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  1. Even if we did need a vet, I would have a meltdown if it turned out to be Sanchez
  2. I wonder if they are going to be like the vibrating beds you see in sleazy hotel's during movies where you have to drop 50 cents in to get them crunk up?
  3. It would definitely fill the halls of the new stadium with the Gospel on gameday. lol Rise Up ATL lol
  4. I live in south GA so I hear little about the goings on in the northern part of the state. I haven't heard anything about Stone Mountain but I would be really sad to see it go. Most of the times we have been to Atlanta we visit there.
  5. I know the "doughnut" lol will have its critics but think how awesome that would look in real life spiraling open and shut before games. It could have a big Falcons logo that came together when it was closed. I think it would be bad ***.
  6. You could offer Rex a Gift Card to the shoe stores around NY.
  7. Agree totally, I just thought this was about MR.
  8. The thing that makes this so impressive is look what he stepped into. Anything would have been better than what we were used to. He came into a gutted and down on their luck team and made chicken salad with chicken ****. At the time him winning 8 games would have been a miracle. I'm proud to have Matt Ryan as my Quarterback.
  9. I don't mind Osi coming here one bit as long as Abe comes back too.. I don't care if he is or isn't our best option at this point,I miss Abe. He should be able to retire a Falcon.
  10. I wish Abraham would win a Superbowl. He is a class act, awesome player, and in my book totally deserves himself a ring.
  11. It's kind of implied when you go to a bottom feeder team and rob them for every penny you can.
  12. I could heart some bacon right now...
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