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  1. Gotta know when to just get out, no sport is worth being broken down mentally and crippled
  2. 11-5 and going 4-2 in the division with a sweep of the yucs and splitting with the taints and panties
  3. no mention of our Defensive guys coming back, that's why we were 7-9 in the first place
  4. Our line got a lot bigger and upgraded so I expect our run game to vastly improve pounding the ball will help with the time of possession and that in itself will help our defense, I expect our defense to be towards the top ten again
  5. we'll see preseason when he gets to go against teams no 1 which will be few depending on which preseason game it is
  6. cut or trade Beasley, too many better players with contracts up next year that have to be resigned
  7. We do have 5 preseason games to get them acclimated that is if DQ lets them get decent reps in
  8. D led is a ***** and baiting a story to stir up ****, he's never been worth a ****, probably waited on rex ryan in flowery branch for weeks
  9. Ansah would be good, when freeing up cap dollars, only thing TD always keeps back 6-7 million in reserve thru the season typically for potential injuries etc..
  10. True, I'm sure a lot folks outside the state of Georgia didn't know who Jesse Tuggle was but the hammer beasted when he got here
  11. Hope you're right I been waiting for this team to win it since '78
  12. That secondary is what I'm concerned with the most, believe TD and Quinn will come up with couple vets once training camp comes around, roster cuts,etc.
  13. Quad's tape looks **** good actually
  14. He looks better than Sheffield to me, Sheff just faster
  15. I was thinking Kroy Bierman 2.0, he may surprise though hopefully
  16. surprised someone didn't say it was a make a wish pick actually
  17. but but but the Falcons message board experts didn't like the picks , because it wasn't a DT,
  18. Everyone said after the bucs got OJ Howard they were gonna be beasts to contend with in the NFC South too
  19. TD and Quinn aren't finished with this team by a long shot, between this draft and camp casualties and trades this team will be much improved, some folks on here act like the season starts tomorrow
  20. Speaking of defense Denver is talking to teams about trading Chris Harris CB, if they took a 4th this year and maybe a 2nd next year there's a corner, I know he's a slot corner but is proven and durable, wants a big raise but would be beneficial if TD could make the numbers work, I don't like Vic getting 12-14 mill but it is what it is, he's a chunk of cap space for the return, maybe Quinn can get more out of him
  21. I believe Arthur and TD said Matty isn't gonna get sacked 40 plus times this year do something
  22. A lot folks wanna dis the pick but with the coaches we have now, FA guys signed we will be running it with success thus controlling the clock and saving our Defense, maybe if we could've done that awhile back in our biggest game ever our Defense wouldn't have been on the field 93 snaps, and with Ryan sacked over 40 X gotta sure up the lines, draft is day 1 alots picks left
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