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  1. Why do Trumspters keep bringing this up? A person trump hired himself assigned Mueller to this investigation. End of story
  2. I just find it funny that Trumpsters are claiming conflict of interest in this situation, yet It's Trumps own actions of firing Comey for no reason that prompted the person "Trump" hired to put Mueller in charge. I mean how many **** layers of irony do we have to go through? Also hypocrisy since conflict of interest is ok with Trumpsters as far as nearly every cabinet appointment he has had.
  3. Free Market also does not react quick enough to stop and steer Corps' into doing the right thing. It can take years or not at all if Corps manipulate things. See Tobacco industry.
  4. Yea I'd still like to know how his Lester Holt interview isn't a clear admission of obstruction of justice on National TV
  5. It is so ironic that being Friends with Comey would have never been a big deal if Trump did not obstruct Justice and Fire Comey in the first place. Trumps own inappropriate actions of firing Comey has cause this
  6. I'd like to know how this admission is not being played everywhere and not an open and **** case of obstruction of justice? Obstruction is hard to prove cause you have to try and prove what the defendant is thinking, here we have Trump admit the Russia thing was on his mind when firing. This is about as clear cut as you can get. This video alone should be the end of his presidency.
  7. They can go for it, but it doesn't excuse or wipe out the current issue with our President. It's not like if they convict HRC, Trump gets a "get out of jail free" card. I fail to see what HRC has to do with anything? Are they trying to replay the election again?
  8. Silly cause if Trump didn't fire Comey in an act of obstruction of justice this would not have been an issue. We are at the point we are now 100% because of Trumps actions and words
  9. Every post of his is "both sides are the same" wrapped in a different way
  10. What is the end game for these Trumpsters still wanting to bring down HRC? She is not President, nor even holding any public office, as a citizen concerned with politics I don;t care if people want to waste more time investigating her. This would have ZERO to do or impact as to the current investigations into our current President. Spinning your wheels about HRC and lock her up crap has nothing to do with the current issues in Government. She likely will never even run for any office again.
  11. Trump want to throw 20 million off of healthcare so it's not like he gives a **** about people dying due to his decisions.
  12. If Trump has to testify under oath he will lie about something we have video evidence of within about 2 minutes. That will be the easiest way to get him out of office
  13. The threshold for impeachment is much lower than a normal criminal case, impeachment is simply the process of putting the President on trial basically for his job and not a decision in and of itself. I think It's pretty clear Comey's testimony warrants beginning the impeachment process. At the very basic level Trump fired Comey who was investigating his campaign's involvement in ties to Russia and Trump never provided a clear reason for the firing and even admitted on National TV Comey was fired due to Russia investigation.
  14. Trumps will be tweeting while the Lawyer chases him around the room to get his phone. Trumps is not capable of keeping himself inc heck
  15. Why does that matter? Why does Trump keep clinging to this? It may have been true at the time and but the investigation has obviously expanded as dominoes keep falling. Also it seems more likely Trump is going to get nailed for Obstruction of Justice well before the Russia investigations fully complete.