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  1. Sir. thank you and your family for doing what you've done and are currently doing for this country. I also have a family of Vets and those currently serving. But there are SO many clear contradictions in your statement that is pretty tough to read. I'm going to assume that you're an older white male? Maybe Vietnam? To old? Could be. But, I have 2 family members and a close friend who served in Vietnam and when they came back were still treated like below lower class citizens due to the color of their skin, sir. So when you make statements about "your opinion" on "how to protest", it doesn't hold weight because again...just guessing....if you're an older white male, you haven't experienced what this protest is about. Next time you see a group of cops surrounding a young black man, go tell them you're a Vet and ask them what's going on. Maybe you can help us. Since we clearly aren't protesting right. You said that you defend the right of every US citizen to kneel during the anthem. You don't agree with it. Ok. What will you do then for the US citizens of color, men and women, who have been and still are being killed by the police who are sworn to protect them?
  2. But didn't all veterans fight for the same thing? Why should he have to consult other veterans on something they all fought for? What are you talking about.
  3. But didn't Kaepernick meet with an Army Green Beret, Nate Boyer and he told Kap that kneeling was actually the most respectful way to do it THIS way. So what are you talking about again?
  4. Listen. Most of the people on here either one, don't know the basis of the protest (police brutality/killing of women and men of color), OR two, know the basis (police brutality/killing of women and men of color) and don't care. Then there's the rest of us who know the reason for the protest (police brutality/killing of women and men of color), know that kneeling during the anthem is simply the VEHICLE of the protest (police brutality/killing of women and men of color), and know that this NFL "Anthem rule" is just flat out dumb. Most of us on here have season tickets or watch the game. You don't stop ordering your beer during the anthem, and don't stop pouring during the anthem. When you're at home or your local bar, no one stops what they're doing for the playing of the anthem. Stop the non-sense.
  5. Give the man his money.
  6. Because that season is an outlier....a anomaly. How many times did Montana and Bill do it?
  7. Now. The excuse for Matt has always been the oline right? But he's played more full seasons than Stafford, I'm sure. So what's the per game averages to this point?
  8. Here's a riddle for you. Who's been the better team for the last few years? Chargers or Falcons? Now who's the better quarterback? Rivers or Ryan?
  9. Maybe you missed that whole "outside of Shanny" part....maybe. Read, man. So again, take away the Shanny seasons.....and what's the difference again?
  10. The only weapon Stafford has ever had was Calvin Johnson. They still can't find a running back for him. Matt Ryan just got Calvin Ridley. I'm hoping he'd win a playoff game with those guys.
  11. And how much were Elway, Aikman (you spelled it wrong), and Montana making relative to the league and their team during the time. The question is....what are you paying Matt Ryan for? Outside of the one Shanny Super Bowl season, what's the difference between Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford?
  12. What was Trent Dilfer's contract relative to other qbs in the league when he won the SB in 2000? I'll wait....
  13. Who was the "great talent" around Tom Brady when he torched us from 28-3? Blount? Hogan? Lol. Stop.
  14. And Matt is going because the league is a passing league and he's been the beneficiary of Tony Gonzalez, Julio Jones, Michael Turner, and Kyle Shanny? Cool.
  15. It's been a passing league for 10 years. Who ISN'T going into Canton? Eli Manning is going into Canton. Soooo.....?