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  1. But seriously, you boys are a trip on the Matt Ryan stuff. And ya'll STAY in here posting and having opinions on everything. I've been in here since 2011/2012 and only have 780 posts. Some of ya'll got like 40,000 posts! Get a life and keep your opinion. Feel free to find me in Section 221 for the next 30 years at the Benz, Philly game one, New Orleans Thanksgiving game, Carolina and Tampa Bay road games, D.C. for the birthday turnup, and Pittsburgh...because Steelers is a bucket list. I'll buy you a beer and you can tell me all about it. Lol.
  2. Matt Ryan is a middle of the pack quarterback. He just happens to be the highest paid now. Hopefully the equation matches up. Lol.
  3. How? My point was that QBs throw interceptions. Dude was trying to put blame on Matt throwing redzone INTs. How? So how did I lose, again?
  4. Who has the better weapons for an OC to scheme with? I'll wait.
  5. Did Matt Ryan throw INTS the year he won the MVP?
  6. Dude was playing on one leg. Let's see how the San Francisco offense looks with Jimmy G. this year. He's 5-0 right now WITH a new massive contract. If the 49ers offense puts up points this season WITHOUT Matt, Julio, Sanu, Free, Coleman....well....then we know don't we.
  7. You think Matt Ryan will win an MVP again. Good for you man. We'll win the Super Bowl because of a Top 10 defense before that. All he has to do is not mess it up. Simple.
  8. Easily. Once they get sensitive, stats go out of the window and you can't reel them in. Then it's a bunch of name calling and "get out of here, this is our land" talk. Lol.
  9. So you forget the Shanny "smug" game where he came out and had 3 plays drawn up for Roddy and he couldn't separate on ANY of them? Lol. Love Roddy. But come on bruh.
  10. Why so sensitive? Lol. I'm just giving stats. You guys get SOOOOOOO emotional about Matt Ryan like he's paying for your kids lunch or something. Sheesh.
  11. Bruh. You are making my point for me. You do realize that that ratio is basically Matt Ryan's career average. Lol. Stats, dog. Scroll back. I already cooked that dude. But for you, the dude throws picks UNLESS the SCHEME gets dudes open for him to where he just doesn't have to mess it up. You just said dude lead the league. I don't disagree.
  12. Kyle Shannahan is not here anymore. Do you think that Matt Ryan will win another MVP? I'll wait. Why do you think they are trying so hard to keep Shanny's scheme and not let Sark do his own thing? Because the SCHEME works for him. But again, do you think he'll win an MVP again?
  13. Woah woah woah. Did you say redzone turnovers? You mean like that ones Matt threw last year WITHOUT Shanny or BEFORE Shanny. Lol. What are you trying to say? Also in those first 5 games Matt had 6TD, 4INTS, and averaged 291 yards and a QBR of 92.7. Come on bruh. Do better, man. FOH.
  14. Please refer back to my stats posting over his career average, MVP year, and last year. That will answer your question. Stats don't lie. It's a passing league. So "All-Time" stats don't mean much as the league is now a passing league. He should have high stats.