier access to birth control *Defund general public education *Reduce and or eliminate programs that help families in need Watch then as people have more unwanted pregnancies which cost more money to care for and those families are now struggling. The GOP then will gladly take the kids from these struggling families and put them in the Military to die for their Oil wars.