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  1. Haha guess I asked for it,but really would like to do the tailgate thing ,I don't think my old spot in lot A is there anymore,so any suggestions VMA
  2. Going to rams game 1st visit to the Benz ,any parking suggestion near gates 2 an 3 thanks
  3. repping sect 332 gonna blow the roof off and ill be back next week
  4. kinda wanted to start the game with one alittle swamp gas sean payton action
  5. hated the loss but got to cheer till the end good effort just didn't get a brake. Julio boom man he was awsome
  6. it being faceless07 like swift reincarnate don't reply much but visit a lot its trash
  7. we going to the super bowl blank it prob better chance than 2012
  8. faceless GTFO ban t Tuggle its to negitve WE GONNA WIN AND DONT NEED LOSERES LIKE IT
  9. thanks todd gurley im keeping the faith , and sorry bout the knee that really sucks kinda hoping to see him in red and black
  10. give me a break we haven't had a game at the dome in over a month
  11. let rise up and blow the roof off the dome reppin sect 332
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