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  1. Oh, it's happening. They're the best team in the league let alone the NFC right now.
  2. Why does he need medical and pyschological help, again?
  3. So after watching that crazy Sunday night game last night, the Chiefs' defense is HORRIBLE and the Patriots' defense isn't that much better than our depleted defense. But they are 5-1 and 4-2, respectively. Then in comparison watched the Dallas Jacksonville game, where the Cowboys hung 40 on a really good defense, but the offense, behind Bortles put up 7 points. The offense can't come out in the second half when the defense is giving you stops, and not continue to score points. You can't. Matt can't trip over himself tossing the ball. He can't miss opens throws. WR's can't start dropping passes. OL definitely can't have pre-snap problems. 2nd and 3rd quarter, the defense did ENOUGH to give the offense the ball enough times to put the Bucs away. It's simple, they have to keep scoring. A rookie hung 40 on Tom Brady and Bill IN New England last night. They could've folded and it could've got ugly, but they just did their job and kept scoring. If fans want to get mad at the defense for not getting stops, hold this offense accountable for going flat when we need them most. Shout out to Matt Bryant, the real Matt Ice.
  4. And for those needing a break down of how a defense work all game to take away Julio Jones, or at least try to, here you go....
  5. All of the people creating message boards on trading Julio Jones, this, that, and the third are complete idiots. So you don't blame Matt Ryan when the offensive line can't block for him and give him a "pristine, clean pocket" to throw, but Julio Jones gets the blame for lack of TDs when his QB throws the ball every place BUT to him? His QB can't throw a back shoulder fade or even a high point fade because he's throwing it out the back of the end zone and over dudes heads on 4TH and scores. Idiots. Don't @ me.
  6. And he should have completed the pass. But Hugh's story, not mine. He had his epiphany, and he actually played in the NFL. So I'm going to side with the NFL veteran and not.....strange, old guys who have almost 20K posts on a message board.
  7. Listening to 92.9 The Game and "Hugh's World" came on and he said he had a clear moment of epiphany yesterday watching the game with a fan, at one of his cigar bars. He said that the fan was going back and forth with him on Matt Ryan and how he has to make a play. He's the highest paid player on the team and second highest paid player in the league, he has to make a play. Hugh kept telling him that Matt was under siege out there yesterday and trying to be "analytical" to the fan, whom he said has a been a fan for a long time. But the fan kept standing where he was on Matt Ryan. Then the play in the game came where Matt Ryan had a chance to scramble up and out of the pocket or hit Julio over the top, and he missed him. Hugh said he just had to sit there and enjoy his cigar. Because he said that Matt Ryan has to make that play. In that moment, when the chance is there, that player has to make that play. He said in that moment he had a clear image of what the fan was looking for. Players have to make plays. All of them.
  8. Again. You still have to score points.
  9. What does that have to do with offense?
  10. Can we score frickin 21 points on these dudes??? I mean the Browns did! Sheesh.
  11. What else are they going to say?
  12. Ok, what teams are in the Top 5 in the....rather specific....time frame?
  13. That's where you will lose a lot of us. You're talking "long term moves" and "suck for 2018", when we're only 4 games in. It's basically a tanking type move to some degree. Can't rock with that.