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  1. Congrats on the win, Duke. I hate seeing you tie us for chips... but at least you made the Carolina's look good and reaffirm NC's dominance over college basketball. Still hate your guts, but I knew a long time ago we weren't making it further than the Sweet 16 this season. This is why a lot of us make fun of the Saints/Falcons rivalry... because we know what a real rivalry is.
  2. So you're a Cowboys/Lakers/Duke fan while leaning towards pulling for Kentucky (lol) in college basketball because UGA sucks... but you pull for UGA in football. I guess you're a Yankees fan too, eh? Or are the Braves good enough to pull for?
  3. He's had some injury problems the last couple of years, but if I remember right he was on some sort of historical pace for most of 2012 - his last healthy season. If he can stay healthy he should at the very least be solid in our zone defense scheme despite his age with has high as his football IQ is and knack for being in the right spot and forcing turnovers... assuming our front 7 plays to their potential this season.
  4. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/chi-charles-tillman-bears-departure-20150409-story.html Was a great corner in his day, and probably the most underrated of the past decade. Along with Harper this makes up an excellent veteran mentoring presence for the young secondary. If nothing else, we've now got two Walter Payton Men of the Year winners on the same team... that can only be good for a locker room. I wonder if that's ever happened before?
  5. And since a couple of these ******* accused me of being NYG4 for nearly all of last season, yeah, I felt it was relevant.
  6. Well I'm kinda' late to the party. Missed the whole whatever thread they're talking about. Just giving my .02 on the situation. I just always thought it was funny no one ever called NYG4 a troll or PP the entire 3 years he/she was here until after the fact he/she was banned. Then suddenly 1 person says it and 1 or 2 people just went along with it, then that 1 or 2 became 3 or 4 and so on and so forth. NYG never went after anyone unless they challenged him/her (which happened quite regularly for drama's sake), insulted Cam, or just said/did something blatantly stupid. Also, I always thought
  7. Dangit, I missed NYG4's return? I missed him/her/whatever constantly laying the smackdown on the plebs of RC. I also never understood the connection y'all made between her/him and PP/lilhoney. The posting styles and the way they argued weren't anything alike. Someone just said it after the fact she was banned, then a couple of others just ran with it. Ran with it so long I guess that now it's apparently become a "thing". I'd imagine it's because Tuggle is still holding some sort of stupid grudge and too stubborn to admit he was wrong and too quick to ban him/her in the first place. From
  8. If there's anything you should've learned from me in 2013 and 2014... it is that those jinx/reverse jinx threads only work one season. Or once the jinx creator starts to acknowledge the jinx thread. Thanks Willy. I had like a 10-0 (12-1 overall) or some ridiculous stretch in 2013... starting off with the Giants game, who I thought were legitly gonna beat the brakes off of us, posted a thread about it. We won 38-0. Skipped the Cardinals game the following week, because the jinx thread wasn't a "thing" yet. We got our ***** beat. Thought AP was gonna run wild on us after his kid died. Poste
  9. I thought this sh*t was a joke when I first saw it - like some onion news kinda stuff, because of the hilariously bad offseason the 49ers have had. But nope. Lol it's completely legit. Patrick Willis suddenly retires 49ers fan: "WTF noooo... well... I wish him the best. At least we have this rookie phenom, Chris Borland, who looks like the next upcoming stud LBer to replace him." Chris Borland suddenly retires This **** writes itself
  10. Aww... User Actions FollowIan RapoportVerified account‏@RapSheetIn random #Saints news, they are in the process of re-doing the much-discussed contract of CB Keenan Lewis to make him… happier
  11. He's also a bad motha ****** who has that rare type of speed/quickness that can single-handedly wreck a defense. If he gets his **** together he can be one of the top WRs in the game.
