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  1. javiers arenas? missed that signing....don't even know who he is actually,lol
  2. didn't he just get divorced? that;s quick mr.blank
  3. i like it! those extra return yards will show on the field. starting at the 20 or less is terrible.
  4. we need this nasty on the rightside of the line.
  5. i agree. it's strange to resign all 3 dts. i thought peters would be the only guy resigned. maybe peters will start the year on th pup list. the dline seems set with the current roster. seems like to many guys now on dline. if clowney is the pick, don't know about all the DE's on the roster. osi has to be cut if clowney is picked. 1st round should be oline.
  6. so all 3 dt's FA's got resigned. wow!
  7. that dude is going to be such a bust in the NFL. please take him texans at #1
  8. looks preety close to what i think will happen in this draft. think browns take eiter a qb or watkins
  9. think when the draft starts mack will be drafted after the 6 spot.
  10. hope not. that 2nd spot for ATL is money in terms of the teams needs....maybe a 3rd, and 2015 2nd. rather stay @ 6
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