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  1. Honestly, the only problem on our D is Tarrell Brown. I'm pretty sure 85% of Ryans passes were in his direction.
  2. I will say this though. I don't know the situation. There were probably a lot of pissed of Falcon fans in the are and maybe he genuinely felt threatened and needed to make a point. I'm not saying thats the case, obviously I don't know. However, its not out of the possibility a lot of people were about to get in on the fight against the 49ers fan.
  3. There is a huge difference between throwing a punch and being a criminal. You don't stab someone over that ish. You fight like a man. Should he have thrown the punch? Of course not - but doesn't mean he deserved to get stabbed either.
  4. As a 49er fan I am deeply saddened to hear this. This is terrible and hopefully the fan who stabbed him lives the rest of his life behind bars.
  5. Me too. I hate seeing injuries to good, respectable players.
  6. Guys, I had a lot of fun taking football with ya'll this week. I know how ya'll are feeling(we were there last year), but you guys have a good, young team. I have a feeling we will see ya'll again next year in the playoffs.
  7. Guys, ya'll have been some awesome fans. I think the first day ya'll beat Seattle we had some words, but since then ya'll(for the most part) have been some classy fans. This Falcons team impressed me today. I think we will be seeing each other in the playoffs again very soon. Best of luck this off season, hope ya'll plug some holes up.
  8. The second the 49ers scored that second TD, I said they made a mistake leaving all that time on the clock. Even if they just ran one BS play...it would have taken soo much time off of it.
  9. He will be a starter in the pros, I don't think he'll do much past that.
  10. Its a big story now, it won't be for life. The media just needs something to talk about, down the road this will just be old news. Look at Michael Vick..is it still there? Sure. Honestly don't remember the last time I really heard anything about it though and if something comes out - lasts a day or two and goes again.
  11. I agree with this. However, whatever team takes him will obviously have to face the media about all of this as well. Just a PR problem that would blow over in time, but all through training camp and everything, all eyes will be on him.
  12. Giovanni Bernard is going to be one **** of a player. I live in UNC and watched a lot of Tar Heel games and that guy can straight up play. Probably the best offensive player I have seen play UNC football, even over Hakeem Nicks and other recent standouts.
  13. 49ers are dumb as **** when it comes to penalties. I'd be shocked if we didn't lead the NFL in delay of games(we waste at least 1 timeout a half because of it). Then Goldson and Kaep both had stupid penalties in the GB game. Goldson's really pissed me off.
  14. ...I just said it was an interesting stat? I feel like if I'm not complimenting everything about the Falcons ya'll think I'm bashing them. Ya'll have a good team, I came here to discuss football and compare the teams, not talk about how the Falcons are the best team the NFL has seen in the last 20 years. :-p I think your GM has done a great job of building a team though - ultimately, I think that trade up for Julio Jones was one of the best trades the NFL has had in a while. Ya'll already had White, so it was a huge move to give up that many picks for depth, but its really paid off.
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