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  1. Put him on the weak side in base and in the nickel he can play slot or safety as well. Allows us to keep developing Ricardo as our deep middle zone safety for at least another season, while putting a pro bowl playmaker on the field getting snaps over Worrilow, Wheeler, and to a lesser extent, the young 4th rounder Campbell who has shown potential and coverage ability. We'd be able to lock down any passing game with man or zone, and our depth increases throughout the backend of our defense. In a few years he could move to SS and an older more experienced Keanu Neal can play centerfield with a physicality we don't get from Ricardo. Talk me out of this, he really wants to be in Atlanta, would be an asset for DQ's brotherhood, and the super bowl run may inspire him to try something new to extend his career and get a ring.
  2. time to drop a stinky deuce on the pats
  3. to be fair, this is football infecting politics and not the inverse
  4. rain drop drop top beasley gonna hit brady in the snot box
  5. charlie's the wildcard
  6. need more elite/sec athletes
  7. no to brain dead.. **** will be real awkward if god forbid he ever ends up in a prayer circle situation
  8. whatever clayborn did made his biceps rip off on the first drive