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  1. Personal hate list 1. Saints 2. Eagles (homegrown hatred) 3. Patriots 4. Panties Like wtf am I supposed to watch Rooting for chiefs v rams I guess (ain't happenin) smh
  2. I wish I could post :roll eyes: rn
  3. I think the Harrington leftwich era was way worse personally
  4. OP trying to save face after the emotional post
  5. Our depth is not good enough to hold serve...and at this point cant expect anything of the street to help...and a trade would only fill one of many starting holes...I believe the season is done unfortunately in a super bowl contending sense...still got my squad's back tho
  6. got to watch the last season opener at my boys house in philly for the beatdown, hope we come correct again this time!!!
  7. hes no world beater but worthy of kicking the tires on
  8. The draft is looking more BPA by the min! I love it!! Roster is filling in quite nicely so far, i'll take it get the world beaters in the draft and next year the FAs will come