  12. Idk about that... I think it's pretty much the norm to get at LEAST one good contributor out of a draft. I'm ******* disappointed in a draft if we only get ONE contributor. 2009, 2010, and 2011 are widely seen as "bad" drafts for us among our fanbase. 2009 - Captain Munnerlyn 2010 - Brandon LaFell, Greg Hardy 2011 - Cam Newton, *Greg Olsen (traded 3rd rounder to Chicago for him) 2012 - Luke Kuechly, Frank Alexander (good depth and he's still here - shows starting potential), Josh Norman (starting to show potential as a shutdown corner) 2013 - Star Lotulelei, Kawann Short, AJ Klein, Melvin Wh
  13. Wallace is really ******* good if you can get the ball to him. He's literally the only single player that just absolutely torched our 2013 defense. Finished with like 150+ yards with Tannehill constantly over and underthrowing him. If Tanny would've thrown the ball right Wallace was probably looking at a ******* 300 yard receiving game that day.
  14. Adam SchefterVerified account‏@AdamSchefterVikings traded 5th-round pick to Miami for WR Mike Wallace and 7th-round pick, per league source. *******, all they gave up was a 5th for Wallace...? AND they got a 7th for the heII of it?
  15. Lol yeah... you're going to need to do quite a bit better than that IMO. The scary thing though, is IF - and this is a BIG IF - you nail those picks... then *******... you've got some really cheap talent for the next 4+ years.
  16. User Actions FollowJason La CanforaVerified account‏@JasonLaCanforaSaints aren't done making deals. Actively shopping disgruntled CB Keenan Lewis, asking teams not to divulge their inquiries ... In case y'all didn't really believe it was a fire sale. I posted this in a couple of other threads, but this probably deserves it's own.
  17. User Actions Follow Jason La CanforaVerified account‏@JasonLaCanfora Saints aren't done making deals. Actively shopping disgruntled CB Keenan Lewis, asking teams not to divulge their inquiries ...
  18. User Actions Follow Jason La CanforaVerified account‏@JasonLaCanfora Saints aren't done making deals. Actively shopping disgruntled CB Keenan Lewis, asking teams not to divulge their inquiries ...
  19. Already said all I'm saying on it. Like I said, I've avoided even getting into this discussion for a reason... because it's tiresome, and it's been had a 1000 times on this board. Back before Wake even joined the board and Pox only showed up once a month (or however often), it seemed like me, NYG4, and Reese used to argue this **** every day in the offseason. I've brought up valid stats, arguments, facts, etc. numerous times. Lol not doing it again. We'll leave it at: I'm not changing your opinion, and you're not changing mine.
  20. It was a joke. I believe the "garbage NFCS" storyline is a bit overblown anyways. We're not the pre-2012 NFCW, the AFCE, or the AFCS. Those were truly garbage divisions. Last year was more of an anomaly than anything IMO. We've always been a pretty strong division. I think we were all just caught in quite a shitstorm of bad luck, coaching blunders, injuries, etc. last season. As shown by the Panthers at the end of the season (and early in the season at times) that when they had the right players on the field, they were still pretty talented. Our roster during that midseason stretch was l
  21. Lol I understand the sentiment, but this is a topic I've strayed away from all year, because quite frankly it wasn't worth it and it's become tiresome... but it's funny how everyone around here acts like Cam is some bum *** QB now. A year where he missed all offseason due to ankle surgery, where his entire WR corps was gutted and he was given a rookie with drop problems as his #1, and a bunch of other bums which was all we could manage to afford to fill up the roster. Not to mention he missed time developing any sort of chemistry with that entirely brand new corps of receivers. Half of his o-
  22. I don't even know if that record is possible, but yeah. edit: it's not... but the NFCS is making the impossible, possible this year
  23. And Cam outplayed Ryan in 2011 and 2013. No one goes around saying he's the best QB in the division except for maybe some super Panther homers. Brees is still king of the roost for now. If Matt takes over that mantle this year, good for him... but let's at least wait for it to happen first.
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