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  1. It also made him a better player in the long run for future coordinators. You can never have to many skills.
  2. Ryan and Julio will get back to those down field bombs. Ryan had one of the best deep balls in the league from 12-14.
  3. I was here in 2001 under vick_tha_slick. I lost like 3 separate accounts due to migrations to new boards. I don’t like posting much but I read every day.
  4. I wonder how much actual football people watch outside of just the falcons. You see “bad” coaching in a majority of games. There are very few coaches that don’t get unfair criticism. Our staff is very young in their respective coordinator positions. Coaching is not easy as it looks sitting on your couch probably half drunk. We’ve seen precedents set that all our coaches can be great. Defense was good when healthy. Offense has shown explosiveness. Quinn has made some questionable decisions in the fourth quarter but people only dwell on the ones that didn’t work out. They ignore the ones that do. I remember sooo many hopeless seasons and very very bad teams we’ve had. This is the most optimistic I’ve ever been as a fan. If we stay healthy next year we will be a top contender again.
  5. Yes. I watched every game in whole in 2007. This is nothing compared to that year.
  6. They are back to blitzburg. Not just the dline but they are blitzing from everywhere.
  7. The big thing he offers is to give Vic some rest. I heard a stat the other day and I can’t remember exact numbers. Vic is number one on the team in total snaps. He’s been pulling double duty as olb and de. He is very obviously getting worn down at the end of games.
  8. I’m from the Midwest that’s just how we talk lol.
  9. Ok i'll be the one to point out she used then instead of than. I hate when people do that.
  10. What do people expect players to say? “Oh we are aweful and instead of trying to win we want a better pick. I’m not a good player according to keyboard warriors I should ask for a trade.” Cmon, I respect confidence as apposed to whining any day. If you’re not confident in this league you will be eaten alive.
  11. That 1-5 team has lost 4 of their games by less than a touchdown. But you know if we don’t blow everyone out we suck.
  12. He is playing as well. Read on ESPN.
  13. With all the breakthroughs in ACL reconstruction Neal will be close to the same player. Achilles on the other hand have ended careers.
  14. You forgot to say bless takks groin. You have to bless it if you want it to work
  15. Oh ok so if we perform poorly for one game its ok to hate. We have one good game and its wooooaaahhhh hit the brakes its one game.