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  1. The point is kaepnhas been the most efficient deep throw passer. They aren't a high volume passing team, which is zimprrsssive considering he's so good at it and it isn't even a specialty.
  2. So on any given sunday a few million losers with self esteem put on jerseys? Have you considered you're the minority with the unusual point of view?
  3. You talk about 49er meltdowns against new England and Seattle. What about atlantas meltdown in the second half against Seattle? Is that not as much of a concern for you? as as it apparently appears that you think it should be for us.
  4. No excuse. All that has equated is Kaep's 6-2 record, 29 points a game whereas an alex smith led 49ers averaged 24 points per game. He averages 226 yards per game to Alex's 217. The only thing alex has on him is a slightly higher completion percentage and more touchdowns in the air but less overall touchdowns. So, sure, i'll accept those things if theyre playing that much better with him!
  5. I'll answer for them since they wont want to answer once they look at the stats. A grand total of 0 touchdowns between those three. In 4 total games against the 49ers.
  6. The 49ers have some good luck against premier receivers. Calvin johnson- under 100 yards no touchdowns Fitzgerald 50 yards no touchdown in game 1 Game 2- 13 yards no touchdowns Brandon marshall- 2 receptions 21 yards, but 1 td Welker- 56 yards no td Brandon lloyd did have 190 yards but 0 touchdowns Looks to me like a lot more failures of elite wrs stepping up than them actually running all over the field terrorizing the 49ers' secondary.
  7. True, elite qbs usually do win in these games. But dont tell that to peyton manning. he lost to flacco and his ravens. Sounds familiar. A very good qb, and a team with a pretty decent defense vs a good qb with a top tier defense. It goes both ways because the patriots beat houston in the same weekend. In playoffs defense wins championships, and when they dont, the elite qb does. last week the qb won the game by playing like an elite qb. same with falcons. More often than not though the offense is more likely to lay an egg than the defense.
  8. http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/downs/sort/thirdDownConvPct/position/defense/seasontype/2 Conversely, the 49ers have the 2nd best 3rd down percentage for defense at 33.0%. Ironically behind arizona. wtf? Atlanta's offense is #2 in the nfl at 45.1 so that will be a very interesting matchup! On the flip side 49ers are at the bottom of the league, 25th, at 35.1% completion while the atlanta defense is equally as bad at 25th allowing 40.5% which will probably also be a very interesting matchup on 3rd downs. It should also be noted that the 49ers did convert 8 of 13 3rd downs last week, atl being 6/11.
  9. Lol, please, between these two pictures, who looks more physically capable of handling nfl hits?
  10. Interesting you should say that. Yes, he tends to take risks, and it doesnt burn him quite like you may think. Take this for instance, he has a total of 3 interceptions in 218 attempts. That's one int for every 73 attempts. Conversely, looking at matty ice, he's thrown 14 in 615 attempts for one int every 44 attempts. Not a bad comparison for a 1st year starter qb who apparently takes too many chances. Alternatively we have chances with deep balls, of which he has the highest completion percentage in the nfl of 20 yard passes. Maybe you mean taking chances with his feet, you know, running the ball. Ah but you see of all nfl qbs he has the highest rush yards per average as well (yes this includes newton and griffin and wilson). So maybe he takes chances, but they are paying off handsomely this year.
  11. Its funny how you can look at the numbers and still not get it.
  12. You'll just have to look up the stats showing Kaep having the highest completion percentage of downfield throws of 20+ yards
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