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  1. Enough messing around, sign a few of the guys that are still out there Gonzalez is here for 1 year, Jackson maybe 2 it's all about now so pickup some of the DEs/LBs still out there like Dumervil, Abe, Freeney, Osi, Dansby
  2. We can still get a like Mike Jenkins on a 1 year deal for cheap We need a starter at CB but what we NEED is to fix up front, we need some quality front 7 players brought in asap So painful seeing guys like Dumervil, Abe, Freeney, Dansby out there and signing no one
  3. Let's also remember that before Lofton left we did not have one of the worst run Ds in the NFL Dansby wasn't expecting to get replaced in Miami, let's let him know hey a team that's actually good does want you
  4. I said the other day bring in Dumervil and Dansby grab a DT and CB in the draft and let's do this ish If we stay 4-3 Dansby could man in the middle and we could leave Spoon at OLB, if we go 3-4 Spoon and Dansby could handle the ILB Give us some rangy athletic LBs who can stop the run, cover and blitz
  5. Stole what I was going to say Owens is the only guy I've seen catch Harvin, though he appeared to have an angle However I don't think he's ever really done much at corner, and is undersized like all our CBs Itd be nice to see that athletic ability translate as a corner but havent really seen it No ones beating down his door with offers so we might get him back cheap for special teams
  6. Let's remember a couple key things here 1st, Dumervil signed a contract with the Broncos, he's more than held up his end of the bargain being a productive player and staying healthy every season. He had 11 sacks and 6 forced fumbles last year. Now the same organization that signed him to that contract came to him and told him he needed to take a pay cut 2nd, having to cut him means they're eating a cap hit in dead money, combine that with if they resigned him to the 8M they wanted him to take theyd still end up paying more than his original 12M cap hit. In other words they may not even have space to try to resign him Why should he penalize himself after they cut him after approaching him to take a pay cut after doing his job very well"? BRING HIM HOME TD
  7. Falcons re-signed restricted free agent DT Vance Walker to a one-year, $1.26 million contract. Originally a seventh-round pick in 2009, Walker recorded 25 tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumble as a solid rotational lineman last season.Tue, Mar 13, 2012 03:38:00 PM
  8. Lol only like 2 people here understand that his "resigning" happened last year, a 1 year RFA deal Which is why he's a free agent now He hasn't been resigned, nor signed by anyone else last time I checked. He could end up getting resigned for cheap but like I said we need a big NT, and already passed on solid options who signed for cheap, so might have to turn to the draft for that. We also need multiple edge rushers If we're to have any chance of doing all that we better start making moves and we may end up going with the same OL that are already on the roster
  9. Also Abe had a 4M salary but a 8M cap hit, I don't know how much space we free'd up by cutting him Babs has about a 4M salary I dont know what his cap hit is but I dont think its near 8 I don't understand why we haven't got Dumervil on a plane to ATL yet, if we scooped him we could go with him and a 1st rounder and be alright, not great but ok We could also bring back Abe ASAP and add either Freeney or Osi and again be ok. I guess the truely IDEAL situation would be -Sign Dumervil -Resign Abe/Sign Freeney/Osi -Draft a DT and a DE in either order in the 1st 2 rounds Assuming that someone can emerge at RG and we don't need to draft a starter there Then the DL looks like RE Dumervil, Massaquoi/Matthews UT Babineaux, Peters NT ROOKIE (1st/2nd round), Robertson, Jerry (if he isn't cut) LE Abe/Freeney/Osi, ROOKIE (1st/2nd round), Biermann I could definately live with that, and if that's the case then I really don't care about the back end because up front is where the game is won and lost, Spoon and Nicholas as the top 2 LBs, we take a CB in the 3rd and he likely plays the nickel with McClain starting or we bring in a vet for cheap because with an actual pass rush we can play zone and have the safeties over the top and let the corners ball hawk.
  10. Ya don't really see Babs being cut, he's the only starter quality player left on our DL, which is basically the worst in the NFL at this particular moment. His sacks have been down but he's still racking up run stuffs which shows he still has ability. He really needs a quality NT beside him to free him up and not be taking on double teams. At DE we have Biermann who is a backup and 2 nobodies in Massaquoi and Matthews. We need AT LEAST 2 quality players added here or it's not going to work. DL was our biggest need before we cut Abe, cutting Babs wouldn't really help
  11. Walker's a UFA, don't think anyone has signed him He may come back for cheap Personally I feel we need to get a bigger DT from the FA market. Unfortunately almost all the good ones have already signed elsewhere for cheap. We could draft a DT early but we need to get some impact edge rushers in here, we have none
  12. Just get some **** defensive linemen signed Tony is only coming back for 1 year, Jackson might have 2 years in him, it's about right now
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