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  1. I added Cam's rushing stats as part of his game because well... it IS a part of his game. A huge part in fact! Don't worry, I added Ryan's rushing yards and TDs as well to make it fair. Even so, you could take out his rushing yards/TDs and he still trumps Ryan, even judged solely as a pure pocket passer. And once again... it seems we're going to go around in circles here on this one... Cam didn't lose all those games, as a matter of fact there are quite a number of games that could count as 4th QTR comebacks and GWDs if the defense didn't give up leads in the closing moments of the game or if our coaching wasn't just plain atrocious at the 2-minute offense. If you're going to use 4th QTR comebacks and GWDs as a stat then use it objectively. Only game I'll really blame on Cam for losing is the Seattle game where he missed a wide open throw that would have sealed the game. I would count the fumble against Atlanta... but he played lights out that entire game and I'm sure he would've got the 4th and inches if Rivera had a set of balls at the time to go for it. Besides, the defense had no business giving that one up... but that's happened many other times before in many other games in almost comical fashion. I can't blame Cam for not having more of those 'Matty Ice-like GWD stats'. Haha and did you just ask me how many years are we going to tolerate Cam losing... really? That depends, how many years are you going to give Ryan a pass for crumbling in the playoffs? He sure has been a finisher in the post-season alright, just the problem is he's been finishing for the wrong team. Yeah, yeah, Cam hasn't even made it to the playoffs yet... but honestly, I feel good about my team going forward. We have a more than solid QB, a dominant MLB, and two beast-*** DEs. All are very vital pieces to build around... and they're all very young. The Panthers were a horrible 2-14 team which was dead last in the NFL in offense, Cam shows up and it becomes a top 5 offense his rookie season (quickest offensive turnaround in NFL history if I'm not mistaken). The Panthers still aren't a complete team, but they're getting there. Edit: I mentioned the Pro Bowl article, I didn't elaborate on the comments because they were ridiculous. "Oh I don't like Cam Newton, he thinks he's such a big shot, waah waah waah...". Yeah, I don't feel the need to go in depth commenting about grown *** men (who are friggin' millionaires) whining like little schoolgirls. Besides, like I said before, I think that article is complete horse sh!t anyways. Convenient timing, unnamed sources, conflicting stories, and if I'm not completely mistaken I think the author was one of the many that was butt hurt about Cam's rookie season. So yeah, that's why I dismissed the Pro Bowl article.
  2. Over their first two seasons... Matt Ryan: 6509 total yards 40 TDs 25 INTs 59.7 comp % 7.2 YPA Cam Newton: 9367 total yards 62TDs 29 INTs 58.9 comp % 7.9 YPA The numbers are clearly in Newton's favor here. I don't really care what other people have said about Flacco & Ryan, yeah I'll agree that Ryan has better numbers than Flacco and he has overall been the better QB, however, Flacco could potentially be a SB Champ following next week, sooo... idk. Besides, like I said in another thread, Saints fans should definitely agree that W/L record is NOT a QB stat. Their QB is Drew Friggin' Brees, and he finished the season 7-9... just like Cam Newton. Drew, at this point, is a way better QB than both Matt and Cam. There's 52 other men on the roster, you can't account all the wins and losses solely on the QB... so that's just a lazy argument to begin with. Haha and did you seriously just reference the Pro Bowl article? You mean the one that came out a year late? The same one with all the 'anonymous sources' (seems like a bunch of pansy ***** to me, if there were any bit of truth to it that is)? And the same one that said Cam Newton bashed Ray Lewis despite the fact that he and Ray are actually pretty good friends? Riiiight, that's totally a legitimate source... it's not like the media hasn't made it painfully obvious they've got a bit of an agenda and ax to grind with Cam. Hm I dunno, it might have something to do with him making them all look like complete idiots last season, and causing a lot of them to lose credibility. I can't comment on Cam's maturity level because, quite frankly, I've never been in the Panther's locker room. And no, none of his teammates have ever called out his maturity and leadership abilites, I think what you're referring to is the comments Steve Smith made after the Giants blowout in which he did speak in a bit of a condescending manner about Cam being on the sidelines and not taking mental reps while Derek Anderson filled in for him. But hey, that's Steve Smith... you all are already familiar enough with him. On the contrary, many of his teammates and coaches have praised him about being a great teammate and making markedly great improvements in stepping up to the leadership role. All you had to do was watch him in the 2nd half of this past season to see that. Dude got injured TWICE and taken out the game both times in our second meeting with the Saints, yet he came back despite that and pulled away with the W. Yeah, that's a total lack of leadership and character on his part. Hey man, I'm just comparing Cam and Ryan over their first two seasons like you were trying to with Ryan's first five seasons vs. Brees' first five. I'm not talking bad about Ryan (I think he's a good QB), but jeeze, it's obvious Cam wins this match-up... there's no shame in admitting it.
