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  1. This thread should take the place of the old look a like threads.
  2. The one of Mort kicking a cannonball was my fav. Awwww that thread was about 10 usernames and thousands of lost posts ago lol.
  3. Harry over pursued and took a bad angle. Not really something you teach wideouts. Doesn't look like anybody is trying though. That a was poor all around play.
  4. As a husker fan this is a wet dream for me. Gregory is a freak athletically. He's actually played the run well this year too.
  5. Also the fact that there is now actual game tape on Teddy. Studying film and taking away what a qb wants to do is a big thing in the NFL. We couldn't stop the run for nothing and they had us on our heals all day.
  6. Every time he makes the first guy miss he takes it to the house. My eyeballs are on fire from watching his feet move.
  7. I think the coaching staff is giving him the benefit of the doubt because he's a vet. However achilles injuries have been known to completely derail careers. Thinks it's time to bench him. He looks like he's lost all his athletic ability.
  8. Yeah I don't get why we move our best interior pass rusher outside. We then use a very good run stopping de inside. Swap Babs and Jackson to their natural positions and I think they both look better.
  9. I like the bless Abraham's groin thread. Also the one where carologic was coined.
  10. Kerney, Coleman and Abe woulda been a nightmare to block if they all coulda stayed healthy.
  11. Got my red Tony G autographed jersey. Only wearing for this playoff run then it goes into a cover.
  12. Also with no timeouts and one minute remaining.
  13. 1998 season. I live in South Dakota which is Viking country. I rooted for the falcons to be a pain in the rear to everyone else watching the nfccg. It was a pretty sweet first game rooting for em and just never stopped after that. That was the first time I got into football and its turned Into an obsession.
  14. 790 has a smartphone app that lets you PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL it live. I prefer the podcast though.
  15. Lets not forget about Bosher giving them the ball on the 40 twice when he usually booms em to the 10.
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