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  1. I'm just being an ******* and making inappropriate jokes.
  2. It is getting close. Stoked for the game. Good luck you guys but not too much, GO NINERS!
  3. I heard some rapper that calls himself 2chainz or some **** was involved.
  4. Care to provide any evidence other than an unsubstantiated claim by this woman? He has a history of being anything but a thug.
  5. Yeah no such thing as innocent until proven guilty you dumb ****.
  6. Lol. Are you kidding me? I'm a Niner fan and on our board and the Redzone section is filled with a large number of absolute *******. We have our knowledgable fans like anyone else, but I wouldn't be knocking boards of other teams about basis in reality.
  7. Falcons can absolutely win this game. Maybe by double digits. I don't think it will happen that way but I would not be surprised to see the Falcons win. My fellow Niner fans who come talk trash to a 13-3 team are ignorant **** birds.
  8. Hilarious. 3 first team all pros and 1 second team all pro make up our starting 4 LBers.
  9. It won't be that crappy play. I get the feeling you guys will find out just how physical the Niners defense can be.
  10. How does California not go for Tony? Cal fans not representing.
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