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  1. Who's your top 4-3 OLBs then? If TD doesn't make it then I'm going to have to call it questionable at best. The dude gets absolutely zero recognition, but he's one of the absolute best in the league at what he does... he really couldn't play his responsibility much better than he already does. Honestly, I think the two best 4-3 OLBs in the NFL are right here in the South. Davis and David. Both get the consistency nods as well. since they've arguably been the best for 3 years straight now (since David's rookie year, and Davis finally coming back). I guess there's Von Miller too, if you count him... I consider him more of a pass rusher in the mold of a 3-4 OLB/DE though sort of force-fitted into Denver's 4-3 system. He's a unique player no doubt, but he doesn't play the same style as Lavonte and TD.
  2. I always laugh when they zoom in on Kroy before the snap. I mean, the contacts and war paint would be cool if you were like... good or something and other teams feared you. Like this guy:
  3. Well this hurts a lot. And Pwak, just stop. Luke and TD are still elite even without Star, don't say stuff like "he's the reason they're so good", or at least word it/flesh it out better. The Star loss is huge though as it will allow Seattle, the best rushing team in the league, do what they want to do on offense a lot more easily... especially with a bruising power back as good as Lynch. Star is huge in helping limit the damage there, might have to stack the box more, Luke won't be free to roam around in coverage as much to confuse the QB and help the pass rush hit home, and at the same time it opens up Russell Wilson's running game and PA passes a LOT. We can still win, but this combined with Philly likely being out or limited just really put a dent in those chances... everyone is going to have to step it up and ball the **** out. Both players are integral pieces in opening up both our offense and defense.
  4. Yeah, I think a lot of people are just looking at his volume stats - which is ******* stupid in his case in particular - in their judgement of him as a player... either that or they've just completely forgot what an actual healthy J-Stew looked like, which is what he is right now. You actually watch him play and you can see he's a legit talent at the RB position. Even during a lot of the games he's played over the last 4 years he's been playing with nagging injuries, but forced himself out there onto the field regardless to try and help the team... and as everyone can see, it just made his injury problems worse. I hate it for the dude, and he's honestly hurt the team with that contract... but people tend to forget, he was given that contract (while still excessive) for a reason. Dude is a game-changer when healthy. Oh well, he's still only 27, hopefully he can come back strong the next few years. Lol, we're stuck with him regardless.
  5. Lmao You're saying Romo has the stats to be considered elite, he just needs the ring... While at the same time saying Manning, who already has a ring and 4 MVPs, isn't elite because he has a losing record against Tom Brady and had some bad games in the playoffs... all the while Manning has the best overall stats in the history of the league.
  6. The first Rocky was essentially a tie at the end. If that match was 10 seconds longer Rocky would've won. Ain't no ties in the playoffs.
  7. Going beyond just the QB and looking at the team as a whole, it's really only an upper hand if the other team doesn't have it. Coaches included. I think getting there either more than once or winning one game helps get the monkey off of players backs who don't have playoff experience, or at the very least alleviate some pressure. That big stage really is a factor for some... they either get too hyped up or get nervous about ******* up in such a big moment. Some, no, it doesn't really matter at all. Then there's those who thrive in those type of moments. When you've rosters as extensive as football and a majority of them green behind the ears, yeah, playoff experience can be a factor. Just depends on the nature of the guys on your team. For example, we've got a really young team with a bunch of guys who just got their first playoff win. Even some vets like Kalil, Stew, and Deangelo who have been around a while who've never won one. A few have come right out and straight up said it's great because now they can play more freely, and were admittedly tensed up Saturday, hoping they didn't blow it. Either way, all that experience can do is build confidence. Unless you perpetually f*ck up in the playoffs... then it's just the opposite.
  8. I really don't think it's that bad saying a healthy J-Stew is close to Marshawn Lynch. Just the problem is Stew is literally never healthy. When he is, he's a ******* beast and easily a top 10 RB at the very least... I've seen that same sentiment shared by a lot even outside the Carolina fanbase. It's just been so long, and the fact he's always been the #2 back behind Deangelo (even when clearly the better back) people dropped him lower. Even during his early years before injuries really became a problem he always had lingering ankle issues. Right now is the healthiest he's been in years. He came into training camp healthy, but pulled a hammy at the start of the season which caused him to miss time, then came back as the #2 behind Deangelo again. The last 4 years or so it seems every time he'd start getting in a rhythm or overcoming one injury he'd get injured again. Every year when he gets at least a decent number of snaps he's rated as one of PFF's top 3 overall backs on a per carry basis, and is neck-and-neck with AP and Lynch in their broken tackle and elusiveness stats. I could almost guarantee that if, hypothetically, he could've had a normal healthy career and was the feature back on a team he'd have regularly been a top 5 back over the past 5-6 years. He's got that vicious AP power mixed with a little finesse running style, a good receiving back, and really good at pass protection. He's just had some bad f*cking luck.
  9. Lol no, he actually believes it. Dude tried to argue with me that the Falcons were the deepest at DT in the division... after LAST season - nevermind the fact we had the consensus best and deepest d-line in the league at the time. Shred is a trip.
  10. Yeah, it happened just as you all thought it would as the Panthers bitchsmacked both the Saints and the Falcons in their house, while they were both busy clearing out a spot for another division banner, and took the division from them by force. It's all just going according to plan. Just like the win-win situation you all had set yourselves up for this weekend with "Lol y'all better win at least one game". Shut up and sit back down on the couch with your team.
  11. Nope, not next Sunday. Next Saturday.
  12. Trying to do too much there. Should fall on top of it dude.
  13. Cool little scene with Romo there. I hope the dude does win this game... I know he wants it ******* bad.
  14. Lol Detroit should've just went for it after that ******* shank.
  15. Like I said, Dallas has the momentum.
  16. If only y'all got that TD while ago, or heII, the FG at least. I think momentum is in the Boy's favor right now.
  17. Well I'm pulling for the Girls, but you just blew a golden ******* opportunity right there. Can't expect to win when you blow that.
  18. Lookin' like it's not gonna happen, unless we somehow see them in the NFCCG. Then the Madden 15 opening sequence would look prophetic...
  19. He threw 3, but 1 got called back.
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