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  1. Lol I seen a quote about a week ago where Payton said he was "really high on Reggie Bush" Like wtf... am I back in 2006 again?
  2. User Actions Follow Adam SchefterVerified account‏@AdamSchefter Minor point: On DeMarco Murray's $21 million guaranteed, $18 million for skill and injury. Murray got what Dallas did not expect.
  3. Ian RapoportVerified account‏@RapSheetThe #Eagles are working to trade G Evan Mathis, source said. More craziness. ****... come on home Mathis.
  4. User Actions Follow Rand GetlinVerified account‏@Rand_Getlin NFL source on New Orleans: "The #Saints are literally shopping every single player on their roster. Complete fire sale." #NotQuiteButClose literally shopping every single player, eh?
  5. User Actions Follow Rand GetlinVerified account‏@Rand_Getlin NFL source on New Orleans: "The #Saints are literally shopping every single player on their roster. Complete fire sale." #NotQuiteButClose
  6. User Actions Follow Adam SchefterVerified account‏@AdamSchefter Chiefs releasing WR Dwayne Bowe today.
  7. User Actions Follow ProFootballTalkVerified account‏@ProFootballTalk Saints closing in on a deal with CB Brandon Browner. "Almost finished," source says. Reply Retweet Favorite More
  8. One that never gets talked about for some reason, and what I think is one of the dumbest FA moves I've seen in recent years was the Bucs giving up a high 1st round pick for Darrelle Revis coming off an ACL tear AND a huge contract... only to let him walk after one year. Lmao you gave up the 13th pick in the draft for one year of Revis. Sheldon Richardson was taken with that pick... Star Lotulelei was taken with the 14th pick.
  9. Adam SchefterVerified account‏@AdamSchefter DeMarco Murray's deal with Eagles is expected to be 5 years, $42 million, including $21 million guaranteed, per @mortreport and I.
  10. User Actions Follow Todd Archer‏@toddarcher Sources say there is a significant difference in guaranteed money in the offers to DeMarco Murray from Cowboys, Eagles. That's the issue
  11. A lot of people aren't going to bother looking through 50 pages when there's all sorts of breaking news going on in FA, sorry just the way it is. This is big enough news it deserves it's own thread.
  12. Honestly, now that I've thought about it, I think Dallas might be the perfect place for Deangelo Williams. With that o-line he can finally play to his strength, which he hasn't been able to in years. He's one of the best backs in the league if he gets just a bit of open running room, and might be the best when he hits the 2nd and 3rd level of the defense. We just couldn't ever do that for him the past few years because our runblocking sucks. Seriously Dallas. You could pick Deangelo up for peanuts and I'm almost positive he would kick some *** behind that line. He's also good for one huge game against the Saints, who you play this year.
  13. Adam SchefterVerified account‏@AdamSchefter Dallas now calling around for other RBs. Cowboys know they've lost DeMarco Murray to the Eagles.
  14. Well if you're going by PFF, it looks like you're going from 'below average pass protection' to 'average pass protection'. Unger, going by their grading, does his work in the run game. A running team that has Marshawn Lynch at running back and Russell Wilson at quarterback. Just going from my own team's experience from having a mobile QB... linemen's run blocking score always gets inflated by mobile QBs... because when they bust off for huge runs the linemen get credit for it, even though it's the QB just taking advantage of the defense. For example, they had us some super godly run blocking team in 2013 (which was hilarious... because we sucked at it) because of all of Cam's huge drive-saving runs (and Tolbert bulldozing people). We've always been high in the run blocking grade ever since drafting Cam, and it falsely inflates our overall line score per PFF. He's also missed 13 out of his last 32 regular season games.
  15. I get the jokes about Ted Ginn the receiver (who was actually decent for us as a receiver in 2013 with Cam), but Ted Ginn the return man solves a huge problem for us from last year. We easily had the worst return game in the NFL. HeII, we had the worst Special Teams period in the NFL last year. Ginn is still a legit return man. And, despite Ginn not being some stud receiver, he also helps solve another huge problem for us on offense. Speed. Between KB, Cotchery, Avant, and Bersin we had to have by far the slowest offense in the NFL. Ginn along with Philly Brown trending up towards the end help solve that big time. Defenses have to respect their speed. So killing two birds with one stone for peanuts isn't exactly a "lolworthy" signing. It just isn't one of those high profile on the surface signings, despite filling team needs.
  16. I'll go ahead and get the inevitable Saints fan reply out the way
  17. Also, Pro Bowl guard Mike Iupati just signed with the division rival Arizona Cardinals
  18. Lol, the owner must've sold his soul for that 3-year run they had. This offseason must be one of the GOAT meltdowns for a franchise ever.
  19. He's a good poster, just a bit wordy with all of his posts. AFF is one of the few around here that talks actual football. I get wordy too when I get in a legit football talking mood.
  20. Stevie Johnson - GONE Lol and now they're talking about cutting Bowman. Holy **** this is gold.
  21. Well we couldn't all aspire to having a #NoFlyZone and being offseason/preseason NFCS champs
  22. The guy that broke the news has been breaking stories left and right this offseason, and has reported he's heard it from multiple sources and isn't backing off from it. Schefter only relayed what the 49ers FO was saying. The same 49ers FO that said they'd do everything possible to keep Gore, and adamantly denied anything was going on with Harbaugh. HeII, their public response to the Harbaugh and Kaepernick is even verbatim. On Harbaugh: "Jim is our coach, and we're glad to have him." On Kaepernick: "Colin is our QB, and we're glad to have him."
  23. Anybody checked Kap's twitter to see if he's raging all over the place? The way he gets butthurt and responds to trolling fans, I bet they're laying into his Jersey Shore lookin' azz right now.
  24. Lol I know, and that just makes this meltdown even more beautiful. I don't know how they managed to f*ck up this bad. Virtually all of RC should enjoy this one I imagine.
  25. Oh yeah, forgot to throw in the OP that Crabtree is gone too.
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