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  1. If the Falcons beat the Panthers, the Rams beat the Seahawks, and the 49ers beat the Cardinals.... The 49ers are the #1 seed. Very slim chance of all three happening, that would be 2 huge upsets. But it's possible.
  2. Nice helmet to helmet that didn't get called, meanwhile Whitner's very clean hit draws a personal foul. The classless cheap shot on Boldin also didn't get called. Oh, well.
  3. 76% completion, 11 yards per attempt, 1 TD in the air, 0 INT, 26 yards rushing on 2 carries. 55% completion, 8.5 yards per attempt, 2 TD in the air, 1 INT, 181 yards rushing + 2 TD on 16 carries. Those are elite numbers.
  4. I'm betting New Orleans has a much better showing next year, so they'll be a thorn in your side. However, I would bet big money the Falcons at least make wild card.
  5. I hear Alex Smith is likely available after the Super Bowl. Anyone? Bueler?
  6. GTFO here with these nutty conspiracy theories. To the OP, I don't have the game recorded so if you could post a video I'll take a look at it.
  7. I know Jim Harbaugh is pretty well hated outside of the 49ers fan base, partly because of his.... colorful demeanor on the sidelines. Here's coach going apesh** after the reviewers upheld the Falcon's catch on 3rd & long. We got a pretty good laugh out of this. I can't help but picture him screaming, "I want cake right now!"
  8. 76% completion percentage, 10.5 yards per attempt, 1 throwing TD and 0 INT. Now do you believe he can pass the ball?
  9. Nobody here has considered the Falcons were facing a LEGIT offense with a beast QB. Truth be told the 49ers D hasn't been the same since the Smith brothers got hurt halfway into the Patriots game, and the remade offense has had to pick up the slack. Kaepernick threw for 76% even though he was throwing a very high volume of deep passes. He averaged 10.5 yards per attempt. Some of you were dismissive of Kaep's passing ability, which baffled me. I said it before. With the offense being remade, if our D was healthy we'd be the hands-down best team in football. As it is now, I think the Falcons and
  10. Niner fan here, so no horse in this race. Matt Ryan played some very good football against a very tough defense. He didn't really start missing until the Niners D figured out how to get pressure on him, and even under pressure he was making a lot of throws into tight windows. But I'll tell you what, everytime he had even a little time to throw I wanted to burry my head. I just knew he was going to move the chains. You guys are nuts if you want to look at other quarterbacks. I wouldn't give him legend status, but he's still a very good QB, something most teams would kill for.
  11. I will not twist the knife. The Falcons are for real and your receiving corps is ridiculous. I expect to see your team again in the playoffs next year. Congrats on a great season.
  12. The 49ers aren't your normal #2 seed team. Since the QB switch the offense has been remaking itself and it's clicking at the right time. We also just got Justin Smith back, and that alone is huge. If David Akers had made just 2 more field goals (that were in gimme range) we'd have two more wins than we have right now. You can gripe about being a 4 point underdog, but being a 4 points dog against the 49ers is hardly a "you suck" statement.
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