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  1. Matt Bryant missed that kick on purpose... "With the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons pick..."
  2. Shanahan was the TRUTH (barring his SB 3rd quarter fubar)! I had trouble following ANY of our plays that SB run season. Dude's schemes were off the charts!
  3. Times up for Matt... Sure he's "good" but we're top-heavy. He gets paid too much for our team's record. Get in some top-notch new blood at QB and build a beast of a team around that player (ala: Seahawks, Chiefs, etc).
  4. Matthews should have been nominated Play of the Day for that play alone! Way to hustle Clay!
  5. That video needs a WARNING... watch while MUTED.
  6. They said the same thing about Steve Largent, Steve Smith, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Antonio Brown. Don't judge player on their physical attributes alone; you're likely to end up wrong.
  7. ^^^ Right here ^^^ To me, he didn't appear hungry anymore. Towards the end, he didn't seem like he ever wanted to block or run routes hard and with his lost step(s), he was always pleading to the refs when he couldn't make a play. For the Falcons, he WAS the man but nah... we good.
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