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  1. I would have hoped to think that as bad as they wanted a quarterback to be drafted the minute they restructured the contract it wasn't going to happen.
  2. That compensation is trash though. No way in the world I would miss out on the quarterback or Pitts for that little bit of compensation.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/broncos/.amp/news/broncos-falcons-draft-trade-trey-lance-justin-fields-rumors They say Denver has reached out to us about a trade .
  4. He's been in the Nfl 4 years and back to back super bowl appearances winning one. Matt's been in the NFL 13 years and only has one super bowl appearance that we know didn't end well. To compare Brady with either one of those is just not a good argument.
  5. Aaron Rodgers has a super bowl ring Matt Ryan doesn't. I think that's the most important thing.
  6. I agree....heck how many times in your lifetime will you hear....well he only got the job because he's black.
  7. So basically we would bring someone else in to run Kyle Shanahan's offense again? The definition of insanity is what?
  8. With our luck whoever we trade with with have a deep playoff run and we will have another 6 win season and have a mid and late first round pick. We are not bad enough to suck this bad next year, but I don't see a playoff team either. I would just take the bpa this year. The reality is we have had Matt and Julio and all we do is get close. We couldn't win in the playoffs. Now we can't even get to the playoffs.
  9. I'm more pissed that the Falcons played like crap then what T. Moore has to say. He has good points in this article regardless if the Falcons did some good things in this game......they lost because once again coaching and lack of adjustments. Been that way since the second half of the Superbowl.
  10. I kinda thought so. Looks like the ATL is stitched on the knockoffs.
  11. I looked into the customized jerseys but they only have the game jerseys which is screen printed.
  12. This pick may be good and may not we don't know yet. My main concern is Clemson can generate pressure that we can't. As far as the front office they really messed up this draft because they knew Hopper and Freeman was not going to be back and they refused to trade them and just let them walk. That right there most likely would of gave us the ammo to move up and get the best db in the draft.
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