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  1. So Matt Ryan has neither. So you must really not care about him.
  2. Let it go people. Matt Ryan is average. He needs a perfect storm to be successful OTHERWISE we're out in the second round or don't make the playoffs. But he's going to get paid. Unless our defense becomes the new Seahawks and Legion of Boom of old, we're going to be held hostage like the Lions have been. Julio Jones is our Calvin Johnson. See how that worked out.
  3. It's crazy to think that in this hypothetical, Falcon fans still know they honestly had no chance. YET. The NFC Championship quarterbacks consisted of Case Keenum and the now Super Bowl Champ and MVP Nick Foles. They put up points. Falcons scored 10 points in the first half of the second round of the playoffs. The defense would have had to hold the rest of the those teams to 10 or less to points to have a chance. But the emails....I MEAN dropped passes. Blah blah blah.
  4. This isn't complicated. The Patriots play-action dang near every play, yet they don't run all that often. They play the concept to the reverse affect.
  5. You know. More stuff for Matt Ryan. Smh.
  6. This is stupid. Because people STILL pick Matt Ryan even in a hypothetical poll. Isn't that sad? Give me Aaron Rodgers for the win, please. Thanks.
  7. People tend to get on DQ about his aggressive play calling when it pertains in game situations. Let's look at Super Bowl 51. Everyone says that we should have run the ball. I don't disagree that we should have called more running plays to keep the clock running. However, that's who we were all season. That's who DQ. The problem was in execution. The holding calls. The missed blocks. Etc. DQ going for it on 4th downs between the 45's. Execution. The two biggest plays of the game last night BOTH were on 4th down calls from the Eagles. The trick play for the TD and more importantly the 4th down on their side of the ball right after the Patriots scored to take the lead in the fourth. The execution of the TD play going into half was incredible. But the 4th down pass from Foles to Ertz to keep the drive going was the game. If those guys don't execute, an aggressive coach looks dumb. Incompetent. I believe the players buy in to DQ being aggressive. He will go down as the best coach in Falcon history. Hopefully the players can execute to the level the Eagles did yesterday to make their coach look like a genius.
  8. .....because we prayed every week for this MVP quarterback and offense to score 20 points.
  9. So with 4 downs to get into the end zone, how many pass attempts did the Falcons have?
  10. So what affect did the drops have on the 4 plays to score a touchdown to beat the Eagles, to move on to the NFC Championship? What WR and TE didn't hold up their end of the bargain with 4 downs to get in the end zone? Isn't Matt the best comeback from behind quarterback in the league? Matty Ice what they call them. So why couldn't he throw the ball into the end zone with 4 downs to go? I'm pretty sure I saw Nick Foles throw a slant route that allowed his TE to get in the end zone. How does our slant route leave Julio on the ground 2 yards short? Give me those facts.
  11. A defense that gave up the most passing yards in playoff HISTORY? If the Falcons defense got torched like that, people would be calling for DQ's head. How about the offense keep scoring points? Take advantage of the clear weakness of the Patriots. Their horrible defense.
  12. Interesting. So what's the "disruption" behind my post? Every post on this message board is an argument. So everyone is this troll of which you keep trying to refer to, right?
  13. I'm not crying. Not close.
  14. ....relative? Ok. I mean if you feel this is the place for sharing.
  15. Oh....that's you? Still don't know you. But I'm sorry for your loss?