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  1. I don't think there's a problem with Takk. Go back to the Vikings game where he had a bad penalty and the very next play blows up the olinemen for a major sack on Cousins and then he flexes and hypes the crowd up. That's what Takk has in him. If he can stay healthy, he'll be fine. If there is a problem it's with the development, or lack there for the dlinemen from this coaching staff. Outside of Grady Jarrett, name one dlineman or OLB the Falcons have drafted and developed in the last 10 years.
  2. We should be up by at least 3 scores. Smh. Good ol Matt gracing us with his presence.
  3. If you're surprised by this, you've been drinking WAY to much Matt Ice Kool-Aid. This is nothing new folks.
  4. I mean you don't go IN wanting to break even. If you are, you'll bail. I have a friend who actually sold our entire group on buying these things as a unit when we left the GA dome, and he bailed on us after year 2. Lol.
  5. They did the same thing at the GA Dome without the PSL. As a season ticket holder, you have first rights to your playoff tickets. But PSL you get first dibs on events in your seats. For example. Garth Brooks came and we got first dibs on our seats. I didn't go. But paid face value for them when they were released to us. Resold them on stub hub for 4x's what I paid PER ticket. One of those tickets paid off my season tickets for the following year. And it's like that for just about every concert or whatever they have in there.
  6. Correct. It is my money. Hey, that's how you feel. And I'm sure you're not the only one. But this is how I feel and I know I'm not the only once. Hence why I posted. The packaging isn't bad. It's nice. But in totality, no one keeps the packaging. I still have my first season ticket book when they used to come in paper tickets. Actually, I still have most of those. It wasn't the "gift". It was the token to remember the season. If you make the token the packaging and it gets tossed overtime, then it's a waste. Hence why I still have my flag, use my duffle bag, have all of my stickers, etc.
  7. They are actually awesome! Thanksgiving last year we went to the New Orleans for the Saints game. Well, we do that every year. We did Christmas the year before. Wasn't that cold. And birthdays? Sheesh. Missing out man. And yea, I will complain. Just because you're able to afford something, doesn't mean you don't have the right to voice being unpleased with it. If that's the case, no season ticket holder can EVER be upset with the team should they lose. Because at least you make enough money to go see them live.
  8. I hear you. There are a lot of fans who've bought into the Falcons for a long time. Leaving the GA Dome to the Benz and taking away the Season Ticket book with all of the season tickets and now doing this card and fancy packaging is taking away that gift/token that you tie to a season. And yea, we pay a lot of money for these seats. If you can't, bring that up with Arthur Blank or blame it on capitalism. He priced the bulk of the fan base out. The fans who can afford seats like that seasonal token to remember a season by. Something to tie the game memories to. No one keeps the packaging. So get out of your feelings. My company is hiring if you want a chance to win some game tickets. First world problems my ***.
  9. I had to vent this because I'm having a LOT of conversations with fellow season ticket holders about this. This years season tickets reveal/gift/whatever you want to call it SUCKS. It is the WORST one I've received in my 10 years of being a season ticket holder. The first season at the Benz we got the duffle bag. Cool. We got the big flag one year. Cool. The last year at The Dome? Some commemorative give. They went all out for this packaging that ultimately gets trashed/lost over time. Unless you just hoard them. It's not a bad package. It's supposed to be a "locker". Cute. I do like the sticker that basically looks like it says, "F all y'all" from a distance. But that's it. I KNOW y'all are basically stealing from us. We know we're giving ya'll money on top of money. But AT LEAST show us some type of love on the gift. And for them to say it was "custom". Ugh. Smh. Do better. Fans in Section 221 are not impressed.
  10. Depends. Wasn't he a standing 3-4 OLB? Like Brian Orakpo used to be? I don't think he's a pure 4-3 DE.
  11. Remember when Kyle Shannahan had people wide open and Matt broke the record for scoring TDS to different players? Brees is about to break that with 5 games left. He does it every year. Matt had one anomaly season. Stop.
  12. People miss this all the time. AND they did it with a limited run game. Not complicated. But you can’t talk about #2 around here. They live in some mystical world. Like they don’t see this average dude with all the weapons. Ryan can’t hang with these QBs. He’s an elevated Alex Smith. Matt Stafford. Andy Dalton. This ain’t new. It has to be PERFECT for this guy. It’s not like that man. He’s paid to much to NEED MORE HELP. Michael Thomas, Kamara, Ingram didn’t score tonight. And they put up 31.
