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  1. It was funny lol, it just hurts ya cause it's your teaaam
  2. You're playing Away Sir, Away. Not gonna happen. & If you think Miami is gonna be easy, is pretty lol.
  3. You gotta b.itch about something am i right or am i right? For you to bring engrish in dis, jst makes u soooooo saltyzzzzz Of course you do, cause you know it's true, Good day to you ^_~
  4. It'll be nice, but, South is gonna be deeeep next year
  5. & Falcon Fans are sore Losers, who gets in fights with Saints Fan, wantin' to shoot, Throw punches after a game in which they lost, Smash their Tv in. All i'm getting is that you're big ol sour puss babies. but qq
  6. Yes, it was, Officials and the announcers agree man. Gosh, This is a crying thread so it's understandable you wanna cry about it.
  7. Cause it was certainly within rules, I mean, you gotta come up with something though. Which one of your posters who has been M.I.A. Shannon would say , "EXcuses"
  8. Hey Man, It's ok, Maybe one Day you'd see how it is to be in a Super Bowl Again, o wait. Won't be anytime soon!
  9. If yall win 10 games next year, i'd be surprised, literally, surprised.
  10. Mmm, You shouldn't have been in that position regardless but oh well, made up for that.
  11. Well, you don't gotta be young or old to know when Atlanta last won something
  12. Soon as your tears stop forming into lakes.
  13. yEAH, Man, Make up that silly excuse, gotta cry about something right? It's ok, you'd get how the game works in a few years i guess
  14. Your avatar suits you , Ah, being from the Carolinas, i like to revel in your misery as well.
  15. Sorry Falcons Fans, Contact is allowed within 5 yards, You got blessed with Douglas having that as a catch, Cry more though, good non call
  16. That's allowed within 5 yards, Especially on a 4th and 4. actually bro, Cry moar.
  17. Where's shannon, Excuse monger. REMEMBER GUYS YOU BEAT EVERYONE YOU FACED...till the 49ers. But you had a good season
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