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  1. Yet we have not been able to fill the TE position since TG left and Hooper still has a huge upswing given his age and his progress as a TE. If Hoop is so replaceable why has it taken so long to find a worth TE since TG has been here? All our other TE's we've drafted or signed since TG left have been failures here.
  2. Hes under rated cause most people know he is gone and are just deluding themself. We've been looking for a good TE since TG left we finally drafted a TE who is still young and a top 5 TE and we are going to let him walk.
  3. Why bother? if they do good here we're just going to let them walk anyway
  4. For ****s sake we need to trade down not up. TD is almost always wrong when he trades up, JJ being about the only payoff in that regard, TD IS ALWAYS wrong when he drafts DE's so a double whammy would be to trade up lose picks to get a DE that will fail. I do not trust TD's judgement at all when he targets a player and trades around to get him. Right now we are cap strapped and have tons of holes to cover. The only way to fix that is trade DOWN, collect more picks, fill your roster holes with cheaper draft picks that if they pan out would be here at least 5 years, if they don't pan out you don't have a ton of dead money on your hands. This team and direction of the front office are built to fail
  5. That's whats going to happen, we saw how bad our offense was when Hooper was out a few games this year. We've been over paying several useless players for years and now can't come up the the dough to pay a young player who actually earned it. Our offense will regress and we will have the same issues we've had on defense for the last 13 years. We will probably see Hooper develop into a top TE in the league (he's already top 5) and then wonder why we let him walk.
  6. One will help the team by leaving the other will seriously hamper it.
  7. Free up a roster spot for a better RB and save Ryan from getting killed when a RB is supposed to pass block.
  8. Well that would be double whammy stupid. Let a contributor walk who is top 5 at his position and keep an over priced injury prone useless player who is done.
  9. That's pretty much why we let him walk, the Falcons are where DE's go to die or in his case if he does ok we let him walk
  10. But I thought TD didn't do anything and is not responsible for any player here according to some.
  11. Abe was not a TD signing, Abe got here before TD was hired
  12. TD has never drafted or signed a single successful DE since he has been here. For the past 12-13 years if you were a DE and on the Falcons you did not have multiple or consecutive successful seasons.This is the team where DE's go to die. Trying something different is focusing on the interior DL and not break the bank or draft in the 1st rd "Mr Magic Savior DE".
  13. Then they are already fired, how many times over the last 12-13 years have we tried to get a magic savior DE on the roster and how many times (every time) has that failed? If they were smart they would see what did not work in the past even after multiple tries and do something different.