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  1. Too late for that. All these meaningless wins did what for the organization? We were out of it weeks ago, a handful of wins for what, to make some people feel better about themselves... Everyone with some common sense knew when DQ was finally fired that we had to rebuild from the bottom up...
  2. Happy that we won... Great job all around guys 👍 But... Where does this "Perennial" meaningless win streak leave the franchise? Do we want to build a dynasty or should we be happy and content with also rans? Just Asking... Cheers
  3. Hey All Was watching cartoons with my son... Did i miss anything? LOL...
  4. Obviously stoked that Falcons are finally showing up! Not going to get carried away, Matt & Julio are NOT taking us to a SuperBowl any time soon. Imagine where we might be if AB had fired Quinn the Clown 3 years ago...
  5. I see quite a few comments from people making excuses for AB, DQ, ,Ryan etc and that my friends is exactly why Atlanta is a "poor" Sports City... We simply don't have that "killer instinct", that includes Fans and Ownership. We keep supporting the same Sh_t year after year hoping things will change... Demand Excellence accept nothing less...
  6. I really hope so... The guy has made good financially but as a NFL owner he is nowhere...Just like his team...
  7. Same Old Same ... Why do i leave myself open to disappointment year after year... Should know better by now right...
  8. Last Decade or so have sucked in Atlanta sports. Only Atlanta United FC have brought some kind of respect to the city...
  9. Love This ^^^^^^ So true, saw the same in Houston. They were given temp accommodation but never left....
  10. Welcome to the Sisterhood! I'll say it again this organization is TRASH...
  11. I won't pay 5 cents to go see these Clowns... But that's what this organization does best... Disappoint loyal fans year after year... Forget about another SB appearance anytime soon my friends.....
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