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  1. You type a lot of words like you know what you're talking about, but you have a pretty poor grasp on what's going on. That whole post was just a garbled mess of paranoid delusion. But then again, this is the same guy that puts his own exaggerated spin on every piece of rival news that ever hits the net, so I guess you've had a lot of practice.
  2. Danight sounding like something out of a fortune cookie
  3. Lol posts about RC are getting deleted now?
  4. Welp, I guess it was Monoxide that deleted it. Just made a new thread and that **** got the axe in under a minute.
  5. Yeah, 350 will more than likely take care of it whenever he sees who you are.
  6. Kelvin stopped himself more than Trufant did. Fool had like 5 or 6 bad drops in those games alone. Still had 100+ yards and a TD in the first game with Tru on him all day If Kelvin can even halfway fix the drop problems he'll be a bad mamba jamba. Dude left like 600 yards and at least 5 TDs on the field last year.
  7. But for the OP, nah, that's not bad. It's pretty much what the NBA aims for with the way they market the players and teams are an afterthought. Superstar players have all the power and leverage in the NBA. The rare players of LeBron's caliber are pretty much the ******* co-GM/coach of their teams. Especially with the way LeBron has his contract set up. He knows and the Cavs know they have to keep him satisfied or he can leave at any time. Cleveland ****** around and ****** around that first LeBron stint and kept surrounding him with garbage during many of his prime years... they know bet
  8. There's so much wrong with this post... First off, Kobe forced himself onto the Lakers when he was drafted... a team that was competitive even AFTER the showtime era, and was obviously on the upswing. They won over 50 games the year before getting Kobe and Shaq (which they got in the same year), along with the assets they got from the Hornets for that trade made them an instant contender and dynasty once Jordan decided to hang it up. Secondly, Kobe has one MVP. Not a "lotta" like you said. One. He has two Finals MVPs. ****, one of those arguably should be Gasol's Finals MVP. You know who
  9. No, we didn't actually. You're the Bucs. We kinda' expected it.
  10. You know, the bottomfeeder's opinions on the division crown might mean a tad bit more... if we hadn't snatched it away from and punked down both the other teams in contention for it to the tune of 75-13. Thank the Saints for that late garbage time touchdown in the last 2 minutes we allowed them to get for Brees and Payton's ego that it was 13 and not 6.
  11. Well the title of the article is 'Thomas Davis Confident Carolina is class of NFC South' Here's your facts: Thomas Davis is a badazz
  12. Now We Know Why The WNBA Doesn’t Have Cheerleaders Well, these type of stories don’t come along every day. As we’re sure most of you have heard by now, two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were arrested in Tampa early Sunday morning after, police say, the two of them were getting them some Sheryl Swoopes in the bathroom. That itself isn’t illegal (thank God!); punching a woman who was complaining about the wait outside the bathroom is. So far, the cheerleaders are saying it’s a case of mistaken identity, which, if true, freaking sucks. But, if police reports are to be believed, we’re dealing
  13. I think 2 or 3 of ours were cheerleaders lol
  14. I've said it for a whilenow... I'd take Dez over Julio. Wouldn't be disappointed in either.
  15. Yeah, that's another one I have problems with and just forgot to mention... he's gotten better at it gradually from season-to-season, but still definitely one of the areas he needs to improve on. Even Jason Avant, who is largely known for his hands, was dropping perfectly placed balls from Cam (though that also goes both ways... WR's at this level should catch balls that hit them between the numbers). Honestly, when Cam gets a clean pocket, with time to go through his reads and step up into the pocket, he's a pretty good pocket QB. Just sometimes after he gets pressured a bit his mechanics
  16. Exactly. They were just itching to get in a "lol Cam sucks... of course he's good against the blitz, he's a running back" diss in so bad they didn't even realize what they were talking about. If Cam is, and has been every year, one of the best QBs in the league against the blitz... then why do the other "running QBs" struggle against it? I'll give you the answer: Cam is the only one out of those I mentioned that actually runs a pro-style offense where he goes through all of his reads (if he has time) and back to his first if needed. He reads the defense before the snap and changes the play
  17. I'm not an OBJ fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, and I think that catch was overrated as all heII, but the dude is legit. Screw his catch, it's what he did in his other dozens of plays that makes him special. If he keeps doing what he was doing last year then he's already one of the best receivers in the league. If he improves like all receivers usually do? Lol, well... Eli is about to have a very nice end to his career.
  18. Sooo, you're basing almost all of your opinions of him according what a few dipsh*t draft analysts said about him before the draft? The same analysts who are proven wrong again, and again, and again, and again... year after year, after year, after year? Because, no offense, a lot of what you said in your OP was complete bologna. I saw OBJ do all those things (aside from blocking, didn't really pay attention to that) that you just said he couldn't by actually watching him. He cuts on a dime, runs extremely crisp routes, makes tough catches that required focus, makes the easy wide open catch
  19. Pretty fast on my laptop. I don't know what the deal is with people not being able to log in... I've been able to every time. That's a pretty big problem, but like I said stuff like that is to be expected after such an immediate big change. If those problems persist for a while, then yeah... it becomes a pretty big and stupid problem. I'll cut him slack right now. It's pretty much just an open beta test.
  20. Well of course there's going to be a few bugs and **** when you have a complete overhaul like that. He's literally just changed it. If people are still having problems a month from now, then yeah, it's a problem. I like the new interface, and it's a lot quicker, sleeker, and smoother than the previous one... which was pretty much the same one AFMB uses. I haven't had a bit of problems with it so far.
  21. Yeah, he's the best QB in the league, and has been for a while. What about him? So are we arguing semantics now? That's why I said "highly" mobile QBs... the ones that Cam is usually grouped with: Wilson, Kaepernick, and RG3. Rodgers is very mobile, but not to the same extent those guys are.
  22. Didn't realize you used your legs to call an audible.
  23. And then you realize that every other highly mobile QB in the league (Wilson, Kaepernick, RG3) graded out negatively against the blitz.
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