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  1. Rise Up Falcons! Destroy the Saints! It's all about pride on Prime Time, time for the Birds to show some. I like the Falcons 28-17.
  2. He was our starting RT in the Super Bowl and was a part of the line that Shawn Alexander set records running behind, but he was on the right side. The left side was made up of First Ballot Hall of Famer LT Walter Jones (one of the best in history) and LG Steve Hutchinson (who could also end up in the HOF). Locklear was definitely the weak link and easily drew the most penalties (real or bogus...). I dont recall many shedding a tear in Seattle when he was released.
  3. Come again? Sucks against the run compared to who?
  4. Unger (all pro Center) is out as well. Sweezy, RG is a 2nd year player who played D line in college. Carp is a legit first round draft pick from Alabama who sucks. He was supposed to be our RT for the next decade, now he's being replaced at LG by a turnstile. Cant complain to loud, we've won 4 games with 3 back ups, but RW is taking a beating.
  5. If you've seen either of the last two Hawk games, that's probably an effective strategy. We've been horrible against the run the last two weeks, and it looks like Red Bryant (our best run stuffer) is out this week.
  6. The Hawks big youth push started 3 seasons ago. We're seeing it pay off now, however it's a short window. All of those young guys will be looking for their big pay day and we wont be able to keep them all. (Sherman, Wilson, Thomas, Thurman, et) We're still young, undrafted rookies at LT and RT will probably start this week. btw - Big fan of Trufant. Loved him at the UW. He'll be a good one.
  7. Hawks and Sjax have some history. I'd give the Hawks the edge over Jacksons career, I recall we never allowed him over 100 yards against us. Remarkable considering how horrible we were and dominate the Rams were. The Hawks have looked terrible against some stale offenses the last couple of weeks and we're down 5 starters. Throw in a cross country flight and a 10 am (pst) start ~ it's going to be tougher on the Hawks than the 7 point favorites Vegas says we are.
  8. I hear ya. The snowball effect during a losing season is alive and well in the NFL. I wish you guys a quick recovery.
  9. Hey Falcon Fans I'm not trying to rile up the fan base, just curious from your point of view of how the Falcons went from a few minutes from playing in the Super Bowl to 2-6? Injuries, coaching, schedule? Assuming there are some strong (and accurate) opinions out there.
  10. Have to admit, I havent followed the Falcons much this season. Most fan speak on our end has been directed towards the Niners. Taking a quick look around, it appears we'll each send out plenty of back up players on Sunday. I just hope our Rookie Oline can hold up, they nearly allowed the Rams to kill Wilson on Monday night.
  11. Hey Falcons Fans ~ Our Hawks are coming to town pretty beat up. As of today, their missing 4 Starters on O and Big Red on D. Given their performance the last couple of weeks, I think this game will be much closer than some of the comments I've read here. As a Hawk fan, I'm certainly hoping for win, but realistically I think your Birds get the better of us.
  12. We run them with our JR players, however the spacing is much different than I recall when our coaches ran them. BITR is basically a Oline drill now, designed to get leverage, keep the feet chopping and drive you man out of the ring. We space them a yard apart now.
  13. Coaching. The same offense and defense that built 20-0 and 17-0 leads were obviously talented enough to blow out both the Hawks and Niners.
  14. Bull in the Ring and Oklahoma. Best drills ever.
  15. No doubt. Nolan completely left Miller uncovered last week, Harbaugh and the boys essentially ran the same plays for Davis.
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