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  1. Lol. You sound like an old grumpy white man. Definitely NOT poor. Deceitful? Pretty harsh. Miserable wretch? Man, that escalated ol fella. You and that Dave dude must be neighbors shooing kids away from "your land". LOL. Sharing wifi. Because ya'll sure stay on here a lot.
  2. I said Ryan would suck with Shanny? Or that Ryan was average without Shanny?
  3. So Ryan is better WITHOUT Shanny? Got it. Lol. SuperBowl back to back. I can't wait.
  4. You mean with Shanny? Got it. Cool.
  5. Top 3-5 in what stats since 2008?? LOL
  6. Matt Ryan is EXACTLY what his career stats say that he is. Outside of one year. Facts.
  7. So Matt in 2015 was bad and in 2016 was good with the scheme. So this year, what's his problem?
  8. Fact is, exactly what I said would happen, did. Shanny came. Matt became MVP. Shanny left. Matt is below 8 yards per pass after averaging almost 10 yards per pass last year. Thank you Shanny.
  9. Nope. Lol.
  10. So was Jared Goff bad last year or is the scheme better for him this year?
  11. LMAO. So you're going to just ignore the 70% completion rating? Almost 5000 passing yards?! Over 300 yards passing per game. Almost 10 per attempt. 7 DANG INTERCEPTIONS?!?! 69 passes over 20 yards. 17 OVER 40! ....and 117.1 passer rating. LOL. Stop. Stats don't lie. You can read THAT. Come on, now.
  12. You do realize it's the scheme...don't you? Why would the Falcons bring in a coordinator to run Shanny's scheme from last year? Because it was record breaking. Why not run something that Matt was more comfortable with, because we all know he wasn't comfortable with Shanny? Because Shanny's scheme made Matt Ryan an MVP. If Shanny was here this year, we'd be undefeated. Easily. Brady and Belichick have been fortunate to have been tied together. But it's always going to be the scheme. AGAIN...Matt was more confident and cut throat last year. Because of the scheme. This year....he's back to what his stats say that he is.
  13. And he's average.....without Shanny. I said last year that it was Shanny. .....clearly SOMETHING is different this season? Same qb. Same rbs. Same wrs. Same oline. Same te's. What on earth could be the difference with the "MVP". Lol. Hopefully Shanny calls him the next 3 weeks for a pep-talk.
  14. You can't talk to some of the people in here man. Their Falcons-blinders stay on.