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  1. wtf man? Biggest babies on this board, swear to god. Its ******* painful coming here after a game.
  2. Im not sure where you are, but I got the Ryan, Jackson and Oh-Sigh (the way the worker pronounced it lol) glasses a couple of days ago at the Arbys on 92 in woodstock.
  3. I am a Matt Ryan LOVER, the haters drive me crazy. That said, I cringed at a girly looking sweater he wore one day in a post-game press conference. I hope he threw that sweater away.
  4. You read none of this thread before posting, eh? :lol
  5. wtf I had the screen on the whole time and nothing ever came up. I missed it? Ugh!
  6. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/21932076/former-dolphin-mark-duper-accused-of-beating-17-year-old-son
  7. Ive seen it come up several times, including someone saying if matt was a real champion he would upgrade (not verbatim, but that was the gist of it)
  8. I always think its in poor taste to talk about that. I have not said Grimes' wife is ugly (and I don't think she is) and I always stick up for Sarah Ryan when people start talking about her looks. That said, strangers saying it on a message board not equal to another (ex) nfl player saying it on the radio man. Come on now.
  9. Can't choose just one current. <3 them all! Deion JJ Watt Finkle/Einhorn
  10. It just cracks me up that Julio got an interception. I love it!
  11. their thick dome's what? Julio and Roddy are amazing receivers regardless of whether they have a ring or not. And fans are supposed to be cocky about their team. ****!
  12. 31 teams have a chip on their shoulder. lol
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