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  1. Lawrence Taylor freebased on the sideline during games
  2. Yeah the biggest thing there is the 4.65 40, that’s a DQ D-Lineman
  3. On pass plays at least
  4. He’s always in position to make a play.. most teams just watch their DB’s get burned
  5. And they have the same birthday, twins!
  6. Pro Day vs unofficial
  7. Duke for backup and to backup Debo at MLB
  8. Dickson is almost as good as Celek, but I want the trophy.
  9. Celek cut by Eagles Celek, Hooper, Saubert, draft big physical receiver TE to compete. Saubert depth & H Back.
  10. Do you have info from say the 2011 class to see if this holds up with NFL players?