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  1. All from a meaningless pre season game. LMAO. You do not deserve to be a Falcon fan.
  2. BREAKING NEWS: 4.5 Underdog will be a Falcon fan for the next 5 years.
  3. hmm Michael Jordan will be a tough act to top. But I'm all for it.
  4. Nice! He is going to go down as the greatest Falcon. He will also go down as the greatest receiver to ever play this game.
  5. Nick Chubb is better than Todd Gurley and Herschel Walker.
  6. Coleman is easily the most cuttable as he was just an average big ten runner last year. when everyone including my grandmother could have run for over 1k.
  7. Do not know where you pull this from/out of "Coleman looks like our only make something out of nothing option". I can remember in the 1st game last season when Freeman was thrown the ball by Ryan 8 yards behind the first down marker on 3rd down with 3 guys between him and the mark. Yet he broke a couple of tackles and got the first down. Your entire post is nothing but conjecture.
  8. Ok. Thanks ICEMAN for you homerism of Coleman. It has been noted. Also thanks for your "expert" analysis of Freeman. We shall see and we shall judge you for eternity for your statements within.
  9. Having a heart attack watching your boy Coleman witness the rampage Devonta is about to go on.
  10. Your opinion is noted. Does not mean that your are right or everyone agrees with you.
  11. How is Coleman bigger? He might be taller, be he definitely is not bigger, going pound for pound.
  12. It is already know that Devonta has more than just decent hands. Another of many slights by AFMB posters when it comes to Devonta.
  13. Hey MSalmon, can a player improve? If your answer is yes, how on earth do you know what sort of RB Devonta will be in 2015?
  14. Hey Devonta looks like you will need to accept your role, MSalmon does not see anything more than a utility back, one with DECENT hands. Too bad.
  15. Has anybody seen Coleman talk about helping the team? Or is it always about the stat line he is going to put up. He could be as good as AP, but if he is selfish like AP, good riddance I say.
  16. She got a full ride to Indiana, but once it was evident that she was more concerned about wins and losses, they benched her and played Coleman.
  17. Yup that one - where my grandmother could have run for 1000 yards.
  18. All I ever thought of Coleman is a back that came from a soft Big 10 run D conference, who can't break tackles and does not know how to carry the ball in both hands.
  19. Everyone knows what Tevin Coleman wants to accomplish this year. He would be happy to run for 1000 and 10 tds and wouldnt lose a night of sleep if the Falcons went 4-12 doing so.
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