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  1. And he isn't even close to the route runner Gabriel is.
  2. It’s so insane how often Julio shows up in the top 5.
  3. Yup. They just see that 15 sack season and think, if he did it once.
  4. I get it. You’re weak. Only the strong can weather these storms.
  5. He was booming 60 yard punts. He flipped the field and put our d in great position a few times.
  6. Urban Meyer is a recruiter. It’s easy to win when you have the best of the best players every year. I don’t see anything special about his coaching style. If we hire another head coach I’d like to go with a coach with nfl head coaching experience. We’ve tried first time head coaches enough recently.
  7. This is it. I can’t believe no one could get open. Was it the route combinations? Was it the defense changing up coverage so much? Our receivers without a shadow of a doubt have individual talent.
  8. He grew up around football. He has eaten and breathed football his entire life. It’s always been his passion. You can tell that it’s all he ever thinks about.
  9. No. We are gonna spank Tennessee then go on a winning streak.
  10. They literally had a 3 and out in this game.
  11. It also made him a better player in the long run for future coordinators. You can never have to many skills.