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  1. I kinda thought so. Looks like the ATL is stitched on the knockoffs.
  2. I looked into the customized jerseys but they only have the game jerseys which is screen printed.
  3. This pick may be good and may not we don't know yet. My main concern is Clemson can generate pressure that we can't. As far as the front office they really messed up this draft because they knew Hopper and Freeman was not going to be back and they refused to trade them and just let them walk. That right there most likely would of gave us the ammo to move up and get the best db in the draft.
  4. The thing that concerns me is we can't get pressure like Clemson. That makes a big difference.
  5. I wanna get the white Ridley but won't be available til October. Why is the wait so long?
  6. Any word on personalized jerseys?
  7. If Hooper is gone hopefully they franchise and trade him.
  8. If they were just going to let them go why didn't they trade these guys and get something for them?
  9. Got my fingers crossed. Would love to go back to a Atl for a game.
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