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  1. The draft started getting better once MIke Smith and the confusing evolution of his hybrid-amoeba defensive cluster**** thing got out of here. DQ does a great job of deciding what he wants from the grocery store. TD does a great job of shopping.
  2. I'd be really interested in this if it meant getting DeVondre more snaps as a pass rusher. We keep hearing about him having trained with Chuck Smith and having worthwhile tools as a pass rusher, but rarely see him any actually being tasked with going after the QB
  3. We **** near beat equal or superior teams (Eagles, Saints, Bengals) while still getting new guys acclimated to the system. We don't need to re-invent the wheel now that guys have stabilized in there positions and roles in order to beat the Skins or Browns. Against Washington, we need to make sure we tackle. There is no one player that is gonna change that formula for us. Against Cleveland, we need to handle their front 4 and not let Baker be super fast-agile-break tackles- guy.....no one we could add in a trade is gonna change that. Guys doing there effing jobs is plenty sufficient.
  4. I feel like if most of you knew how to differentiate between man coverage and a "3 look" you all would have a better opinion of Tru. Also if you all had an appreciation for how virtually impossible for a single guy to cover a drag route, that would help also. Tru can definitely be more consistent as a tackler. And he definitely needs to learn how to catch....but he is not nearly a problem for our defense.
  5. The key is us building momentum and getting back to .500 with Deion. 6-4 is a real possibility by Thanksgiving. Every team has adversity on some level every year. Every team has not really dealt with whatever adversity is coming for them as of yet. Other teams will fall back to the pack, we just have to catch up to it. I'll add this.. If we do the impossible and get to 11 wins, Matty Ice gets his 2nd MVP, ala the "run the table" argument that the media tried to push in '16 for Rodgers
  6. I'm optimistic....Ito has sufficiently replaced Free, he just needs more touches. And I think Tevin will eventually come back around to his normal self. Kazee has kept the secondary organized enough to not get gashed by the long ball regularly, which is the foundation of our defensive philosophy, and he adds a bigger threat of forcing a turnover. So i think we're in position to weather Rico's injury pretty well, too. Deion is coming back. And so is Grady. And Shelby, who has value in being a steady presence in the rotation If we can some how get a ticket to the dance and all we really are missing is Free and Keanu, then I think we stand as good a chance as anyone to come out of the NFC. The only world beater out there is LA, and our D actually matches up decently with them
  7. Matt Ryan needs to take responsibility for taking over calls in the red-zone? This gentleman ain't watched the game. We've EXCELLED in the redzone of late. This man doesn't know what he's talking about.
  8. The most interesting thing to me is that it seems to imply that Schweitzer has won backup center....if he’s first up off the bench, maybe Garland is at risk. Especially if Gono is deemed to valuable to risk going to PS. Gono can play G/T Schweitzer is a C/G Sambrailo is a T And Harlow arguably is being groomed to compete for Levitre’s spot next year and is a big risk to try and sneak on PS again this season
  9. Writer didn't name the Falcons because by the time he got around to naming the weaknesses and flaws of the other contenders, he couldn't come up with a reasonable one. QB? No, we know what Ice did the last time he was in year two with a coordinator. RB? Before the Saints last year, DeVonta and Tevin were the undisputed best tandem in the NFL WR? Can Marshon Lattimore hold 3 receivers at one time? TE? At best, he can say Hoop is a middle of the road starter. But not only us that probably an inaccurate statement.....but he's better than what the Saints are trotting out and a "meh" tight end is hardly a reason to discount a teams super bowl chances. OL- We upgraded what possibly could have been the only weak spot on the line at RG with Fusco DL- If he's giving Alex Okafor and Davenport props based on POTENTIAL, then he would have to gargle and swallow all that a Beasley/McKinley combo would offer LB? Demario Davis is impressive/ Debo is a top 3 MLB in the league. And DeVondre is beyond useful. Is Duke as a 3rd LB a biggest enough weakness to disregard the Falcons,lol? CB? C'mon. Assuming we concede Lattimore as legitimate (which we don't), who is covering the other receiver? Meanwhile, we can go 5 deep with guys that can confidently play man to man once Oliver gets up to speed Safety? Marcus Williams is cool....but cmon. Keanu Neal and Rico are both better in their respective roles We Literally are better at every position on defense.We are better at WR and TE. Reasonable debates can be had with QB and OL, maaaaaybe even HB. But honestly. The fact that there is a chance that we are LITERALLY BETTER AT EVERY SINGLE POSITION GROUP says something. Plus we don't have health issues. What they have a distinct advantage at is Brees/ Payton playcalling/chemistry. Can argue with a pairing that has been together 10+ years. But even that playcalling on one-side of the ball doesn't make up for the overall talent level on the rosters.
