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  1. We should have cut him the second he threw a contract tantrum during our SB bye week.
  2. dumb*** team gives them a first down
  3. So I guess Sanu is going to punt?
  4. Its the whole team that folds like lawn chairs in the face of adversity. Everyone except Bryant it seems
  5. We are dumbasses for benching Ollison. Hes the only RB we have that is even slightly different.
  6. Kind of hard to find that given our OL over the years.
  7. Apparently accepting any crap this team puts on the field is the Mark of a true fan. My time and money is worth more than the effort this team has put into its games lately. I guess this fan base enjoys suffering.
  8. Losing to GB two weeks earlier would have been a better outcome than 28-3. Thats a franchise killing collapse.
  9. I'd rather us play our starters way more and deal with pre season injuries. Let those that make it out of pre season be battle tested and ready to compete as a team. Pre season should no longer be vacation time for starters.
  10. Yep a good hard fought game where we come up short is fine, if we were destined to lose the SB I would have been ok with that or ok with a hard fought loss last week. But we always got put in the extra effort to twist the knife on the fan base. This team just seems to always comes up with new ways to disappoint us.
  11. Yep our coaches treat pre season like a vacation and our players are never ready. Badly coached team with TDs typically bad picks on both lines mean we are weak and will suck another year.
  12. Brown paper bag after about 5 mins in the 1st qtr.
  13. If you accept losing and keep giving money to AB even when they put crap on the field you are telling the Franchise its ok to suck. You are part of the problem. After more than 50 years of crap the city would be better of shuffling the Falcons to St Louis and starting over with an expansion team. The Falcons have no historical significance to this city other than losing in horrible ways.