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  1. So they've already ran Harbaugh out of town Forced to share a stadium with the Raiders A lot of rumors (from credible sources) that Kaepernick is on the trading block Just released Gore a few days ago Patrick Willis and Justin Smith are retiring And who knows what Bowman will be like once he finally returns from that gruesome injury? Holy epic collapse of an offseason, Batman. Couldn't happen to a better group of cocksuckers.
  2. I probably will, I usually do around this time of the year. It's the ******* offseason. Don't worry, I'll be back regularly by the time the season rolls around takin' all y'alls lunch money again.
  3. I'm just glad we extended him before Julius Thomas gets his deal. That dude is about to get overpaid, and would've just drove up the price tag for Greg.
  4. I don't know, I guess if Charles could at least get back up to his pre-injury self he isn't that bad. Just mediocre.
  5. You could bring Decoud back, we're done with him. I'd honestly take him over Godfrey right now. Godfrey was beyond terrible last year after coming back from his achilles tear... that's why we dumped him some time after the mid season mark.
  6. I remember the first time my grandma made me go get my own switch. I broke off a tiny thin one. Never again. Never again.
  7. Albert Breer ✔ @AlbertBreerFollowS Charles Godfrey signed a one-year, $1.5 million deal with the Falcons. Lol, and y'all talked about us signing Decoud last year (who I'll admit, was trash)... lol you're in a surprise for this year.
  8. Sum ***** probably could've went for 1,200 yards and at least ~8 TDs if we weren't forced to use him as a blocker so much last year.
  9. I'll take Olsen at that contract. The signing bonus is high, but then the $7.5 million/year for a top 3 TE is a steal. He does more than just catch balls too, ya' know. He's also turned into a pretty **** good blocker.
  10. User Actions Follow Mike GarafoloVerified account‏@MikeGarafolo Panthers TE Greg Olsen 3-year extension worth $22.5mil includes $12mil signing bonus and $7.5mil avg per year, says @RosenhausSports
  11. I remember when you'd get sent to the principal's office they had a fat *** paddle there waiting on your a$$. Lol they didn't care how young you were. If you didn't get sent to the principal, then the teacher would just get you with the yardstick instead. Mama would tell me stories about her mom when her and her brothers would be acting up in the backseat while driving, she'd turn around, steering wheel in one hand and fry all their jaws with the other. Like a combo bitchslap. Different times, I guess. I don't really care to look up the whole AP case, but I'll just take your word that he went overboard.
  12. Is all AP did was beat his kid with a switch? I never really got into the full details of the story. If that's all he did and he's getting all this ****, then wow... I got my *** blistered with belts, switches, hands, and whatever else when I was little. America is soft as **** nowadays.
  13. So is Brees retiring in 2016? Is he going to start playing for peanuts in 2016 on a new contract? Once you have that $27 million to clear up the money you pushed back, there's still the matter of new contracts. Rookie deals ending, signing new free agents, extending more contracts, some new good player emerges on the roster demanding money, signing rookies, etc. I'm pretty sure Brees is gonna be wanting to play after 2016, and you'd have to pay him again too... unless you're giving up on him? The peanuts question was rhetorical. What I'm saying is, the window is basically shut. You might squeeze out one more good year between now and Brees retiring (and the possibility that Payton leaves also), and then you become the Tampa Bay Bucs... or better yet, the pre 2006 Saints.
  14. I'm not a big fan of trading up, especially not from the 32nd spot all the way up to a top 10 pick. Have to really be worth it. And not 'Julio Jones' worth it.
  15. Okay, so after all these cuts and restructures to stay afloat, much like you did last year (and talked later how losing all that 'veteran leadership' cost you big in 2014)... I'm just wondering when the admittance is going to come that there really isn't any "going all in while we still have Brees" that's coming to save the day. They just tried that in 2014, and we see what happened... in a historically bad NFCS no less. If every big signing/contract you have comes along with a purging of the roster. That's not exactly magic. Brees has what, 3 good years left if he's lucky? You could make the argument he's already on the decline - despite the stats, there's a lot of times where he just didn't look like the Brees we've come to know. After that, it's time to pay the bill. That's the one thing I just really don't understand with a lot of Saints fans line of thinking. I know it sucks to admit as a fan, but from an outside view, it really looks like your best years (2006-2011) are behind you.
  16. So did anyone actually read the article? I'm guessing all WFW did was just look at the pretty pictures that showed the number of snaps each team's rookies played. The TL;DR version of the article: Falcons got a C+ Panthers got an A- Saints got a C- Bucs got a B And they didn't even count our UDFAs like Norwell and Brown, who were both starting for us down the stretch and playing really well. One of our rookies also got stolen by the Pats as well before he ever even suited up for us.
  17. Go ahead and sit em all for the year, Gordell. With full pay and everything. Oh yeah, and then suspend them for 6 games the following year as well.
  18. If anything, ole Goodell set a very dangerous precedent in the way he handled this for future instances of this nature. Apparently all you have to do as a female now is just simply accuse someone of DV, and before the legal system even finishes it's process, the NFL steps in. That sets up all sorts of blackmail situations going forward.
  19. The chick got what she wanted. We all saw this coming back when the bench trial finished and he immediately appealed for the jury trial. Apparently the court system in NC is different than just about everywhere else in America. In a domestic violence case Hardy was guaranteed to be initially found guilty so he had the option to accept the misdemeanor, regardless of whether he did it or not, or appeal it to a jury trial... in which case it the original bench ruling is completely thrown out. The ***** was a ******* crazy cokehead, and anyone who actually followed this case and knew all the facts seen this coming from a mile away.
  20. Oh man, I was gone for a whole week... let me go ahead and turn my fan card in. Glad y'all are keeping day-by-day tabs. Plenty of you still have an entire season to account for.
  21. Lol I see someone still hasn't gotten the sand out their vagina. Week 17 was a long time ago, bro. How very feminine of you.
  22. Who is "they"? The only Panther fan that was freaking out about it was Wake... then a bunch of overly sensitive Falcon fans and Dago came in swinging at Straw Men. Yeah, Star is a huge loss to our defense, but it isn't an insurmountable one. If we lose it won't be because of no Star, it'll be because the Seahawks are simply a better team.
  23. I believe that's a pretty rough injury for them big fellas. It shouldn't effect his play if he has a high pain tolerance though. Kalil got one early in 2012, missed the rest of the season, and talks about how he'd always been injury free his whole career but that Lisfranc still hurts like heII.
  24. Exactly. Luke **** near single-handedly made us into a respectable, and down the stretch somewhat elite, defense that year. It was like an immediate transformation once Beason went down and he finally got the start at MLB and control of the defense. Before that we were pretty bad. Opponents went from running wild on us to having their run game become virtually useless, which finally allowed Hardy and CJ to wreak havoc. Honestly, in some ways I think Luke's rookie year was his most impressive. Played out of position as a rotational player the first 5 games, yet still led the league in tackles... and made play after play. Lol I remember being called homers for arguing that he was one of, if not, the most impressive young LBers we'd ever seen. He doesn't get quite as many impact plays in the run game as he used to as a rook due to better DT play (and the fact he's usually got a spy on him most the time lol), but he can **** sure still make them even with crappy DTs. That's already been proven.
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