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  1. I'll post it one more time and then go, because I know there are a lot of you that just don't want any Niner fans hanging around and I understand, but I got to say it again. The Falcons are AWESOME. It was excruciating watching them disembowel that Niner defense. I'm not sure what happened in the second half. I'm really not. But please be proud of your team. It will definitely be among the favorites next season. Julio Jones and Matt Ryan will be with you a long time. Hopefully Tony Gonzolez stays with you and your team is so good that a little off-season tuning with the draft and free agency will insure that it's a team nobody wants to play. So that's it. Thanks and I'm out.
  2. Falcons fans, your team is easily the scariest team I've seen this year. The Falcons are far more scary than either of the teams the Niners will see in the Superbowl. Matt Ryan is great, Julio Jones is un-fricking-believable and Roddy White is a #1 on almost any team in the league. I was all ready to congratulate you and ready to root for you. And, this might sound weird, but as happy as I am that my Niners won, I didn't like seeing the Falcons lose. They're just so good. Keep your heads up. Your team is totally relevant, which is a lot more than most fans can say. Thanks to all of the Falcons fans with whom I had nice interchanges and we'll see you next season.
  3. Get used to it, Falcon fan. It's your worst nightmare.
  4. Roddy White demonstrating how he will leap over Niners defensive backs:
  5. Bill Brasky, the Falcons are going to need you on the field, Sunday.
  6. My guess is that by Monday morning, you'll just be another bitter Falcons fan crying big wet tears about how life is unfair and nobody respects you. I've given respect to all Falcons fans I've met on this site who deserve respect. And, I've given a lot of respect to the Falcons, you dumb***. Not that your average Falcon fan gives a **** about that. Very few on this thread deserve respect. This is a bull*** thread that is evidently some dumb southerner's idea of humor. Bomb threat the hotel??!! Go **** yourselves.
  7. Hey stupid! Evidently you don't understand that this entire thread is a troll.
  8. At least they would appreciate that. And, it wouldn't make them mad, just tired.
  9. That's the way the media is. For a few weeks before last weekend, they were all over Wilson. But I agree that they're definitely not talking about Matt Ryan enough. I've always considered him one of the top five or six in the league, right behind the obvious picks.
  10. Evidently, not as rough as your grammar school spelling class?
  11. If some of you have your panties in a wad over some opponent's fan sitting in on your conversations, I can just imagine the big wet tears you're probably going to be crying Sunday night. You want to talk smack? You want to be tough? Fine. **** you. I'll be thinking about Falcon fans like you two when the Niner offensive line is pushing your Falcons front seven around and gouging them for 7 and 8 yards a run. I'll be laughing about you when Kaepernick is throwing 40 yard darts that get into Niner receiver hands before your DB's know it's even left his hand. I'll be whooping it up when Niner safeties lay vicious hits on your all-star receivers as they're going up high and knocking those babies loose. I can't wait. A lot of you Falcons fans are not only the most over-confident, low class a-holes I've seen in a long time, but you're just begging for a let-down. You're just begging for a heart-breaking and it couldn't happen to a bigger bunch of a-holes. (my apologies to the reasonable, intelligent Falcons fans I've encountered in these conversations.)
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