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  1. Yea its not rocket science... These are smart gifted individuals with calculated moves... Keeanu is doing that to set the tone which yes we need him to do, but there is always the ability to execute cleaner and less recklessly, doesn't make u softer... When you're the first man to contact that's your best moment... Not when you're the 2nd and 3rd man... U elevate risk of hurting yourself and team on those shots.... I thought he hurt debo a series earlier when he was the 3rd man to the ball carrier and ending uo head on smacking debo in the back of the helmet... Gotta know when and when not, he will be better at that as his career grows
  2. He's got the right idea but IMO his execution is hit or hit teammate (miss)... I agree this is a theme for him... He needs to clean it up... There's nothing wrong with saying that
  3. This and then some my friend... Just the worst, and both at the dome
  4. Shhh... U cant say that... They're watching...
  5. All I see this year is D lines doing the best thing to beat the zone and that's straight up vertical penetration... It just boggles me that basically the same line can have such diff results from a year ago, execution is horrible... Especially TE blocking
  6. You wouldn't have to choose between takk and freeney under any circumstances, freeney signed a vet min contract for crying out loud... And yes he would add more pressure + sacks which we could use more of with the offense struggling
  7. So y'all tryna tell me y'all are cool with tru just sitting at the goalline instead of driving into a tackle he just waited for cam to stretch.... I can't get over how soft this dude is... You drive right there you jar the ball loose before goal or at least stop progress... He already had one guy hanging off of him....
  8. I just want Ryan to have the same system for more than 2 years... For once, IMO the outside zone was great for him, and the line was constructed for it... his naked boots we're epic off of those play action plays last year, they sold it so hard it killed everyone. We only get a glimpse of that now...
  9. Ok good talk
  10. 1.Let me make it easy for you, when u trade a person the new team pays his salary. Reading is fundamental 2. Yes Alford is the best corner on the team 3.Tru is arguably the weakest link in our secondary scheme.. Says the casual fan
  11. Ha, laughable... U must not watch the games, he has never been a press corner never will be... And good players are the ones who are trade able... He's just not good in this defense
  12. I would be so proud of the falcons brass if they dumped this contract... And picked up a 3rd or a comparable player... Tru is definitely money not well spent, we have a stupid but hella cheaper option in Collins... Give him a short lease, and trade tru...
  13. No its not, he can't play are not the only one who can see he's not the best corner anymore... But here come the naysayers.....
  14. The trend is definitely downward 3-0 : 0-3 but... Even at 6 games last year we we're 4-2, despite everyone's dismay... The sky is not falling yet, there's plenty of football left to play
  15. I believe grace plays middle (debo), duke plays wlb...don't know if grace was at will in the preaeason