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  1. I'm not a fan of Flacco, Ryan, or Brees so this is a completely non-biased opinion. No, if Flacco won the Super Bowl it wouldn't put him above Brees. I mean seriously... quit trying to look at just one part of the argument, use a little common sense, and stop trying to twist it around to fluff Ryan up. Brees is a future 1st ballot HOFer (let me go clean myself off now). Can you say the same thing about Flacco? Ryan? No. One day in the future after they buff their resume up a little more? Maybe. ****, Flacco and Ryan could have 2 SB's a piece at this time and I'd still consider Drew a better QB. Was Trent Dilfer better than Dan Marino? Just a quick question: Would you consider Bill Russell (11x NBA Champion) a better player than Michael Jordan (6x NBA Champion)? Haha, and let me just make it clear I don't think Drew Brees is anywhere close to the Michael Jordan of football... just a comparison.
  2. I honestly wouldn't mind Jake coming back even if he is broken, if only just to provide a mentor-type role for Cam. Say what you will about him, but the dude had all the fire you could ask for out of a QB and he had a knack for pulling some crazy **** out of his ***. Besides... if Cam goes down we're screwed anyways.
  3. Flacco. And no... I don't think either of them are elite. Maybe Flacco has stepped up and taken his game to the next level, or maybe he's just having a good stretch of games. Either way he's playing the best ball of his career so far and he's doing it when it matters, so that's what counts, right?
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, CAR & ATL should be some fun games to watch next season. I think the rivalry really intensified after this season between the "gtfo our field" comments and the calling out by the Kraken... add in the fact the NFCS games are usually tight as **** to begin with, I'm looking forward to it as well! While I agree that we need another legit receiving option next to Smitty (I'll give LaFell another year, and hopefully Gettis actually plays next season to showcase what he's got... along with Lamont Bryant from the PS who is a physical freak) I think the RBs were just horribly misused. Glad you like Keek, btw... he's a beast. Haha, hopefully you'll be seeing him for many more seasons to come. And yes, this was much better.
  5. M'kay if you say so. And yeah, thanks for validating everything I just said even more. P.S. - Sorry I didn't join the board earlier. But hey, at least I didn't join the day y'all supposedly got "bored", at least then you could possibly scrap together some form of a halfway feasible pile of crap that at least some what resembles an argument about my join date. But even then... I'm probably giving you too much credit on that one. Nice try though.
  6. Oh, you mean like that expert of an opinion on other people's opinions you just posted? Sooo... are you actually going to add anything here or pop off about absolutely nothing and bring up the same old tired azz argument you have from another thread? Btw, no thanks. My laptop works just fine.
  7. It tells me he's a sore loser. Seriously, what athlete at this level goes into a game with a mindset like that? Especially considering the last meeting we were the better team through and through the whole game in YOUR house until the last 59 seconds where that miraculous ******** Rivera/Nakamura collapse happened (seriously... not going for 4th and 1 with Cam friggin' Newton? He can trip and get that many yards). Truth is, y'all should've been swept. What does that tell you about Julio Jones if he actually does take plays off? Sorry, but that's about the dumbest **** I heard all season. Our players talked smack the whole week leading up to the game, and the Falcons came out soft... and if your players came out spineless after the amount of crap Hardy and co. was talking then that speaks volumes about the Falcons. Just accept you got your tails whipped as the Panthers finally started getting their mess together. End of story. I guess they were also "bored" against the Giants last year and they got "bored" at halftime against the 49ers.
  8. Yeah, the Bucs were like one of my first thoughts when I heard that. Man I hope y'all ******** don't get Revis Island.
  9. I haven't been on this board very long... but in the short time I've been here I've noticed this WFW cat uses some mighty infallible logic. /sarcasm I don't like your team, and I **** sure don't like Drew Brees, but he's definitely one of the best **** QB's in the league... to put Matt Ryan on his level is ******* ******** to say the least. I understand how it is to be a homer, I love my team too, and I'll admit Cam isn't quite there yet... do I think he has the potential to be one of, if not, the best? **** yes, but it'll take a while before I start comparing him to the Brees', Brady's, and Rodgers' of the league. As long as we're just going by individual stats, I think he's off to a **** good start. Edit: Wow, this board censors a lot of stuff... guess I'm going to have start using words like 'gee willikers' instead.
  10. Even with Cam "regressing" in his 2nd year he still had a better individual season than Ryan his sophomore year. I think that speaks better for Cam than it does Ryan that he got off to a horrible start the first half and then exploded at the end to make Matty's numbers look pedestrian in comparison. And I don't wanna hear that W/L horse ****, especially the way some of you guys are crying about Matt Ryan's two turnovers not costing the NFCCG that it was instead the defenses fault. Yeah, two can play that game... **** that was pretty much our whole season. Sorry we don't have an all-star line up of receivers to help pad Cam's stats even more (Cam with Julio, White, and Tony G... lol) and that we fielded a bunch of nobodies on defense and our offensive-line, but hey, we still beat you guys pretty convincingly.
