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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to Ghosts of Glanville in Arthur Smith post game presser   
    I have absolutely no sympathy for people who act all surprised, troll or get crazy bent out of shape after a loss.  It’s the FALCONS.  if you haven’t learned by now you have no one to blame but yourself 
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to Romfal in ***OFFICIAL WAIVER WIRE/ FINAL RELEASE THREAD***   
    I would roll the dice on Gandy Golden over taje sharpe all day tomorrow.
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to Jesus in Falcons Sign Rosen   
    Not with a name like this:
    Joshua Ballinger Lippincott Rosen
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to The Architect in Falcons Sign Rosen   
    Welp, back on the Rosen wagon. Time to act like I never said he sucked.
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to PointSwayzee in Chris Williamson CB   
    Training/Mini Camp Heroes 2021
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to thanat0s in Do you think that the Bucs would have won the super bowl last year if they had Matt Ryan at QB instead of Tom Brady?   
    If you listen closely, you can literally hear my eyes rolling…
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in Do you think that the Bucs would have won the super bowl last year if they had Matt Ryan at QB instead of Tom Brady?   
    I've heard several fans say they think Matt Ryan would have won the super bowl with the Bucs roster. 
    Unpopular opinion alert I think that Tom Brady could win the super bowl with our roster. Especially if it had Julio, Ridley and Pitts on it. But Pitts and Hearst would be the most important.
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to FalconofShadows in Gil Brandt has heard "Justin Field 4th round talent"   
    Yeah all that will be left of the "top 4" will be Fields. I'd rather move back hope Carolina takes him and takes Jones it just go with Trask in the 2nd
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to athell in Kurt Benkert Waived   
    I never got the TATF love affair with Kurt Benkert...
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to RetroRoq in Steve Sarkisian   
    ... and now, its time for an Atlanta Falcons football team history lesson:
    2018 Falcons offense under Sark
    Ranked 6 overall- 10th in scoring- 10th in first downs- 4th in passing yards- 3rd in passing TDs- 4th in scoring percentage- 3rd in plays per drive, 4th in points per drive
    The offense improved from 22.1 points per game in 2017 to 25.9 points per game in 2018.
    Sark got FIRED
    This has been a history lesson of the Atlanta Falcons football team.  Embrace the Suck.
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    TheeTKOBeatz got a reaction from slick0ne in Najee Harris   
    Maybe because he was forced to run another man's scheme....
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to 408Falcon in Najee Harris   
    Sark has been lights out with his playcalling in all seriousness
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to Ergo Proxy in Matt is in the Hall of Fame   
    While you are here:

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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to marvinthemartian in Make Mike McDaniel HC and call it a day   
    If we crucified this guy for the way he looks 

    Then this guy wouldn’t stand a chance

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    TheeTKOBeatz got a reaction from Thelonious Mingus in Justin Fields auditioning for the Falcons and more NFL teams   
    I love it but, No need to get excited.... this game just puts fields further out of Atlanta's reach... he was out of reach to begin with anyway...now he might actually be able to pull off #1 pick overall...
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to poutlipper in Justin Fields auditioning for the Falcons and more NFL teams   
    Dear Everyone:  
    I was wrong about Fields.  I've been talking out my *** for the last couple of weeks.  
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to Lowndesfalc in Tune in right now to see Future Atlanta Falcon   
    Najee to Atlantee 
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to marvinthemartian in If Picking at #3, and unable to trade down, does Sewell make sense?   
    It would be REALLY hard to pass on Sewell if he is there at 3. Really hard. This would be a classic case where “NEED” and “BPA” meet. 
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to 175_Ranger_Falcon in 34 Yards On Final 5 Possessions - KOETTER’d   
    Should’ve kept Sark
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Notes: 12/14   
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to BUBBASBEANS in Now that Raheem is out of running   
    Raheem’s biggest fault was not telling them Dirk had to go from start 
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to Da_Truth in Riddick under consideration by Falcons for GM   
    Former NFL player, Personnel Director, and current NFL Analyst.  At least he has front office experience--more than John Lynch had when he was hired.
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to PriMeTiiMe in I see week 13 differently than many of you   
    We get blown out the water with Brees at QB if we played the way we played both times vs the Saints. Taysom Hill is the only reason it was even close. Heck he even threw some gifts our way that our sorry DBs allowed to go right through their hands. He gifted us a fumble when they were inside the 10 yardline. He almost gifted us another fumble at the very end.
    Yet still Taysom Hill put up 282 yards, 2 tds and 315 yards, 2 TDs in the 2 games. If you think the player at the most important position has nothing to do with these losses you might want to pay more attention. We got slapped by a guy that just last week vs a horrific Denver team struggled to do anything. He could not even top 100 pass yards last week yet he is throwing it all over the yard against us.
    How many times did we have them in 3rd and long and Hill converted a pass for a 1st down. One of the reasons our defense was on the field all game was because of the constant 3rd downs they gave up. On 3rd Downs, Hill converted for a 1st down EIGHT times with pass plays. Multiple times it was 10+ yards. That is on the defense not the offense. They would have had less points and far less TOP if our defense got off the field in those situations.
    Our Offense was terrible and plays a large part in both losses but that does not change the fact Taysom Hill bodied us in both games either.
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    TheeTKOBeatz reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Titans Are Releasing Vic Beasley   
    Another case of a former falcon leaving and moving on to become an all pro somewhere else
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