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  1. Haha, I hear ya. If there were only 3 quarters of football instead of 4 the Panthers would be 14-2.
  2. Didn't you guys end up 8-8 or something and nearly went to the playoffs? Yeah well we led like 80% (this isn't accurate, ****, the percentage might actually be higher) of the time, yet finished 7-9, and were pretty much out of playoff contention halfway into the season. Sorry, I don't have much sympathy for any team in the league right now after our season.
  3. I remember a scuffle going on around the time there was a kick return or something, but I really don't remember seeing any blatant fists being thrown... even so, who cares? They're wearing ****ing helmets.
  4. I'm friggin' ecstatic about this dude. I seriously think most people just think he's just some overrated tackler or something due to his high tackle numbers, but you really have to watch the guy and you can tell he's something special.
  5. I might be wrong here... but wasn't the Saints interim head coach this year also like a defensive coordinator or something for the previous worst-defense of all time record holder, the 1981 Baltimore Colts? That's almost too funny to be true.
  6. You guys gotta' learn the rules and regulations of the game. 89. Bottom line.
  7. All the rival hate aside... I really don't think there's a bad team in our division. The Saints Bounty Gate messed their season up, I'm not sure what the **** happened to Tampa Bay, and the Panthers... well, a lot of bad luck (black cat as a mascot anyone?) and coaches going full-****** to start the season. Congrats to you Birds for managing to stay away from the bad mojo that plagued the rest of us. Looking forward to see how you do in the playoffs this year.
  8. First account here. I've lurked for a few weeks and registered last night for the sole purpose to post in the 'Super Cam kicks a player' thread if you must know.
  9. I really didn't see the Panthers finishing 2nd in the division after that horrible start we had... if only we could have that first ATL game back (among others).
  10. I wonder how much talk we'll hear about Cam being a leader this week after rebounding from a pick 6, and not one, but two injuries that forced him out of the game. Yet he still came back and the Panthers dropped 44 on the Saints. Haha, I looooved the classy little kneel-down in the redzone at the end of the game as well... despite what you f**kers did week 17 last season.
  11. If only that ole' Smitty could have a bit more class... maybe he can take some notes from the Saints after he gets done hand-washing the feet of the needy and giving them a new pair of shoes.
  12. Even funnier than that, we have the same amount of playoff wins as you in your 47 year history.
  13. I'm really not worried about Cam's passing ability, honestly if we hadn't ran with that ******** read option as our base offense for the first half of the season (which proved time and time again it wasn't working out) I'd be willing to bet he'd already have topped 21 TDs with one game still left to go. Really, these last few games he's shown great progress in all phases of the passing game from footwork, accuracy, and pocket-awareness and managed to salvage what was initially a 'sophomore slump' of a season into one that's arguably statistically better and more efficient than his rookie year. As long as the OC doesn't go full-****** again next season and sticks with what works then Cam should without a doubt be able to hit 30 passing TDs, unless our Oline looks even worse next year. But you can't really predict those things. That alone would put him around/above 100 TDs in his first 3 years... another NFL record.
  14. How many TDs did Matty Ice pass for in his first two seasons again? Let's see... 1st year: 16 2nd year: 22 So 38 altogether? Dang man, Cam was just 3 TDs shy from accounting for that many his rookie year alone. Oh yeah, 21 of his 35 TDs as a rookie were through the air. The other 14? An NFL record.
  15. Well since we're posting some Cam Newton gifs here goes two pretty good ones. I can't decide which one I like the most though... This one: Or maybe this one: Aw shucks, they're both friggin' awesome!
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