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  1. He's underrated as **** since he pretty much missed 3 whole years of his prime to injury, but TD is a top 3 4-3 OLB easy. One of the most criminally underrated players in the game. I don't know how you'd go about applying that term to LBers though... since there's so many types. Overall LBers? 3-4 OLBers? 3-4 ILBers? 4-3 MLBers? 4-3 OLBers? I think Lavonte David and Thomas Davis are the two best 4-3 OLBers in the game. Von Miller is technically one by label, but they use him much more like a 3-4 OLBer. So I guess I'd say for the Panthers it's Luke, TD, and Olsen. I guess I could throw Kalil in as well even though he had a down year, mostly due to the garbage around him. He's always been recognized as one of the best centers in the game. Lol, Hardy too... he hasn't signed anywhere yet.
  2. For the 6-8 games he's healthy, yeah. Seahawks got by without Unger plenty of times... all their talent is pretty much locked up for the next few years. All this did was make them better, and they were already great. I don't know, I guess I just don't agree with moves where you make the best team in your conference better. I could understand if it came from a team that didn't have any sort of aspirations to compete within the forseeable future... but the Saints are reaching the final years of Brees. Doesn't make sense at all to me.
  3. I still don't understand why they traded him to the Seahawks of all teams. That was just kinda' stupid on the Saints part... unless they know they aren't going to be competing within the next couple of years and they just wanted to **** it up for everyone else.
  4. Maybe you missed this part: I take everything that PFF puts out with a grain of salt. I just put that info out there for conversation's sake. And it is skewed due to having a mobile QB. Notice that all teams with mobile QBs like Carolina, Seattle, 49ers, and RG3 (back when he was running) usually grade out relatively high in the run blocking. They get graded for all those runs that mobile QBs break off where they're taking advantage of an out of place defense. RBs are met in the backfield/at the LOS far too often. For a running team, Carolina has been pretty **** bad at run blocking for the most part for the past 3 years. You tried though.
  5. Just for what it's worth, for those who put stock in PFF, they had the Eagles as the #1 rated run blocking team in the league last year. Sooo, yeah, that DeMarco Murray bet...
  6. As someone who has watched him for years, DWill is a pain in the *** for defenses if the offensive line just gives him a bit of space to work. We haven't been able to do that for him for years.
  7. I'm telling you, you should pick up Deangelo. He'll be cheap and he could do some damage behind that line. If you want bang for your buck you're not gonna find a better one. Sign him to a cheap 2-year deal.
  8. Well, that's one way to do it I guess. We just kinda' stuck it out and hit on some draft picks. Really pisses me off that we couldn't take advantage of all these rookie contracts the past few years though. Man, if we actually had money the past 3 or so years and not being forced to hold on to uncuttable players...
  9. What're you babbling about? I was talking about the Lakers. Thou seem irate, brethren,
  10. Even Lakers fans know Swaggy P is false hope lol. Ever since Jerry Buss passed away I don't even think they have a plan in place. But they're still the Lakers... they're going to attract FAs regardless.
  11. Nice parallel to the Lakers. But they didn't blow it up after that sweep, they went "all in" and failed again, and now they're one of the worst teams in the league. Kobe is on his way out, as is Brees. Question is, who's your Swaggy P?
  12. User Actions Follow Gregory Gibson Jr.‏@srevolution Just so you know, @ReggieBush's next visit is New Orleans. #Saints
  13. I imagine it's gonna be a mess. A whole bunch of guy walking into a situation they weren't even a part of also while having never played for each other. Things like this usually don't end well in the first year.
  14. I take it back. DatMan is officially at the same homer level - or higher - than Shredman.
  15. Miami working on a deal for Evan Mathis
  16. One NFCS team has the #1 overall pick, another just rehauled coaching staffs, the other is having a fire sale. Meanwhile the Panthers coming off back-to-back division titles and a playoff win with a bunch of young talent and a GM that's shown he knows how to draft.
  17. It was from an ESPN writer. User Actions FollowJeremy Fowler‏@JFowlerESPNSource w/ knowledge of situation: #Saints appear to be shopping everyone but Drew Brees and Brandin Cooks. Complete retool.
  18. According to a recent tweet, everyone but Brees and Cooks are on the trading block.
  19. Jason La CanforaVerified account‏@JasonLaCanfora CJ Spiller now one of the few RBs still out there. Saints, Pats among those with interest in him Reply Retweet Favorite More
  20. Well you can back off the ledge a little... User Actions FollowJeremy Fowler‏@JFowlerESPNSource w/ knowledge of situation: #Saints appear to be shopping everyone but Drew Brees and Brandin Cooks. Complete retool.
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