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  1. Honestly, the only problem on our D is Tarrell Brown. I'm pretty sure 85% of Ryans passes were in his direction.
  2. I will say this though. I don't know the situation. There were probably a lot of pissed of Falcon fans in the are and maybe he genuinely felt threatened and needed to make a point. I'm not saying thats the case, obviously I don't know. However, its not out of the possibility a lot of people were about to get in on the fight against the 49ers fan.
  3. There is a huge difference between throwing a punch and being a criminal. You don't stab someone over that ish. You fight like a man. Should he have thrown the punch? Of course not - but doesn't mean he deserved to get stabbed either.
  4. As a 49er fan I am deeply saddened to hear this. This is terrible and hopefully the fan who stabbed him lives the rest of his life behind bars.
  5. Me too. I hate seeing injuries to good, respectable players.
  6. Guys, I had a lot of fun taking football with ya'll this week. I know how ya'll are feeling(we were there last year), but you guys have a good, young team. I have a feeling we will see ya'll again next year in the playoffs.
  7. Guys, ya'll have been some awesome fans. I think the first day ya'll beat Seattle we had some words, but since then ya'll(for the most part) have been some classy fans. This Falcons team impressed me today. I think we will be seeing each other in the playoffs again very soon. Best of luck this off season, hope ya'll plug some holes up.
  8. The second the 49ers scored that second TD, I said they made a mistake leaving all that time on the clock. Even if they just ran one BS play...it would have taken soo much time off of it.
  9. He will be a starter in the pros, I don't think he'll do much past that.
  10. Its a big story now, it won't be for life. The media just needs something to talk about, down the road this will just be old news. Look at Michael Vick..is it still there? Sure. Honestly don't remember the last time I really heard anything about it though and if something comes out - lasts a day or two and goes again.
  11. I agree with this. However, whatever team takes him will obviously have to face the media about all of this as well. Just a PR problem that would blow over in time, but all through training camp and everything, all eyes will be on him.
  12. Giovanni Bernard is going to be one **** of a player. I live in UNC and watched a lot of Tar Heel games and that guy can straight up play. Probably the best offensive player I have seen play UNC football, even over Hakeem Nicks and other recent standouts.
  13. 49ers are dumb as **** when it comes to penalties. I'd be shocked if we didn't lead the NFL in delay of games(we waste at least 1 timeout a half because of it). Then Goldson and Kaep both had stupid penalties in the GB game. Goldson's really pissed me off.
  14. ...I just said it was an interesting stat? I feel like if I'm not complimenting everything about the Falcons ya'll think I'm bashing them. Ya'll have a good team, I came here to discuss football and compare the teams, not talk about how the Falcons are the best team the NFL has seen in the last 20 years. :-p I think your GM has done a great job of building a team though - ultimately, I think that trade up for Julio Jones was one of the best trades the NFL has had in a while. Ya'll already had White, so it was a huge move to give up that many picks for depth, but its really paid off.
  15. Great post. Simply from the stand point of I enjoy talking football with people who can be objective about things. I wasn't aware of those numbers. As someone else said, part of it will come down to penalties. The 49ers suffered some stupid penalties in the game against the Packers. If we continue to give up 15 yards here and there, it will suck the momentum out of us on the road. At home you can kinda get away with it, if we try pulling that in Atlanta, ya'll will run away with it(much like we saw in the game at Seattle).
  16. Thats true if the only stat you care about is sacks. I felt we got good pressure on Rodgers for most of the day. He was forced out of the pocket and had to throw it away a good number of times. He also ran a couple of times after being pressured.
  17. We could potentially fall behind and be forced to pass, but ya'll won't stop the run. Thats not me trying to be a homer, I mean - ya'll could potentially stop Frank Gore. I think the problem will be stopping Kaep - not that I think he's going to run it for like 100 yards or anything crazy like that. However he is a smart runner and its very difficult to contain any QB who can run it. If ya'll jump out to an early lead, that would certainly force us to pass the ball though.
  18. Well, I actually live in NC haha, I'm just drunk right now. 0_0
  19. I didn't mean it like that man. This is ya'lls home, I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I just find the "The Falcons are going to stomp you! Ya'll are too cocky!" posts to be ironic.
  20. I really don't see how that was a troll post at all, he said it would be a good game and would be back here win or lose to talk to ya'll? I'm not sticking up for most 49er fans, I've said a few times on here that I hate the 49ers message board because of homers/trolls and I have seen a few of those here. I apologize for the trolls that have come here and not been respectful on your message board. However, I didn't see anything wrong with his post at all...
  21. It really is pretty silly to bring up past games. First of all, Seattle has the best home field advantage in the NFL, they were undefeated at home and were a terrible road team this year. We still beat them at home...not on a last second field goal mind you. When it comes to the Giants, you know as well as I do that Eli is one crazy inconsistent QB, he will throw 4 TDs one game and 4 INTs the next. Lets not make it out like we played the same Eli. Honestly, I hate the way the media is talking up the game. I have being the team thats favored. Ya'll have a **** good team and its going to be a good game. I do think its funny how every Falcon fan is talking about how there is no way the 49ers will beat the Falcons, then turn around and call us homers for thinking we will beat ya'll though. Just ironic to me I guess. I have had a great experience talking to a good number of people here. I don't think any team has the win in the bag, I think its going to be a good game. Looking forward to Sunday and hopefully both teams bring their A-game without anyone getting hurt. Thats all I want. To be the best, you have to beat the best - thats what its all about. If we don't win, we didn't deserve it. I like our chances though.
  22. I feel same way. I hate seeing a player get injured, only way to be the best is to beat the best. I will say however, if I see someone trying to hurt someone(I'm looking at you Suh), then I want to take them out.
  23. This is a great post, I really wish there was a like button on this forum, because I would finger bang it for this post. In regards to our safties, they show their value differently than most. They both hit very, very hard. This has made a huge difference when teams try passing it over the middle. I have seen many times this year where receivers start bracing for a hit before making the catch and drop/fumble a lot of balls because of it. Fear sits with the receivers after seeing/feeling hits like those. It sounds weird, but I have seen the difference a hard hitter can make. Whitner may not have deserved a pro bowl nod, but I feel like Goldson did - he was huge for our defense all season and made some big plays. We don't need Whitner or Goldson to be effective against the run when most players need to get past Willis/Bowman first. Saturay was the first game all season we have seen Harbaugh take the training wheels off Kaep. I don't know if it was because this is the playoffs or the coverage that GB was playing - but I feel like he proved he can be a legit dual threat QB(not a below average passing QB who can run). I feel like he doesn't throw the ball as much because we are usually playing with a lead and controlling the ground game has always been our focal point since Harbaugh took over. The 49ers will need Davis and Walker to step up big time though. Crabtree has been the only reliable receiving threat since Manningham and Williams went out. Vernon Davis is obviously capable of tearing it up and Walker is one of the fastest TEs in the NFL as well(but can't catch to save his life). We saw how Seattle exposed you with their TE, and while I expect the Falcons to make adjustments, getting ours involved will open things up for Gore, Crabtree, and Kaep. I do like Atlantas corners, but outside of that - the Falcons defense doesn't really scare me. Ya'll have a good red zone defense, which is huge - but you give up a lot of yards too. The 49ers have a lot of burners who can take advantage of that. I will say, I do not know much about Atlantas D, so I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing by being on this forum.
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