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  1. Cam has been one of the best QBs in the league against the blitz since he came into the league... but yeah, you know, can't read defenses and all that. His very first career TD pass was where he saw a blitz coming before the snap and called an audible. ****, I think for a stretch in 2013 he was the best by far against the blitz and had like an absurd 125 passer rating on 3rd down up until he hurt his ankle around that first Saints or Jets game (forgot which it was) and then lost Steve Smith the next game.
  2. It depends. Hamstrings can be tricky sometimes and can be one of those injuries that linger all year or be made a lot worse if you're not careful. Hopefully they just shut him down and let it fully heal. It sucks because I was hoping him and Cam would be able to get a lot of reps in together this offseason since they didn't get to last year with Cam's ankle surgery and ribs and all that. The bright side is we get to see Funchess taking reps at #1 and all the other guys getting increased reps to evaluate them.
  3. I've never really commented on this, but Ryan has honestly looked scared as **** against us ever since after that first game in 2012 against us, when he did that little GTFO our field thing on his sideline. We absolutely beat the **** out of him the next game, and told them we were going to do it before the fact. The defense has smelled blood since then - especially when Hardy was here. I know he has some shoddy protection at times, but I've see him panic a lot of times in the pocket in our games from fear of getting hit, just feeling straight phantom pressure. Dude looks legit scared to de
  4. Lol but yeah, back to Rave being a homer... Is Sean Lee still better than Luke Kuechly? I think at one point the Cowboys had a top 3 player at every position according to Rave. ... and that was before they went 12-4
  5. Hardy was neck and neck with CJ in 2012 (they both had Pro Bowl/All-Pro worthy years that year) and surpassed him by a good amount in 2013. Hardy had legitimately become one of the best defensive linemen in football, be it 4-3 or 3-4, in 2013. He's crazy and unpredictable but you got an extremely good, versatile, aggressive, passionate and athletic player who has literally just hit his prime. He's just as good against the run as he is rushing the passer, if not better. He can play every position on the defensive line, he's a special teams ace, and he's fast and athletic enough to drop back
  6. Lol so I guess you consider Hardy one of the best defensive ends in the game now that he's a Cowboy now, eh Rave? Because I remember having a lengthy argument with you a while back (when he was still a Panther before all the domestic violence ****) about Carolina having the two of some of the best DEs in the game, and you would hardly even acknowledge Hardy as a top 5 4-3 DE.
  7. He already is. Dez' past 3 seasons >= Julio's entire career. Depending on how much you value TDs (which he dwarfs him in), it's arguable his past 3 seasons alone have been better than Julio's 4 year career. Dez had a pretty average first year for a rookie WR, but he's been the better receiver since Julio came into the league up until now
  8. You got caught having sex with an animal? That's a new one. ... Oh wait, you mean Mr. Peanutbutter Lips. Lmao nevermind.
  9. Floyd greatest of all time? Lmao... yeah, okay I miss "real" boxers Floyd has ducked Manny for years, and just now decided to fight him now that he's on the decline after those last two bad losses he had. He didn't want to see his azz a few years ago when Manny had a legit shot at beating him. Sorry, you're not the best when you won't fight the best... and I use the term "fight" very loosely in describing Floyd's style.
  10. I don't see how we suddenly have "weapons" now. This guy is completely unproven, raw, and a rookie with drop problems. He's like a poor man's KB coming out the draft I like KB, but he still isn't a true #1 IMO yet... though he definitely has the potential to be. Right now I'd just classify him as a high end #2 We have a great TE, one legit receiver in KB, a bunch of #3 and #4 caliber guys behind him, an often injured running back, and one of the worst offensive lines in the league Yeah... that's one loaded offense
  11. Ah yeah, that's my bad. Well again point still stands, it's a thread about a player not on my team. That **** didn't even make sense what atlien said. And lol Willy still salty as **** I see
  12. I ain't talkin' sh*t, I'm telling the truth And no sh*t I'm talking about a player not on my team, it's a thread about two players not on my team, dumbazz
  13. I didn't like either Everette Brown or Armanti Edwards when we drafted them. Add in the fact that Hurney's dumbazz traded a 1st and a 2nd for both of them makes it even worse. I still have no ******* clue why we drafted Armanti... and then tried to turn him from a QB to a WR. Trading up for doing something that stupid is just mind-boggling.
  14. I mean minus an amazing defense, mobile QB, monster run game, tough physical play, good coach, a championship, sh!t ton of clutch players, and a recent winning season... suure, you're the Seahawks East.
  15. Lol you realize TD and Luke are two of the best coverage LBers in the NFL, right?
  16. Just read that Gettleman apparently said that Shaq and Humphries were the top 2 players on his board at 25... so it was who he wanted off the bat, and since Humphries was taken by the Cardinals directly before us the pick was pretty much as automatic as it can get. So we got our guy I guess.
  17. Well it was Gettleman's highest rated player that was available. He's made it known since day 1 that he doesn't draft for need, he drafts for value. I don't really have an opinion on the pick because I don't really know much about Shaq. If he can be another Thomas Davis like a lot of saying, then it's a great ******* pick IMO. Davis is 32, and once he's gone there's going to be an obvious huge void there if we don't have a replacement ready. A lot of people are projecting Shaq to be used in a Kam Chancellor type role in the meantime until TD retires.
  18. Apparently we visited with him 3 times. The last two defensive players that we showed that much interest in were Luke Kuechly, and Star Lotulelei... who we also visited with 3 times each. People's problem with Shaq was they just don't know how he fits in the NFL. They said he could potentially be a very unique piece with a creative defensive coordinator. Apparently we're pretty high on him and have some sort of idea on how we want to use him.
  19. TD isn't exactly getting any younger, Shaq is gonna be his eventual replacement... and he's the same type of player TD was coming out of college. LB/Safety hybrid. Kinda crazy that TD was the one that announced his (hopeful) successor.
  20. Congrats. I'm glad you guys took him. Cam and Jameis being in the same division is going to be interesting to say the least. Both Heisman winners, national champions (Jameis beat Cam's former team at that), #1 overall picks, Kelvin Benjamin has been both quarterback's favorite target, a lot of controversy surrounding both guys coming into the draft.
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