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  1. Hunter Thompson (the writer) took acid and cocaine every morning and washed it down with a tall glass of brown liquor. I would not recommend this regimen to an aspiring writer, and wouldn’t recommend knife play to an aspiring pass rusher.
  2. That’s a good point. He has next to no wear and tear outside of two centralized freak Injuries. He’s gonna be ready to lay the wood out here
  3. you lunatics can’t decide if it was made in a plague virus super lab or if it’s all just a hoax
  4. No salary is guaranteed after it’s been traded, that’s salary cap 101
  5. Great run blocker, needs time on pass
  6. Tua is Mariota Griffin III. Explosive plays, exploding ligaments.
  7. Titans game was tricky bc AFC matchups are always a crapshoot, the last 2 games made it clear
  8. The best player on each team showing respect post-game. Did you want him punching AD in the helmet too?
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