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  1. Draftnut57 I've been paying for Sunday Ticket ever since I've had Directv JUST to watch the Falcons...trust me...I LOVE WATCHING them play. I love yelling out JULIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when he get's that TD catch or burns the best corners in the game for a big gain....I don't sit during the games, I stand and yell like it makes a difference...I'm one of "THOSE" fans.... You know dang well I'll be watching them next year too but I'm going to have to shut up all year and accept the critics feedback if they don't win tomorrow....reminiscent of the Bills of yesteryears.......that'd
  2. Tandy is making VALID points. Additional Valid Points include: Can anyone quantify how many of those "Record Breaking Yards" were in the 4th Quarter when the Lions were trying to climb back into the game and the Defense was playing Prevent becasue of their insurmoutnable lead?! Jerry Rice that year went to the playoffs and didn't get the benefit of 4th Quarter garbage yards................ As for the curse...meh, it's whatever to me BUT did you see how DECIMATED the Lion's recieving core got this year?! 4 of their recievers were basically IR'd this year.....maybe Johnson escaped unscathed but
  3. Honestly the critics and the naysayers have EVERY RIGHT to doubt the performance of the ATL in the playoffs. We choked big time last year when we thought THIS IS IT!!!! This is a MUST win for ATL...if they don't win this year in the playoffs we might as well turn off our TV's during the regular season...save money on that Dreictv NFL Sunday Ticket (out of town fan)....and just watch them on National TV in the Playoffs! Becasue even if they go 16 - 0 next year no one will give them any credit until they play a playoff game! Why do they win this year? New Off and Def coordinator, Julio isn't a
  4. To me it's gotta be: 1. Turner (So the game isn't one dimensional, give us short yardage 3rd down conversions and some reliability on the goal line) 2. SPOOOON! (To limit Marshawn Lynch, Spy Wilson so he doesn't get 10+yard rushes, and covering the middle of the field for an INT or 2 on Wilson's dump off/check downs!) 3. Ryan (Accuracy on the deep balls will be KEY, has made some amazing throws this year...MUST continue with big plays on opportunistic 2nd and shorts/1st downs after a turnover!)
  5. All I'm sayin is if you're a Falcon fan get to the game if you live in ATL! I live in WA State, repping my Falcons Gear on "Blue Friday" and I am surrounded by season ticket holders! They keep telling me to stop living in the past when I bring up the yards/TD's our recievers have gotten against the "Legion of whom" - Sherman as he didn't play with Seattle last year....YET they love to bring up the 0 - 3 playoff record... One of them even put up their 12th man flag over their cubicle right by mine...promised him when we win on Sunday may want to take that down or it will be defaced! There shoul
  6. Look I'm as big of a Falcons fan as any but why are so many people being ignorant. SOMEONE SELL OUT THIS GAME! There are STILL tickets available through Ticketmaster....not the exchange site, not Stubhub....through TICKETMASTER direct ticket sales..... In fact there's some very nice $200 tix for a group of four still available in the lower seating area! THis is going to be an awesome game, not sure how it's not sold out yet.
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