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  1. got to watch the last season opener at my boys house in philly for the beatdown, hope we come correct again this time!!!
  2. interesting, and only one monday nighter
  3. This....definitely a tradition...the fins are a pretty close second place iirc
  4. DO IT NOW!!! please
  5. No thanks to 21 reps too close to Konz if I remember correctly...
  6. Wow didn't see this coming. Schefty is usually spot on but.... unbelievable
  7. And therein lies my life sir, I am 10 min from Philly, have die hard eagle fans as 70% of friends and family and 100% of my surroundings... and it has been this way since I was a child... I am seriously debating watching this super bowl its literally worst case scenario, however if I have to enjoy one teams loss more, it would definitely be the eagles. Their hometown fans are complete douches and a ring this year would make them the "greatest team ever" in all discussions... Ugh...Go Whoever but I could NEVER, EVER say "Go Eagles"
  8. right!! think im gonna uber to and from the game...safer and cheaper than parking which is $75 to boot
  9. all valid points, something to keep in mind for sure, i have a die hard eagles brother i would be going with so, hes who i would be the most concerned about getting verbally abused by haha, we'll see how it goes tho,
  10. Philly area/south NJ falcons stand up!!! I will be going to the game I have been eying it since weeks 16!!!! (By my own predictions of course) Shame Eagles games are so expensive tho, looking for the same price I paid to go to the seahawks playoff game last year, not happening....
  11. i agree with your sentiment against yardage however this defense is 9th in yardage (total defense), but 8th in scoring defense allowing 19.7 points per game that is the difference, many times we have been one or the other, but if you're top ten in yards and top 10 in scoring, my friend you are a top 10 defense, the numbers dont lie
  12. Yea its not rocket science... These are smart gifted individuals with calculated moves... Keeanu is doing that to set the tone which yes we need him to do, but there is always the ability to execute cleaner and less recklessly, doesn't make u softer... When you're the first man to contact that's your best moment... Not when you're the 2nd and 3rd man... U elevate risk of hurting yourself and team on those shots.... I thought he hurt debo a series earlier when he was the 3rd man to the ball carrier and ending uo head on smacking debo in the back of the helmet... Gotta know when and when not, he will be better at that as his career grows
  13. He's got the right idea but IMO his execution is hit or hit teammate (miss)... I agree this is a theme for him... He needs to clean it up... There's nothing wrong with saying that