  11. I'll admit Matt Ryan is a good quarterback, but elite? No. His receivers elite? Yes. Gonzo. Julio. White. Most teams are lucky to have a true #1 with a reliable legit #2 to back him up and take pressure off. You ******* have 3 #1 options, so excuse me if I'm not totally impressed by Matt Ryan.
  12. Yeah sorry... Juliotron is horrible. You're straight up ganking Calvin's nickname and throwing 'Julio' in front of it, don't understand why you can't see this. I'm not disagreeing with you because I hate Julio and I hate the falcons, I'm disagreeing with you because the name genuinely sucks.
  13. I think you might be in for a bit of a surprise if you expect the same Panthers team from last year coming into next season, however, that being said I still think the division is up for grabs just like it always is. Like Reece has said earlier, our offensive woes came from a dumbass OC who was trying to impress for a head coaching gig (which he now has) and we went from one of the worst offenses in the league in the first half and finished overall 12th I believe. That was the result of Chud quitting the cute sh!t. So unless Mike Shula is really as bad as he has been advertised I think we should be alright on that side of the ball. I really think Rivera will quit his coaching not to lose crap and you'll probably see a lot more 4th down conversion attempts... you know, like the one we should have went for in our first meeting against you guys to wrap the game up and sweep you?
  14. Super Bowl 38... **** the Patriots. Pulled for (and betted on) the Giants in both those SBs.
  15. It takes a special kind of homer to claim their team will win the NFCS. Especially this coming season. Let's see... Saints get Sean Payton back Panthers, unless Mike Shula is just absolutely terrible, should be highly competitive on both sides of the ball Bucaneers with a consistent Freeman can hang with any of them ... and the Falcons lose Tony G Btw, CJ and the Kraken seem to have Matty Ice's number as of late.
  16. Yeah, the Bucs definitely made a strong statement coming out this season. Not sure what happened in your second half but I'm sure you'll get it straightened out this year. For some reason most the Panthers fans I know thought the Bucs were an automatic W coming into the season. While I thought we would've played that first game a lot better than we did I knew it was a mistake to enter the game with that kind of mindset. You guys really shut that read option **** down and I only wish Chud would've realized it after that first game and maybe we could be looking at 11-5... 12-4 or something instead of 7-9... but whatever, here's to the offseason. P.S. Nakamura going to IR was one of the highlights of the season for me, hate to see someone get injured but his *** had no business on the field. And to quote that Drill Sgt. from Full Metal Jacket in response to which one of you I hate the most, "You are all equally worthless".
  17. Well you're a Panthers fan at least, so I guess you've got that going for you... haha, just kidding. ... But seriously though, **** Dook.
  18. Cam is obviously going back to school so he can be the first QB to ever win the National Championship and Super Bowl in the same year, duh.
  19. We were a Rivera brain fart and Haruki Suckamura 2-inch vertical away from sweeping the Falcons this year... so I feel pretty good about how we played them this season, but alas, that was the story of the Panthers this year.. Props to the Bucs though, that season opener is one of the losses (along with the Giants, Broncos... and the Chiefs) that I was actually content with and felt we just got outplayed throughout the game instead of getting screwed in the closing minute(s) like all the others. I'm still a bit bitter about that OT loss, but then again that was the one game I actually went to this season.
  20. Since we're talking about posters, I joined this forum for the sole purpose of getting up in that "Cam kicked a player, shoved a ref, blah blah blah" thread... then I got to reading through it and saw you had it on lock and thought, "Oh nevermind, haha she's got this". Btw, aside from the Giants embarrassing us on national TV this year I usually pull for the G-Men if I happen to end up watching one of their games. Eli has made me quite a bit of money in those two Super Bowls, seeing as both times I was the only who would bet against the Patriots at the Super Bowl parties I went to.
  21. Haha, it would seem like you're insinuating there's someone you don't like out of that group mentioned above.
  22. Most of you should be pretty familiar with Foxball. I can say I wasn't really surprised a bit... okay, maybe a little... with 2 friggin' timeouts and Peyton Manning. Fox gonna' Fox, it is what it is.
  23. I'm not gonna' pretend I know much about what's been going on with the Bucs, so I'll apologize in advance if I sound ignorant to the situation... but didn't your team give up and quit playing for your coach last season, and weren't there rumblings about players saying something along the lines of, "send these coaches back to college" this season? Uh, sounds like there's a lot more wrong with the Bucs besides the QB. I really don't think the QB is the problem.
  24. I think it'd be a **** shame if he didn't get it. Those people who like to spout that his tackles are inflated need to stop and realize that he's 15 tackles above the #2 guy with like 100 fewer snaps. If he began the season starting at MLB I don't think it'd even be a question who the DROY should be. Oh yeah, and Patrick Willis rookie record would've been smashed.
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