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  1. With all the breakthroughs in ACL reconstruction Neal will be close to the same player. Achilles on the other hand have ended careers.
  2. You forgot to say bless takks groin. You have to bless it if you want it to work
  3. Oh ok so if we perform poorly for one game its ok to hate. We have one good game and its wooooaaahhhh hit the brakes its one game.
  4. Cmon. He was moving the other way and the ball came out of knowhere. Thats a hard catch for somone with good hands.
  5. It’s not like anyone looks good against the eagles in their house. I’m not worried at all. They are ridiculous at home. If we were home team I guarantee it would have been a different game.
  6. I think and this is just a hunch of mine but Ryan seems to lock on to his receivers against teams who get constant pressure. On the int to Julio he felt pressure right away and made his mind up where he was going immediately.
  7. Ish will be playing alot of box safety on early run downs. Kazee will be in on passing downs. Losing Neal isn't good but not the end of the world for us.
  8. I wouldn't read into it too much yet. They are throwing flags in the preseason that they would't normally throw. They do this every time there's a major rule change. Most likely that's not a flag in a real game.
  9. Chandler got hurt too iirc. There were a few more injuries but my memory is very foggy. I was 15 at the time and had just discovered alcohol lol.
  10. Im sure he already has. Not going to be too much help considering we play different opponents.
  11. Campbell blitzes a couple times a game. Other than that we rely on stunts and twists for pressure.
  12. He's always goin to deal with injuries. Humans his size weren't meant to run and change direction as fast as he does. Especially on artificial turf that has no give.
  13. Exactly! You shouldn't win when you turn the ball over 3 times. Good teams find ways to win nail biters.
  14. He has inspired me to get eye surgery. Pretty big deal considering I have 20/20 vision.
  15. Yup they are used to playing on grass we aren't. You can't make the same cuts on loose grass that you can on stiffer turf.
  16. Ohhh man. I remember defending Mike Vick like he was one of my kids lol. Dirtybirdgirl and Malk. The great hugger vs hater divide that caused them to start their own message board. Good times.
  17. Yup. Tony G was all we really had going for us then. They started double teaming him and jamming him like a gunner on punt returns. That was the end of our comeback.
  18. I'm pretty sure it was swiftkick. He always said dumb things like that.
  19. How long until the really wierd stuff comes out? That last one got crazy.
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