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  1. What is Randy Cross smoking? Is he serious. No way no how would the Falcons have beaten the Ravens with an injured Matt Ryan and a Falcon defense that can't stop the run.
  2. I don't think you mean New England's game against the 49ers this year, because Brady and the Pats scored 31 points in the second half of that one. However, the Pats were shutout against the Ravens last week which is unacceptable.
  3. I agree in that the elite quarterbacks make plays even when pressured.
  4. The reality is that no matter how good of a quarterback you are you need protection. Even the best quarterbacks can have a hard time when they're being pressured and chased.
  5. i agree that the 4th down play was a penalty for illegal contact, but rules are the rules. The Falcons got a break when they said that long pass was a catch. The ground helped him retain possession. The bottom line was that the Falcons couldn't stop the run enough and couldn't run it enough. Also, the 2 turnovers were huge.
  6. Before you decide you better check the availability of Michael Crabtree. I'm sure he'll play, but you never know. That would be a devastating loss to the 49ers if he can't play.
  7. Ravens match up very well with the 49ers. The key will be how the Ravens do against the read option. I'm grabbing my +4.5 points and taking the Ravens. Flacco isn't making stupid mistakes like he used to do a few years back.It should be a great game.
  8. The Falcons definitely have to get bigger, stronger, and better on the defensive front. Maybe get a quality TE if Gonzales retires. They're not too far off. We'll see how good of a GM they have over the next couple years.
  9. Those 2 turnovers in the second half killed the Falcons and it didn't look like Ryan had much pressure on either one. Tough loss Falcon fans. I feel for you guys.
  10. It evens out, because that long pass was definitely an incompletion. The Falcons will get the ball with less than 30 seconds left and might be able to do what they did last week except they will need a touchdown and not a field goal. Go Defense!
  11. If he controlled it before it hit the ground then it would've been a completion. It has to be incomplete.
  12. I believe the Falcons can still win even though it's 24-28. The thing is the Falcons defense will be the one who will have to stop the 49ers which could be interesting.
  13. You Falcons have the advantage on the superior kicker which could be key.
  14. Yes, the Falcons have to keep fighting and put 8 men in the box and stop Gore. That will put the 49ers in 2 and 3 and long. They have to mix it up on defense.
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