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  1. Lawd. It's a touchdown and 2 point conversion. Pedantic.
  2. In 3 of the 5 losses the Matt Ryan brought the team back to within a score in the 4th quarter, including the Texans game.
  3. What QB has won anything without these things?
  4. Isn't this true of all QBs? I'm sure you would say Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. (as one should), and he's been in the same system for the vast majority of his career. Same is true of Brees and Rodgers. None if them have had the revolving door of offensive schemes Matt Ryan has. They've all had stability and a scheme that is best suited for them.
  5. I always imagine what this team could be if it didn't have wholesale changes every other year. Stability is underrated.
  6. Pretty sure Matt threw a TD in the first half last week. But I agree that the offense has been awful at the start of these games. They're very slow out of the gates which is terrible to watch. Too predictable and sloppy. However, if the defense could make a stop when it counts, we most likely would've won this game.
  7. The entire season summed up in one stat. The offense and defense are just operating on different planes right now. Here's hoping the D can start getting it together.
  8. Saw this coming. He was terrible the entire game. I think Robinson's TD was on him too.
  9. ...But part of the reason he only got 12 carries is because the run game was stymied from the jump.
  10. So, by this logic, Manning and Brady aren't elite either, right? Because they're "past their prime"? What even are you saying?
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