  10. I think Shelby's initial cutting was more of a cap management move than anything else....needed to try an save money this year and next.....signing him back, we really didn't save money this season. But he is off the books for next year, which is huge in keeping our young core together. Also of benefit, we get another shot at both Shelby and Ishmael signing FA contracts that may benefit of us in the 2020 compensatory pick calculations. With all the big money we are going to be throwing around in the near future, it makes sense that we accrue as much viable cheap talent as possible.
  11. I agree. To take it a step further, I think Shelby/Crawford take over a chunk of Reed’s snaps so that Reed is available for more if Takk’s #3 DE/Pass rush snaps Someone posted a metric on it a while ago, but Brooks was surprisingly effective rushing the passer the past two years
  12. Either one is probably better than a year one Taven Bryan.
  13. This!!! This is exactly why it’s asinine for people to panic early in the offseason..... got to give plans a chance to play out.
  14. I'd assumer Brooks Reed would continue to get a similar number of snaps as last year....
  15. I’d like to present a counter narrative here, that I believe personally, and also makes some sense going forward for a team positioned as we are..... I don’t think it’s likely that we sign another DT.....at least not until we see what we have in Justin Zimmer, Garrison Smith, and of course, Deadrin Senat. If Senat looks like he can hang with the Starters, and Zimmer looks like he can handle 15 or 20 snaps a game, I’d honestly be surprised if we added anything more than another body. Although Dimitroff and company have never really played the cap rollover strategy, I think it makes sense that we do so now—— especially with talk that we want to try and keep Tevin. Signing Jake and creating another 3m -6m in space based on contract structure on top of the 8.75m or so that we currently have is attractive for a team that still has to sign Grady Jarrett and likely Ricardo Allen, and hopefully Tevin Coleman. our 1t ideally is a two-way player, but honestly only “needs” to be a big time plugger, run-stopper with some hustle and ability to disengage from blocks. if anything, I think we reapproach Robert Ayers, and not a DT, depending on price. Takk presumably will get Clayborn’s snaps this year, but we don’t necessarily have anyone to take Takk’s snaps from last year
  16. He can't be "tendered" as he will not be a RFA. He's going to be unrestircted.....only way to force him to stay would be to "tag" him in some fashion
  17. You must not listen to anything involving Steak Shapiro. Not sure if i'm listening to sports talk or Atlanta Eats radio
  18. I considered that....which is why i said Jake’s floor is 13.5 per. I tend to believe that a deal to keep Jake from hitting the open market would not reset said market——For instance, both Schraeder and Alford probably could’ve gotten better money had they waited for FA. Additionally, I think Solder is considered a better LT, though Jake’s youth and upward trajectory are certainly in his his favor comparatively. Jakes prime is yet to come, Solder is in the middle-end phase of his
  19. I’m going to do a topic like this for Grady and Rico.... But Jake seems to make the most sense to do first because his new deal, like Matty’s, could save us a few million this year. From a regular guy’s perspective, it would seem that we’d like to know how much we have to spend on Grady and Rico (and maybe Tevin) and all our 2020 guys before we actually start the spending. I concede that Grady could very well take priority over Jake, as we presently have over 37m in cap space for 2019 and don’t “need” to make any room to accomodate him. Nevertheless, I’m addressing Jake first. Presently, the 6th through 12th highest paid LTs are clumped together with about a 1m dollars per year in terms of compensation. 