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  1. Kaepernick is going into his 3rd year. And they both won't slump. NFC West=Best division.
  2. If the 49ers win the SB. If they do, then they might open either at home vs ATL or vs SEA. If they lose then they prolly open @ Seattle
  3. You will be fine. The 49ers got a harder schedule than 2011, they played GB away, Lions, Saints away, NE away, Seattle (Split), Bears..
  4. Brady, The NE quarterback goes down and Brady replaces him and leads NE to a SB. Kaepernick, The SF quarterback goes down and Kaepernick replaces him and got his team to the SB. Seems like the start of a dynasty
  5. Brown held GB's recievers for like 17 yards, He's hot. I wouldn't be surprised if he picks off Ryan. And to the guy who said we're 4th in pass D cause we play the Rams and Cards, well we played them last season and we were 16th in pass D, rams were worse last season. Ranked 4th in pass D and played the top offenses in the NFL is impressive
  6. How exactly did the Giants manage to hold your offense to 3 points last season? You guys can be shut-down
  7. I can see them blitzing a few more times this game especially Willis. He always seems to get to the QB when they tell him to Blitz
  8. Reasons why the Falcons won't win a superbowl 1. The last few years the superbowl winners have had a good Defense and or Pass-Rush entering the playoffs. 2. Falcons completely laid a big fat egg in the 4th quarter vs the Seahawks. 3. Your team will get tired out and if you guys don't get ahead by alot, this can turn into a blow out by the 49ers
  9. I lol when people bring up the 49ers loss to the Seahawks. The 49ers were tired after that win in NE, cold weather.. etc... The 49ers beat them earlier in the season with the same players as the 2nd time. We know Seattle benefits from their loud stadium and a tired 49er team
  10. The 49ers went 6-10 to 13-3 with the same exact team. Rams need to wake up
  11. Yet the have a very talented defense. They need to put it together and they can be a 10 win team. The NFC West is the best division in the NFL and all teams have a top 10 Defense
  12. Only cause he's considered the best MLB in the league doesn't mean he's going to shut-down every TE, RB, every game. He's 6'1 going up against a 6'6 ex basketall player. He did cover the great Victor Cruz in the NFCCG like 2 times. And let's say he prevented the Eli and Cruz from getting into field goal range until Kyle Williams..
  13. Randy Moss was also accused of sexual assault before the 07 playoffs
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