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  1. OL and DL, TD sucked at this for 12 years that's why this team failed. It wasn't rocket science to figure out the long term issues with this team.
  2. They never will, the franchise will either move to another city or go under or something but the Atlanta Falcons will never ever win a Superbowl
  3. If we reach the playoffs after an 0-5 start yea Keep Morris as HC and let him and the new GM decide who else to keep on the coaching staff. From 0-5 to the playoffs would be a worthy accomplishment to keep him in place.
  4. He is TDs only good OL pick in 12 years, keep him
  5. Yep, I can watch sports but I just don't really care anymore. I'll never get excited or over lot happy about sports outcomes like I used to for most of my life until 2016.
  6. If you can't make the playoffs or even have a winning record it is clearly better to have a top 5 draft pick in each round. You'd figure the last couple of years of 7-9 finishes that never carried over momentum to the next season would have shown that to people. at 1-5 we have next to know statistical shot at the playoffs.
  7. That still won't keep Ga teams from blowing it at the worst possible time
  8. Yep it has pretty much always been the case. Our teams only purpose is to disappoint the fan base
  9. Gee who could have predicted an ATL pro team would blow a series lead in historic fashion, oh yeah I did cause it's pretty easy these days. The only purpose for Ga sports teams is to disappoint the fanbase. No matter what the odds are GA sports teams will always find a way to blow it.
  10. Probably a fluke and it just means the Braves will lose tonight, can't have 2 ATL teams winning on the same day
  11. TD still can't build an OL or DL to save his life and as GM coaching hires still fall under him. He's gone and I'm happy about that, we were NEVER going to get over the hump with our light finesse related trenches that TD always built.
  12. I'm sure we will find a way to screw it up but we still look better right now than we have in years.
  13. Yea they look like a real team that is polished and not making dumb mistakes, still early though so the real Falcons still may show up
  14. We still may lose this game and I know Vikings are 1-4 but we look a whole lot better this week all around. Team looks polished so far and not doing dumb*** things. It's still early so the real Falcons may show up at some point.
  15. I's not just the City, UGA have had their share of collapses, just like last night
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