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  1. Calm that nerd talk stuff down. This is a Football. Could have done without that whole Asante Flies crap thingy.
  2. How about "Quit wasting your time Gonzo, that Playoff win ain't coming"
  3. Look, I want this team to win a Playoff game more then anybody. I just don' see it happening. Ryan and Smith just don't have what it takes.
  4. Lol who gives a **** what you out up in your room. Nobody cares, topics like these are pointless.
  5. I fail to see how a 4th round pick is a disappoinment? Do you know how dumb you look?Dude was in he 4th round for a reason. Outside of the 3rd round talent rarely pans out. So no he was not a disappointment. Just typical for a 4th rounder. I swear it feels like there are nothing but uneducated 15 year olds on this board who know nothing of Football.
  6. Did you really just make a post for asking if some Fans are from Cali? Ughhh, such a fail post. Some people have no lives.
  7. I love me some Gonzalez but he needs to retire while he is on top. He won't ever win a Playoff game with this current squad so there is no point in trying.
  8. Mike Smith is a boss. What type of question is this. Of course he has control. Otherwise we would be like the Jets.
  9. Now way in **** we pick up a TE with our 1st rounder. There are much more pressing needs.
  10. Falcons most likely will go one and done this year. Lol who cares. 10+ years on a message board is just sad loser. Falcons blow when it counts anyway.
  11. I can honestly say that this isn't a bad mock draft. Better then most that I have seen. Good job G-Dawg.
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