6th David Bahktiari makes an even 12m/year and the 12th highest paid guy is Anthony Castonzo at 10.9m/year Bakhtiari (drafted a year before Jake) has made a pro-bowl and 2nd team all-pro twice (2016, 2017). His 2018 salary is 6% of the team’s salary cap and he received 16m fully guaranteed when he signed the deal in 2016, 15m of that in the form of a signing bonus. His first year cap number was 6.1m it is important to note that Bakhtiari did not have the pro bowl or all-pro accolades prior to signing his contract. He has since grown into arguably the best LT in the game, and thus, the Packers are getting tremendous bang for their buck with him. Here’s Bahktiari’s deal in a grid. Keep in mind that 2016 was the last year of his rookie deal and 2017 was the first year of his new deal <iframe src="https://overthecap.com/contract-embed/2377/" width="600" height="321" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> A player with a more similar career trajectory is Eric Fisher, a former #1 overall pick who largely has been a solid player, but probaby has not lived up to his draft status. Fisher signed a new deal last year. Similar to Jake, his 5th year option was exercised and his new deal was simply an extension of his original deal. Fisher’s deal, like Bakhtiari’s, was 4 years for 48m and had a fairly reasonable first year number (9.4 for Fisher, 6m for Bakhtiari). Unlike Bakhtiari, he received 40m in guaranteed monies, 22m in SB. Structurally, Jake’s deal will probably look like Fisher’s here’s fisher’s deal. <iframe src="https://overthecap.com/contract-embed/2182/" width="600" height="389" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> The lower tier of the LTs in that 10.9 m to 12m range of the top 3rd of LTs includes like Reilly Reiff and Matt Kahlil And Anthony Castonzo, who, for our purposes, are not true comparables because of talent level or age. The only meaningful thing we can really gather from them is the “floor” of a Jake deal. Which essentially is 11m in 2017 dollars, which again, puts us in the range of 12m per for Jake. Both Bahktiari and Fisher signed deals for 12m per year nearly two years ago when the salary cap was nearly 20m lower. Jake is as “accomplished” and arguably more so than they were at the time they signed their new deals....thus the 12m/per estimates being bantied about on the board previously are extremely optimistic and, frankly, unrealistic. Jake’s floor is 13m per... We’re looking at a 4yr/52m extension that reworks the final year of his rookie deal to a number that is slightly more workable. We’re probably looking at guarantees similar to Fisher’s.... That’s the very generic “box” where Jake’s extension will fit... I’ll make another post within this topic detailing how we may make that box work within our way of doing deals **Please don’t turn this topic into a Jake isn’t worth that kind of money” debate or “we should not re-sign him) Please feel free to question or challenge where he fits among his peers, as to how it affects his contract
  20. We get 3.5 for Toi? I had 2.5 in my head
  21. I think it was said previously that our DT grades were all kind of clumped together....now, who was part of that "clump" is unclear. But it seems we knew we wanted to come out of the draft with a WR and a DT. And it seems that the gap between Ridley and the other WRs was larger than the gap between Bryan and whoever was in the rest of that clump. It terms of scheme fit, our DT selection seems to be a pretty shrewd selection. Taven has a rawness that may take more time to develop versus Senat being less dynamic, but more ready made. Additionally, drafting Taven may have required playing Grady almost exclusively at nose. Senat affords us the flexibility to continue playing Grady back and forth
  22. I'm not understanding the frustration/ confusion over us not drafting a lineman? NO ONE we drafted is gonna come in and unseat Levitre. And the chances of anyone (including Wes) putting Fusco on the bench are minimal. You can possibly draft an OL to redshirt in the later rounds...but certainly not early one. And as it relates to the late round prospects at OG......they were borderline laughable. We got similar quality among the undrafteds.
  23. I can honestly say that with Dimitroffs tendency to trade up, i’m surprised we don’t play the Comp pick game a bit more.
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