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  1. He look like a stockier version of tevin coleman coming out of college with his great 1 cut bursts...intriguing
  2. Maybe because he was forced to run another man's scheme....
  3. I love it but, No need to get excited.... this game just puts fields further out of Atlanta's reach... he was out of reach to begin with anyway...now he might actually be able to pull off #1 pick overall...
  4. I answer man It's always one or the other with this team for goodness sake...1 step forward 2 steps back...
  5. Feel free to try to catch it or break it up young man, gotta help your qb out right there
  6. Personal hate list 1. Saints 2. Eagles (homegrown hatred) 3. Patriots 4. Panties Like wtf am I supposed to watch Rooting for chiefs v rams I guess (ain't happenin) smh
  7. I think the Harrington leftwich era was way worse personally
  8. OP trying to save face after the emotional post
  9. Our depth is not good enough to hold serve...and at this point ...you cant expect anything of the street to help...and a trade would only fill one of many starting holes...I believe the season is done unfortunately in a super bowl contending sense...still got my squad's back tho
  10. Vic is washed, he was trying to arm tackle all night, I'm done with him his one trick doesn't work against decent-good tackles...
  11. Sark didnt lose his 1 on 1 battles last night, the players did, i.e. teco and free both had the same opp from 10 yds out, inside run, hat on a hat left the rb 1 on 1 with McLeod at the goalline, free tries a spin and gets snagged, (loses)...teco walks in with McLeod looking up at him from the ground (win) ....cant blame sark for that....this is bad execution, by many falcons last night.
  12. As said already this is a bad illustration of the hit because it's not what happened first. Depth perception makes it LOOK like helmet straight on with knee but THAT DIDNT HAPPEN, many angles show shoulder first contact, and wrap. Lee braced, went sideways and Kazees momentum was more force than Lee's knee could hold from that angle. Just unfortunate, if Lee's left leg was elevated instead of planting we wouldn't be having this discussion and he would prob still be on the field. Just freak timing. Hit was not dirty
  13. got to watch the last season opener at my boys house in philly for the beatdown, hope we come correct again this time!!!
  14. interesting, and only one monday nighter
  15. This....definitely a tradition...the fins are a pretty close second place iirc
  16. Wow didn't see this coming. Schefty is usually spot on but.... unbelievable
  17. And therein lies my life sir, I am 10 min from Philly, have die hard eagle fans as 70% of friends and family and 100% of my surroundings... and it has been this way since I was a child... I am seriously debating watching this super bowl its literally worst case scenario, however if I have to enjoy one teams loss more, it would definitely be the eagles. Their hometown fans are complete douches and a ring this year would make them the "greatest team ever" in all discussions... Ugh...Go Whoever but I could NEVER, EVER say "Go Eagles"
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