  3. Cam's first two season stats vs. Ryan's first two season stats. /discussion P.S. W/L is a team stat, not an individual stat.
  4. Saints fans, more so than anyone now, can truly attest to the fact that W/L record is a team stat, not a QB stat. They just fielded the worst statistical defense in NFL history and didn't have their HC, are you really trying to knock Brees for a 7-9 record? Take away the Falcons' All-Star receiving line-up and replace them with some Average Joes and journeymen receivers and I'm guessing the team wouldn't be quite as successful. See how that works?
  5. Holy ****... are you guys arguing just for the sake of arguing, or are you really trying to make a case for Flacco being better than Drew Brees? Seriously, you can't be that dense, unless you're just being extreme homers you know exactly what SaintsFan, etc. are trying to say. It must've really hit a nerve when people started making cases for Flacco being better than Ryan. I don't necessarily think he's better, but they're pretty **** close... and yes, Flacco could potentially win a SB this year so that would definitely give him an edge over Ryan. *I don't like Drew one bit*, but to try and argue that Ryan and Flacco are in the same tier of QB that he is... LOL. They could both be 2x SB Champions and Brees would still be the superior QB. I think the expression "can't see the forest for the trees" fits pretty well here in this situation. **I think he's a bit of a stat stuffer, see the 2011 season finale between CAR & NO
  6. Haha, it seems like a good proportion of the time if any thread stays around long enough it eventually becomes a Cam Newton thread. Ace Boogie swaggin' on these threads.
  7. The Falcons aren't going anywhere, they're just pulling out the ol' "We're moving to L.A. if we don't get 'X' amount of dollars!" card. Los Angeles seems to be more profitable to the league without an NFL franchise than it would with one.
  8. Or maybe you're so old your eyes are giving out, or maybe you just can't read. Here, I'll do you a favor and supersize my words so maybe you can actually see them this time. I clearly said since the 2002 formation of the NFCS. Wasn't that the whole purpose of this thread you made? The Falcons "becoming the dominant force in the NFCS". Maybe you're suffering from dementia as well and happened to forget what your own thread was about, idk... You posted all those NFCS stats, but failed to mention they're the only team that hasn't at least won a conference championship as a part of the NFCS. Yeah, that's pure dominance if I've ever seen it.
  9. Love how you use the team's record to trash Cam, dude has been anything but mediocre. Hasn't the hot topic of the week been how unfair it is to compare Matt Ryan to Joe Flacco based on their playoff records, or does that only apply to your QB and Cam falls under a different more convenient set of rules? He's accounted for more offense in his first two years than any player in history, and arguably had the best first two seasons for a QB of all time... but yeah, that's the epitome of mediocrity. While we're using team stats here goes another one for you: 1-4. Dude defines choke artist.
  10. Los Angeles Falcons... has a nice ring to it. But seriously though, I don't want you guys going anywhere. It'll make it all the more sweeter when we knock you ******* off that pedestal that some of you (okay, mainly just a certain individual) have propped yourselves so high up on.
  11. Hm, there seems to be one stat that's conspicuously absent in that list... Oh yeah! Super Bowl appearances since the 2002 formation of the NFCS! Tampa Bay: 1x NFC Champion 1x Super Bowl Champion New Orleans: 1x NFC Champion 1x Super Bowl Champion Carolina Panthers: 1x NFC Champion Super Bowl Loss* (Patriots... spygate... 'nuff said) Atlanta Falcons: N/A Congratulations on posting the stats from a young division that have been tipped in your favor over your recent success the past few years, one (or two for good measure) good season(s) from another of the NFCS teams and a less than stellar one from the Falcons and that list changes reaaaal quick. Just out of curiosity, what did that list look like in 2008?
  12. Maybe someone should inform Carolina Basketball about all this cultural bias (no I'm not talking about the Bobcats, they suck).
  13. Doesn't surprise me, our O-line was atrocious this year. Couldn't even begin to count all of the missed blocks that led to defenders being in Cam's face the moment the ball was snapped. Good thing he's an awesome scrambler or they would probably rank even worse.
  14. I agree completely! I just wanted to try some asinine logic of my own.
  15. Yeah, well if want to look at it that way at least when we actually do make it to the playoffs we tend to make it count. Noted by the 6 playoff wins (1 less than the oh-so-great Falcons) in 4 winning seasons with a 30-year difference between our respective franchises.
  16. I'd really hate to see how "bored" Julio and the gang would be without their 'HOF' coach and they were under the kind of strain the Saints were this season. I'm not backing the Saints, but you post some of the most ridiculous ****.
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