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  1. The draft started getting better once MIke Smith and the confusing evolution of his hybrid-amoeba defensive cluster**** thing got out of here. DQ does a great job of deciding what he wants from the grocery store. TD does a great job of shopping.
  2. I'd be really interested in this if it meant getting DeVondre more snaps as a pass rusher. We keep hearing about him having trained with Chuck Smith and having worthwhile tools as a pass rusher, but rarely see him any actually being tasked with going after the QB
  3. We **** near beat equal or superior teams (Eagles, Saints, Bengals) while still getting new guys acclimated to the system. We don't need to re-invent the wheel now that guys have stabilized in there positions and roles in order to beat the Skins or Browns. Against Washington, we need to make sure we tackle. There is no one player that is gonna change that formula for us. Against Cleveland, we need to handle their front 4 and not let Baker be super fast-agile-break tackles- one we could add in a trade is gonna change that. Guys doing there effing jobs is plenty sufficient.
  4. I cannot answer that question because your premise is false.
  5. I feel like if most of you knew how to differentiate between man coverage and a "3 look" you all would have a better opinion of Tru. Also if you all had an appreciation for how virtually impossible for a single guy to cover a drag route, that would help also. Tru can definitely be more consistent as a tackler. And he definitely needs to learn how to catch....but he is not nearly a problem for our defense.
  6. The key is us building momentum and getting back to .500 with Deion. 6-4 is a real possibility by Thanksgiving. Every team has adversity on some level every year. Every team has not really dealt with whatever adversity is coming for them as of yet. Other teams will fall back to the pack, we just have to catch up to it. I'll add this.. If we do the impossible and get to 11 wins, Matty Ice gets his 2nd MVP, ala the "run the table" argument that the media tried to push in '16 for Rodgers
  7. I'm optimistic....Ito has sufficiently replaced Free, he just needs more touches. And I think Tevin will eventually come back around to his normal self. Kazee has kept the secondary organized enough to not get gashed by the long ball regularly, which is the foundation of our defensive philosophy, and he adds a bigger threat of forcing a turnover. So i think we're in position to weather Rico's injury pretty well, too. Deion is coming back. And so is Grady. And Shelby, who has value in being a steady presence in the rotation If we can some how get a ticket to the dance and all we really are missing is Free and Keanu, then I think we stand as good a chance as anyone to come out of the NFC. The only world beater out there is LA, and our D actually matches up decently with them
  8. Gotta look big picture.....this has got to be asset collection I'm not a fan of Hardaway the player.... But I think we traded for his contract moreso than his talent. Hardaway is on an expiring. Shelvin Mack and Mike Scott are on team option years, which essentially are expirings. Bazemore is on an expiring. Austin Daye and Mike Muscala are on non-guaranteeds. That's a decent little chunk of money. Maybe this is positioning ourselves for a S-n-T possibility
  9. This guy is all about toughness. Not personally familiar with him that much. But everything I read has that as his best trait