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  1. I'm not saying blow it up but things have to change, like now.
  2. The kids and i used to rock this on I-20 on the way to tailgate on Sunday mornings!
  3. Honestly, i still think its too early to tell how Duke will or won't be a decent player. Sometimes it takes guys longer and i hope that is the case with him. He certainly has the right pieces around him to get better.
  4. Ya know it's one thing to say you support your teammates but these guys live it every day. At least that's how it looks to me. True brotherhood
  5. This thread took off like a California wildfire!
  6. This can be the Anti-Politcal thread. I'm sure alot of people are just tired of hearing about it. Myself included.
  7. Is discussing players kneeling for whatever reason not allowed? And OP did refer to 2 Falcons players.
  8. I just wish this fad would end and we can talk about football vs.whatever.
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