  13. Who cares? The Saints have the best team in the NFL right now. Ain't close. They are dictating games.
  14. The Saints put up 17 points in the first quarter. 24 in the first half. So when the offense dictates the game, the other offense has to put up points to score. Which falls into the what the Saints like to do, rush the passer and force turnovers. The Saints took the Eagles' ability to be balanced away from the in the first quarter. It's easy to play defense when you know they are going to have to pass the remainder of the game....from the first quarter.
  15. Of course they have a 3.7 YPC when you do quick math. The Eagles had 12 carries for the GAME yesterday and 2 of them went for -12 yards. So the 70 positive yards against the (-12) is 58 total rushing yards on 4.8 YPC average. But the Eagles were playing catchup all game because of the pressure from Saints offense.
  16. This week you were hear one stat that will be blatantly used out of context and it's rather infuriating. The Saints have the #1 rushing defense. I've already heard it 4 times today. But no one puts any context to it. The Saints have the number one rushing defense.....because their offense is up 30 points going into half time. So the run game for the opposing team goes out of the window. In perspective, their passing defense is towards the bottom of the league. Why? Same reason but on the other side. Teams have to throw it to TRY to stay close with them offensively. What's making the Saints a Super Bowl favorite right now is that their offense is even better than the 2016 Falcons. They aren't worried about clock management, keeping the ball from the other team, blah blah blah. Those dudes are running it up. Period. In doing so, it puts the pressure on the other offense to keep up. But offenses can't, and it allows their defense to force turnovers and produce sacks here and there. Because of the shoot out last night, Wentz had 3 picks before I turned it off. The Falcons have been getting dictated to since 2016. We have the offense to run it up, but are so worried about the defense, that they aren't doing their job as efficiently as they could be and have. The first couple of weeks of the season everyone was saying the offense had to score 40 points to cover this defense. Now DQ (a miracle worker) has this defense playing worth a lick, and this offense is back to playing itself out of games. The Saints make all offenses one dimensional. You have to pass against them because they score so fast and often. The Falcons have so many close games because they don't know what they want to do. Hopefully they figure it out Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving.
  17. Ya'll thought he was really going to play just out the gate, huh?
  18. A few guys called it almost 4 years ago on Trufant when the Jaguars were literally picking on him at one point. We said it then and we'll say it again, dude is trash. He came from a team in college where the whole CONFERENCE is known for not playing defense. Dude is a shadow boxing CB. He never initiates contact. Ever. Even with a QB coming to block him. (Refer to Chicago Bears game last year) His words fall on deaf ears because it doesn't matter. He got paid. Is what it is. And if he makes a play and gets an INT this Sunday....HE'S STILL TRASH! Relative to Alford. I thought he had a good season last year. This season, outside of the old penalties he always used to get, he's just getting physically abused out there. So he's taking a step back. So his words mean nothing as well. I saw an older, recovering from a major injury, Richard Sherman go in and make some one on one tackles against RBs in the back field last week. Like, come on man.
  19. Oh, it's happening. They're the best team in the league let alone the NFC right now.
  20. Why does he need medical and pyschological help, again?
  21. So after watching that crazy Sunday night game last night, the Chiefs' defense is HORRIBLE and the Patriots' defense isn't that much better than our depleted defense. But they are 5-1 and 4-2, respectively. Then in comparison watched the Dallas Jacksonville game, where the Cowboys hung 40 on a really good defense, but the offense, behind Bortles put up 7 points. The offense can't come out in the second half when the defense is giving you stops, and not continue to score points. You can't. Matt can't trip over himself tossing the ball. He can't miss opens throws. WR's can't start dropping passes. OL definitely can't have pre-snap problems. 2nd and 3rd quarter, the defense did ENOUGH to give the offense the ball enough times to put the Bucs away. It's simple, they have to keep scoring. A rookie hung 40 on Tom Brady and Bill IN New England last night. They could've folded and it could've got ugly, but they just did their job and kept scoring. If fans want to get mad at the defense for not getting stops, hold this offense accountable for going flat when we need them most. Shout out to Matt Bryant, the real Matt Ice.
  22. And for those needing a break down of how a defense work all game to take away Julio Jones, or at least try to, here you go....
  23. All of the people creating message boards on trading Julio Jones, this, that, and the third are complete idiots. So you don't blame Matt Ryan when the offensive line can't block for him and give him a "pristine, clean pocket" to throw, but Julio Jones gets the blame for lack of TDs when his QB throws the ball every place BUT to him? His QB can't throw a back shoulder fade or even a high point fade because he's throwing it out the back of the end zone and over dudes heads on 4TH and scores. Idiots. Don't @ me.
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